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45  Comments - In the mood to scrap: Stay strong

I will give this chalboard paint a try some day!!

Hi Wilna, I missed the deadline so couldn't upload to the challenge but just wanted to let you know that I really, really enjoyed this. Thank you.

Beautiful job Wilna. I happen to have some MS chalkboard paint so will be trying out your technique in a little bit! Thanks for the inspiration!

Good news! The deadline for the challenge is the end of the month: jan 31! Thank you for participating. You rock!!

Gorgeous page that inspired me to choose and scrap my OLW this year. I didn't make the deadline for the challenge, but here is my layout anyway :)

Good graciou!. I started this LO at 9pm when i first read it and didn't finish till 2 am. I missed the deadline by a little. I wish I can still be considered :( Still happy to be inspired. Great Idea. I never worked with paint before. It was fun!

great idea! love the chalkboard to the store!

Truly a beautiful page with a STRONG message. I love it!

So much inspiration, Wilna. Thank you! And merci beaucoup for the cut file. Awesome!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Happy new year Wilna! You are always so inspiring!! I loved seeing you in the video. :) The chalkboard effect is so cool! Thanks for the cut file too!

I love this idea! Thank you so much for the cut file too. Its perfect for a project I have in mind and I can use it on my brand new machine! Thank you for your inspiration!

So amazing Wilna!!!

Seriously Wilna, you are one talented ladies. Love this page! So inspired to use your mood board :)

Wilna - I LOVED your video! So excited that we'll get to see your work in a instructional video format! I could watch you draw/doodle all day. Loved the distressing you did at the end. The LO is beautiful and I love the idea of picking a word for the new year.

What a great kick-off for 2013. Definitely going to have to incorporate the blackboard look this year. Thank you for including cutting files - what a nice surprise.

Just gorgeous, Wilna! I love your mood board and how you drew from it to create a page. Lovely! Can't wait to see more videos from you. :)

Love this tutorial! I love how it was concise, but you manged to share your process and thoughts about why you did things a certain way. Love the LO! It is so pretty! Looking forward to seeing more tutorials from you!

love your layout, love the chalkoard paint, thanks for the wonderful inspiration dear Wilna

Wilna, LOVE your LO! and THANKS!!!! for the cutting file! I received a cameo for Christmas and I am SO scraplifting your LO!!!!

Thank you Wilna for this tutorial! I love the chalkboard technique (seems like it is everywhere all of a sudden) and your mood board. Your pages are always so lovely, and I enjoy watching your creative process. I'm inspired and look forward to all your videos in 2013!

I'm so excited to get to watch your mood lessons this year! I'd love to know where you go to collect the items for your mood board - is it computer generated, things from magazines, or other? Oh, and LOVE the chalkboard paint and writing with the pastel! You've set the bar pretty high for all the wonderful 2 Peas video lessons this yr! Wonderful job, I can't wait for your next one. Thank you!

Lovely Wilna!! I've never thought about using a glue gun! I will now!

gorgeous layout Wilna, love the chalkboard idea!

Love this :) Very inspired!

I love your layout. It was so inspiring!

Very creative and a joy to watch and listen to. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work :)

Love this layout. I think it's going to take me awhile to get used to the mood board idea - I've never come across it before. Love the look of the blackboard paint, but I have two questions - is it acid free? - would a white gel pen go on it?

wilna--this is FANTASTIC!!!!

I have chalkboard paint too and want to use it in scrapbooks so thanks for giving me inspiration to start! Does any one know if it's possible to make a cameo file into an SVG file?

This is so awesome! Love it!

Oh I am so excited about all the fantastic classes planned for 2013! Wilna your idea of sticking the chunky brads on with hot glue is simple yet genius! Can't wait to see your future creations.

What an awesome page, and it came together so simply! I am amazed!!! I have never thought of using chalkboard paint on a scrapbook page. Hmmm, now the challenge.

Gorgeous layout!

Wilna, love the video and the page! It's funny, I have some chalkboard paint and was just thinking last week it would be fun to use on a page. This is just awesome!

Wow Wilna! I love the look of this. I am so inspired to create!

Love, love, love this page and I can't wait to follow you every Tuesday.

I love how your first layout was about your word for the year. Thanks for sharing your process and explaining how you came up with products you used.

Stunning page!

Wonderful inspiration to start the new year. Fun techniques.

Gorgeous layout! Fun tutorial - I need some chalkboard paint!

Love this layout!!! Love the new mood board!

Fabulous layout,AMAZING paint...
love totally this!!!!!!!!!

I love this ! so many elements that are wonderful!

How amazing is this. Love listening to you. Makes me believes I back in SA. LOVE this layout so much. So inspirational!

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