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I love the background stamp set. And the mason jar stamp.

Thanks for sharing Jamie!

Awesome collection. Love the colors!

Really love the so much to say stamp

Quality is great!!

I love the deign and quality of lawn fawn

Love this whole collection! Lawn Fawn hit it out of the park!

Great new die sets

OMG ... Ahhhhmazing!!!! Absolutely loooove the Peace Love Joy collection.

I just started paying attention to how cute Lawn Fawn stamps are. I am loving everything!!!

Love the Sharp Backdrops stamp set and I'll be sure to get the arrow patterned paper - so cute!

Super cute stamp sets! I love the sentiments and geometric sets. Love that they are making paper, too!

I am a HUGE fan of Lawn Fawn stamps, patterned papers and twine! I'm so excited to learn that they will be carrying dies, too! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

It's nice to see Lawn Fawn grow so much that they are moving into the paper market!

Simply put, I LOVE LAWN FAWN, all of it.

I just love their stamps. Their new patterned papers and fun twine are must haves.

Hello, my name is Angela and I am a "Lawn Fawn" stamp addict! Just recently got a few new sets and they're so stinkin' adorable.... Excited about their new releases!

Such cute stamps!! Love the fortune cookie stamps!

I like the new stamps, some unique ideas - like the fortune cookies! I also like the jar stamp!

LF always has such fun stamps. I love the critters and also the trendy background stamps. The spring paper collection is especially pretty.

I love all the stamps, but my favorites are the critters and the fortune set - so brilliant and usable! I know I would have so much fun using them. The paper is also gorgeous and would be perfect for cards!

Loving the new stamps (my wallet not so much)!

Love all the Lawn fawn stamps! so cute!

The good fortune stamp set is totally adorable!

Lawn Fawn has such cute images! Love the new papers and trims too. Thanks for the chance to win!

Love these stamps and trimmings !
My fortune reads: You will have good luck!

So many cute stamps are releasing Lawn Fawn and the trimmings are great.


Thanks for sharing!

Love the fortune cookie set!

Love love love these new stamp sets. Now to find a reason to get more with an already flowing basket.

very cute stamps. tfs

Adorable stamps! My fav stamp sets to make cards!

They have the cutest stamps!

Loving the pink lemonade papers, the trimmings and several of the stamp sets!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a fabulous week!! :)

very cute

Great color in the Lemonade line and the alpha die-cuts!

That Riley's ABC alpha stamp set is really a great size and font. Both Daphne's Closet and Pink Lemonade lines have some really great green and blue papers to work with.

We eat sushi for most special occasions at our house so the good fortune stamps are so exciting!!! Also love the jar stamp!!!

I love the new backdrops set!

looks as tho the Good Fortune stamps are a MUST have!

ah! must have the bunnies!

I've always thought the Lawn Fawn stamps were cute, but they aren't carried at the chain stores around here. I would love to get my hands on some tho.

The fortune cookies set has so many possibilities! Adorable sets from Lawn Fawn as always.

Lawn Fawn is so adorable. I'm so excited that they are coming out with dies. Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

Such great stamp ideas.

I love all of their stamps. They are so cute!

The little rhino is soooooo cute!!!! As are the birdies, lol.

Really love the stamp sets! The Good Fortune and Critters are SO cute! The paper is bright fun colors too. :)

Very fun stuff :)

I love everything lawn fawn comes out with.

I'm a sucker for a good jar stamp! And I love the jar paper too. Lots of cute stuff here!

Lawn Fawn never disappoints!

Lawn Fawn is just AMAZING! Love all their stamp sets and the lovely new paper collections.

Super cute new stamp sets from Lawn Fawn. The Easter set is really adorable.

Lawn Fawn never fails to surprise me with all the designs they come up with in one set of stamps. And they are coming out with come great paper collections too

Fun new products! When you showed the first collection of papers my first thought was "Wow, that flower paper looks like a tablecloth Grandma had" & then you said that the collection was inspired by 60's fabric! LOL!

Adorable! I love the new sentiment set!

i love lawn fawn's stamps! they have such great quality too. my favourites from this release have to be the "so much to say" stamp and the jar stamp!

Super cute Jar stamp. Love all the bright papers.

Too cute...gotta have the jar stamp!

their stuff is always so adorable!

I haven't bought any Lawn Fawn stamps yet but I love the birthday stamp set with the little slice of cake and Riley's ABC's!

super cute critters and home sweet home sets. Love the background arrows! Daphne's Closet is a must have.

always such versatile great stamps

Ohhh!! Love the daphne's closet papers--too cute! Love all the new Trimmings too

Love the stamps!

My favorite is the border strip stamps! Love it! So economical! Love that you get three designs for the price of one!

I LOVE lawn fawn stamps so I will be getting some of thous stamps:)

I LOVE lawn fawn stamps so I will be getting some of thous stamps:)

Loving the Home Sweet Home and Year Three stamp sets.

