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Video - Memory Keeping Monday: This Moment



As soon as I clicked on the site and saw the wild colors...I knew this had to be Shannon...super fun and rock...and roll!

This totally knocks my socks clean off!!!

Great video, Shannon! Thanks for the spray adhesive tip!

great way to add artwork to a page, loved the feathers

Very cute LO. Your daughter has fab taste in colours, too. ;)

I loved this project. He is full of creativity and memories of a day in the life of a child. Congratulations and thank you for your caring and voluntary contribution

Video - Memory Keeping Monday: This Moment
About this project

Video - Memory Keeping Monday: This Moment
by Shannon Tidwell
posted 12/10/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Hi and Welcome to Memory Keeping Monday! This month one of our theme prompts is using a die-cutting machine. So of course I put my Silhouette to work!

As I've mentioned before, I still have the original Silhouette. So if you are worried about what a big investment a Cameo is, don't fret…you'll be able to use it for years and years.

As you can see I incorporated some really cute artwork on this layout. And she's probably going to be a little upset when she first sees that I used it…but I figure that's better than it falling on the floor and the dog eating it…literally. It was too cute to not keep and put on display in a scrapbook. Obviously the headband was my starting point….and I added some more feathers cut with the Silhouette to further embellish.

I cut quite a bit more than I used. Once I got started on the layout I discovered it didn't need much. A bonus of using one of a kind artwork!

Ok, now you should watch the video:

Don't forget, each week we have a challenge to go along with our Memory Keeping Monday Videos….I'm going to double up….use a die cutting machine and/or incorporate some original, one of a kind, priceless artwork onto your page! Make sure to check the correct box when uploading so you have a chance to win the prize.
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