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Video - Scrap Your Stash: Wood Veneer



I really enjoyed hearing your thought process as you worked. Adorable layout!

Love, love, love watching you work on this layout! Some really great ideas that I plan to use in the near future.

Love the wood veneer on custom-made banner strings idea - must remember and use that!

I too tried to add my layout for the challenge but didn't get a chance because there's no more option for it. Thanks for the great challenge anyways.

I tried to add my layout this morning and it no longer gave me an option to add into this challenge. I thought it was still available till today??? help me please!

I made a project but there's no check box to add it to this challenge.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Video - Scrap Your Stash: Wood Veneer
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Garden Girl

Video - Scrap Your Stash: Wood Veneer
by NancyDamiano
posted 01/10/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Welcome to Scrap Your Stash where we make a dent in your collection of scrapbook supplies. Let us show you a few different ways to get those goods out of their packages and onto your pages!

On this week's episode I will walk you through how to create a customized birthday embellishment using large, medium and small wood veneer shapes.

Paint them, fill them and string 'em up. To learn more, watch the video:

Your challenge: Use wood veneer in your project! Upload to the gallery making sure to check the correct challenge checkbox. At the end of the month we will draw a winner from all of the Scrap Your Stash challenge entries and reward the winner with a $10 gift certificate. Look for the announcement on the Two Peas blog!
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