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Video - Project Life: January



You make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. Love it all!

@Judy--He asked to draw so I gave him cards that were already cut for the correct size to fit in the protector ;) But resizing a kiddos drawings would be another way to include it!

Did your son make those cute drawings that small or did you have to resize his originals to fit your album?

I like the doodles & the color combo :)

Great ideas. Really like your style!

Great ideas!!! Thanks! Love it!

Video - Project Life: January
About this project

Video - Project Life: January
by lexibridges
posted 01/12/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Project Life

HI Peas! Here is another lesson in the weekly Project Life series where myself and a few other Garden Girls will share tips and tricks as we assemble our Project Life spreads. A new lesson in this series can be viewed in the videos section each Saturday.

Today I get to share my first Project Life spread and my first video for Two Peas. Yay! I'm using product from my stash that I already have and making it work as I go along. You'll see my style is maybe a bit eclectic and random…no matchy-matchy here ;) And that is totally okay.

I'm only using one 12x12 side for each week, but this week had some extra photos to include. I love that Project Life is something you can make work how you want/need it to. You can see what I decided to do with my extra instagrams in the video.

I've pulled some paper scraps,a few of my favorite embellishments, along with some new stamps and the awesome new Jenni Bowlin punches in this week's video.

My challenge for you this Saturday–bust out those punches! I know I haven't used mine as much since I got my cameo, but when creating a spread for Project Life they are pretty perfect for quickly providing a place for a date stamp or a fast embellishment. And a great way to use up some pretty paper scraps you can't bear to part with ;) Upload your spread for the challenge and at the end of the month a winner from all the challenge participants will be drawn and receive a $10 gift certificate announced on the Two Peas blog.

Thanks for watching and enjoy your Saturday!
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