Pink lemonade is pretty!

love that background stamp

LOVE lawn fawn!

love the new cute stamp sets! the canning jar one especially.

Very cute!


Love the new stamps. Going on my want list.

I really like all the new products!!

Twine, strawberries, & stamps! I am sold!

Very cute stamps:)

Pink Lemonade has some really cool papers I could use so easily withe my girls! Love the trimmings too!

Lawn Fawn stamps are one of my favorites, so adorable!!

Like the fortune cookie stamp set...I can see myself using it in many projects.

Oh my, I adore those sentiment stamps! Those will be making their way into my stash very soon! I'm so excited to see Lawn Fawn dies too. Thanks for the chance to win!

Love Daphne's closet collection, cute colors!

Awesome Lawn Fawn release! Definitely picking up a few stamp sets and some of the dies!! So excited she has dies now!

fun cute and unique . . . love it

I love the fortune cookie stamps!!

Adore the fortune cookie stamps!!!!

Love all those cute stamps. Thanks for sharing.

I NEED that alphabet set! Enough eeee's! What a concept!!! And both paper lines are cute, too.

Great products! Liking the sharp backgrounds, they look cool.

Yummy summer papers and gotta have that sentiment stamp. Super!

Love these!!!

As always, Lawn Fawn has the cutest stamps!

Sentiment stamps are sweet!

Lawn Fawn are one of those companies that I could spend a lot of money on. I wish I made more cards so I could justify it :)

Loving the arrow background stamp

I love my Lawn Fawn stamps. I can't wait to pick up the new background stamp set. Those arrows are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

The Easter ones are so cute! Can't for all of these to come out!

I think I need the Pink lemonade collection and those sweet stamps with the jar and fruit. So super cute !

I loved the paper collections. Very bright colors. The stamps were cute. I especially liked the one with the jar.

Love Lawn Fawn stamps. The papers are cool. Would love the pink lemonade. Can't wait to see the stickers.

What cute stamps! I don't own any Lawn Fawn but they are on my wishlist now!

Those Fortune stamps are my FAV!! GREAT that they came out with another Alpha set! LOVE the way those line up to make words!!

LOVE everything, especially the fortune cookie and the backdrop clear stamps! Thank you for the chance to win!

I don't have any Lawn Fawn stamps and would love some!

Cute Green Trimmings.. and the background stamp with the arrows looks fun too

the easter stamps are so sweet.

Not stamping much lately, but this may get me going again!

That fortune cookie stamp set is adorable!! Very cute collection!

Several items to add to my wish list--Fortune cookie stamp set and the twine

LOVE the arrow stamp! So adorable.

Awesome new stamps!

I love the new stamps. So many to add to my must buy list

Would love these! So many cool new stamps!

So Much To Say has an awesome font style. Would love to win it!!!

Those stamps are adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love all of the new stamps! So cute!

These stamp sets are so gorgeous! Now, I have to break the bank to get my hands on these. Thanks for the chance.

love the backdrops and the abc....LOVE!

These new stamp sets are adorable!! I can't wait to get some! :)

Love the good fortune and Riley letter stamp set!!

Love, love, love the bunnies!

LF is my favorite stamp manufacturer!! I can't resist their adorable designs! In love with the mason jar, fortune cookie and home sweet home sets!!!! :D

Love the twine And the saying stamps

I have always loved Lawn Fawn! my faves are the fortune cookie set, the jar, and the bunnies. but they're all fabulous!

How can you resist those cute Easter bunnies? Can't wait to get my hands on them.

The jar with all the fruit - it is just sooo me :) Love it!

I will admit that I haven't been all that into the last few paper collections from LF, but I LOVE these. I think they are so versatile and pretty, and I am so excited about the dies and that Good Fortune set!

Love the papers. The yellow is so pretty and the 60's look

Love love love the pink lemonade paper!

So much to say... great useful stamps! Love the critters too. And good fortune is very clever! And I can use those background arrows. And those spring papers (and those arrows) are just fun! Like the twine colors.

I love the critters on the Savannah, that is too cute!

oooh I like the pink lemonade! Makes me long for Spring!

oooh I like the pink lemonade! Makes me long for Spring!

I love the Godd Fortune set.... really cute and the sharp back drops , the jar stamp set .... perfect for summer.♥

Pink Lemonade and the coordination Stamp Collection are on my Wish List! Am waiting to see the stamps...

Critters on the Savannah is super cute. I love puns on cards! And the jar stamp has me wishing I was better with stamping... Not real familiar with Lawn Fawn paper... but Pink Lemonade seems promising for summer.... Love the multi colored twine.

The colors in the Pink Lemonade patterned papers are lovely. I'm adding the 6x6 pad to my wish list.

I like the sentiments and the fortune cookie stamp

Love Lawn Fawn! All cue stuff!

