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Video - 213 in 2013: Love Her



The heart is fantastic!

Corrie where have you been all my life! loving all your prompts!

Love how you've used the mists! Spraying them feels so messy to me, but I can definitely see myself "painting" with them like that. Thanks for the inspiration.

Love how you created the heart.

absolutely love that heart

love the heart!

Video - 213 in 2013: Love Her
About this project

Video - 213 in 2013: Love Her
by corej
posted 01/14/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Welcome back to the series 213 in 2013!

This is the next installment of a new video series were myself and three other Garden Girls will provide you with a list of 213 creative prompts by the end of 2013.

I find that having a prompt or a challenge makes it easier for me to scrapbook. I also feel like I am being more creative working within those prompts. I hope you will feel the same throughout this series and we can help you create. Here are my four prompts this week.

1. Start with a blank slate.
2. Get Messy with mists.
3. Forget your paper trimmer.
4. Use some washi tape.

Now watch the video to see how I used these four prompts.

Challenge Submissions
Live the Life You've Imagined
posted by scrappinanniec
on 01/21/13 at 08:04 PM
She's Rollin' Page
posted by pinkabella
on 01/21/13 at 06:41 PM
Lilo & Stitch~ 213 in 2013
posted by ScrapNatya
on 01/21/13 at 04:56 PM
and the baby goes zoom zoom zzzoom
posted by biochemipea
on 01/21/13 at 11:53 AM
posted by j.leija
on 01/20/13 at 11:25 PM
Love Is In the Air
posted by Monica B
on 01/20/13 at 08:36 PM
Passport To Paris
posted by CaribbeanGirl
on 01/20/13 at 07:35 PM
posted by ChandraT
on 01/20/13 at 10:41 AM
Let the good times roll
posted by Fluffyasever
on 01/20/13 at 08:47 AM

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