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Video - Memory Keeping Monday: Geotag Travel Review



Glad you were able to use the idea cengland. Love to hear that!

Nancy, just wanted to pop back in here and let you know I loved your idea about putting a location's co-ordinates on the LO - I used this idea just this weekend and really like how it added to the story.

love it! I like the places on the photos and symbols

Thanks for the inspiration, Nancy! I ended up producing a layout that I love and took it in a slightly different direction that I might have otherwise. :)

I used a Silhouette cut (Geotag). I think they could easily be handcut though. It's just an upside down teardrop with a circle punch in the center.

Did you just cut the geotags?

Video - Memory Keeping Monday: Geotag Travel Review
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Garden Girl

Video - Memory Keeping Monday: Geotag Travel Review
by NancyDamiano
posted 11/26/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This is an “in review” page with a collection of photos from a recent vacation. My son could be found in or near the water throughout this vacation. That gave me the idea to use a Geotag symbol to show the “where” in this story.

Symbols are used throughout the page with the geotags, arrows and even longitude and latitude coordinates. I used a combination of Pebbles Seen and Noted collection along with glitter border stickers from Ki Memories to create this bold and bright layout. TFL!

To see how the page came together, watch the video here:

Your Challenge: Create an “in-review” page using symbols.
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posted by Paperclips29
on 11/28/12 at 06:46 AM
The POOL-Memory Keeping Monday
posted by Neusinha
on 11/27/12 at 01:57 PM

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