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I am just now starting to incorporate PL into my regular scrapbooking. This video is INCREDIBLY helpful! THANK YOU!

thanks so much for showing us how you put this together! very inspiring ^_^

I just watched these today and they are incredible! I'm going to be doing a travel album in the project life style and I was a bit anxious about getting started. You really broke the steps down well and I am ready to begin! Thank you so much.

I just watched both videos...where are you keeping notes on your PL videos? You had mentioned the print off you made for the whole year showing the "A" page protector layouts. Where can I find that?

Thank you so much for reminding me that a life full of work and no children doesn't mean that I don't have things in my life to scrapbook! My hubby, dogs , sisters, nieces and nephews, my garden and other hobbies and our everyday life is enough to fill scrapbook after scrapbook!! Loved your video!

Incredible! The detailed explanations of your process are so helpful - love that you had two videos. Am so looking forward to your next videos!

Melissa - this was so awesome! I'm a very process-oriented scrapper too so it was helpful having you break down your steps and explain them. I am looking forward to future videos - esp the ones you mentioned like the photo printing, organization and journaling tips/tricks. Thanks so much!

OH my gosh, this was SO INCREDIBLY helpful! thank you SO much! i've been contemplating project life but felt really lost, and i think i'm finally getting it! i love that your pages are pretty but aren't so overwhelmingly ornate that i don't feel like i can do it- its such a happy medium between super ornate and the original PL. I love your style, i think we have a lot in common! i hope you do more, ESPECIALLY the tutorial on how to get more than one picture on one picture to send to print...

Love the colors and patterns!

Thank you so much for your videos! I'm new to PL this year, and I really learned a lot watching your process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Loved the process and your use of Midway for PL. Fantastic videos with great lighting. Thanks

I would love to hear this video. I am new to project life but there is no way I can strain to hear them for that long.

This is excellent, I plan mine similarly but not to the same extent, but I think I might need to now :) I look forward to your next installment and I need that paper line now as well!

Great tips! Thank you soo much for the videos.

Thank you for sharing these videos! You helped me figure out my process a bit more by seeing yours. Love that each week can be completely different based on the paper lines you want to use! Totally going to try that!
Love that you plan to share how you print your photos!
Love the middle page protector for ephemera! I always have so much and they are usually larger than a 4x6 slot. Love your no stress approach!

I just started doing PL this year and I'm working on my first stuck, over thinking it way to much! Thank you so much for these videos, something is definitely clicking for me! It's nice hearing your entire process rather than just seeing finished PL spreads!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Your videos were fantastic and I loved your explanations of your thought processes.

Could you please talk a little louder or increase the volume a bit as I found it difficult to hear both videos even with my sound up to its highest level.

Looking forward to seeing your next video :)

love how you have explained your process so comprehensively......awesome! Thank you so much.

I love love this so much! Im not a traditional plifer, I go with a project 12 format. Meaning I only do one 2 page spread every month. The reason behind this is my scrappy goals and desires out weigh plife. However I do like it enough to do it monthly! this will be my second year in this format. I wanted to ask incase you dont get time to share how to print on journaling cards, maybe you could share a link to the tutorials you used and we could check those out! Im eagerly looking forward to your next set of videos! I love that there was 2 from you this week!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos, I am so excited to share them with others. And I have NO idea what you mean when you say it is disturbing how many roller stamps you have. Ha ha the more the merrier!!! I have been a fan of yours and love hearing you speak and explain your system, the staging binder is just a great idea.

Absolutely love your detail, thank you for sharing your process. I do not do PL but your organization really appeals and tempts me.

Love these videos - thanks for sharing so much of your process! This is my first year of PL and I'm using a kit as I thought it would be easier to keep up if I didn't have to cut paper up every week and that works for me, but I love how you have taken the Midway collection and used that.

I will definitely give this a go next year (assuming I get that far!).

Oh and thanks. I thought I didn't need the Midway collection. Now I do. ;o)

Wow! Fabulous videos. Love your thought process. Thank you very much. Can't wait for your other videos.

Awesome and informative videos, Melissa! I'm trying project life for the first time, and love your simple process. I like the idea of using my own stash along with journaling cards from various manufacturers. My one question is where do you get your photos printed? I love the white borders you use. Tanks so much for sharing!

I really enjoyed seeing how you put everything together and the thoughts behind your selections. Thanks for a wonderful, thorough presentation ~ looking forward to seeing more from you!!

Fantastic video! I do NOT scrap PL. I scrap almost exclusively 8.5x11 and you have given me ideas from bits of your process. Especially helpful is seeing how you use small embellishments. Looking forward to more of your videos. Thanks so much! Nancy Jo

Long Time fan....thanks for the insight into your methods and your staging binder..LOve this idea...I follow the same philosphy for my photos...sometimes my PL photos are all just from 1/2 days

I watched both of these and they were excellent! Thanks for sharing your process. Its really motivating!

WOW!!!! I haven't done a Project Life album, but your explanation of how you planned and the process through to the final pages were just awesome. I have no fears about jumping right in. Can't wait to see future videos from you! Thanks so much for being so detailed in your videos.

Thank you soooo much for sharing your process!!! i had given up on PL March of 2012 but watching your 2 videos has actually inspired me to get started again!! I even just pulled out my album and am excited to begin. the hardest part for me was knowing how to organize and begin a layout and layouts in progress, your staging binder is such an amazing idea. Thank you for taking the time to make this, this is so wonderful

Thanks Melissa, this was a very helpful insight.

These videos are a life saver, I have been so hesitant yet excited to dip my toes in the sea of project life and these videos have totally cleared up the murky water. i started my first pages tonight, and now can't wait to forge on ahead. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing these videos.

Love hearing and seeing your "thought" process and the way you put your layouts together.

Thank you for such awesomely detailed videos!

Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate that you took time for both videos, the organizational piece and the more process oriented piece. I ENJOYED THIS A LOT!

Lots of good information here, thank you!!!!

Such great videos - I learned a ton of organization tips that I hadn't tried before. Thank you!

Thank you for the great video. I enjoyed watching your process.

Wow! I loved the videos. Thank you for this great tips and showing us how you start your spread. This so usefull.

AMAZING process video, thanks so much!!!

fantastic videos + tips. You're SO inspiring me and I don't even do PL!

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your PL process! I'm very process-oriented as well and like seeing how you have broken your PL scrapbooking into parts. Great video and I look forward to seeing more!

Thanks so much Melissa, best PL video ever! I'm about to start my first spread, definitely gonna be helpful!
also, would loove to here about your printing tips!

Thanks for the great video. I liked learning about your process!

Love it! We don't have kids either, but I've had more than enough content to fill my PL so far.

Love your approach. I am a math girl, so I am more of a step by step scrapper, too. Enjoyed the video!

This was awesome! Loved the videos...had almost given up on Project Life but you have inspired me to continue.

Great job, Melissa! BEST PL organization post/video I've seen yet! Thanks!

Thanks so much. I really enjoyed the video. I am not a project lifer but I still took away a lot of tips for my pages and cards.

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