Another great set of products! The Easter set is too cute, it would be great for cards or layouts.

Love the lemonade line, such great colors and prints. I need all the new stamps.

How cute is the pink lemonade line? - though it's making me thirsty! :oP
I want the sentiment stamps!!

Beautiful love it all! Thanks for sharing! God bless!

the patterns from the new collections are so cute. I love the animal stamps!

Nice patterns and colors for papers.

I'm in love with Lawn Fawn. It's fresh and happy. Love the new stamps (the bunny is so cute) and the Pink Lemonade paper collection is so lovely.

I'm such a fan of the Lawn Fawn critter stamps, and I love the new one too!

Love the stamps!

Love the background stamps and twine

Love the new stamps and papers. The fortune cookies look like lots of fun.

love daphne's closet and the stamps!!

Loving the Pink Lemonade papers and the fortune cookie stamp is so cute.

love that fortune cookie stamp!!

What a perfect combination of sentiments!

I love all the stamps and will add all of these to my collection, but the pp is really cute too!

Love all the different stamps....

I am in need of some stamps and these are all so cute!

Love the pink lemonade papers

I thought I had all the fonts I could possibly need...I was wrong!!

Love the new Critters stamp and the background stamps!

I MUST have the arrow backdrop.

Lawn Fawn is always one of my favorites. Love the ones with cute animals.

love those backdrop stamps!

Love the 'so much to say"...the arrow backdrop stamp is cute.."Pink Lemondae" looks great and ....oh the trims are great!!!!!

Such fun stamps!

Can't go wrong with Lawn Fawn products, love the new stamps...too cute!


Can't go wrong with Lawn Fawn products, love the new stamps...too cute!


Can't go wrong with Lawn Fawn products, love the new stamps...too cute!


Love the fortune cookie set, so cute!

I have never used anything from this company. I love a lot of what I saw!

I liked the first sentiment stamp set

Love the arrow and triangle background stamps!

The Easter bunny stamp and Pink Lemonade papers are just oh so lovely! TFS!

Love the Pink Lemonade collection!

Great stamps, as ALWAYS!

I love the backdrop stamps, but the birdhouses were also cute.

I can't wait to get my hands on these stamps - I love Lawn Fawn's stamps!

A lot of cute new goodies!

I've been searching for videos from CHA. I'm glad I found them here. Sharp backdrops is a nice looking stamp. Jar stamp with fruits will allow me to make paper jam . . . nifty. The pink grapefruit on yellow paper is fabulous.

Love Lawn Fawn

LOVE Lawn Fawn! Can't wait to get the new sets...

omgosh; I loveeeee LAWN FAWN. Love the fortune cookie set, CRITTERS ON THE SAVANNAH, and the Easter set!!!!! Lawn Fawn can do no wrong. ;)

Great collections!

loving all the new stamps! especially the mason jar stamps!

eeek! I love the critters and the home sweet home! and, cute patterned papers, too.

I love Lawn Fawn and cannot wait to get the fortune cookie and mason jar sets! They are so cute!

love love love the fortune cookie stamps!!!

I just love the fortune cookie stamps.

Love the new stamp sets! Also I can't wait to get their new dies as well


love the stamps

love the jar stamps set.

Love the 'sharp backdrops' stamp set!

Fabulous colors in the new paper lines!! Can't wait to see the coordinating stickers!! I LOVE all of the Lawn Fawn Trimmings & can't wait to add these 3 colors to my collection!!

Love the stamps!!!

Cute! Pink Lemonade looks fun and the backgroun stamps with the arrows might be on my list ;)

Lawn Fawn always has such great stamps! Love "So Much to Say!"

The Pink Lemonade line is awesome!

so cute! I so want that pink lemonade line! it's so fresh & fun!

Love all the stamps epically the animals - so cute

The arrow stamp and the B sides will do for me. Some of the A sides are just a little too brilliant for my liking, but overall a good looking collection. Unfortunate we didn't get to see all of the product. I'll have to check it out on the website.

I new to Lawn Fawn.... But I LOVE their Pink Lemonade line! Yippee!!!

I like the arrow stamp set. The papers make me yearn for summer days.

Love those bright colors and patterns.

Love the multi coloured twine and the fortune stamps are just great. Thanks so much for the chance.

That multicolored twine is so pretty! Love it!

Love the home sweet home set.

My favorite is the arrow stamps.

Cuteness! I love the savannah critters, and the triangle background stamps!

Love Lawn Fawn, not only fun to use but fun to say!

I always love the lawn fawn sayings and alphabets...and their 2 new lines would look so awesome on cards!

Always love their stamps! Both paper lines are great. The colors of both are bold and fun. The retro look of Daphne's closet is really cool, but I love Pink Lemonade. Can't wait to see more!

I love the critter stamps and the mason jar stamps...and the Daphnes closet papers!

I love the mason jar paper! Twine too!


Those stamps are really cute! Look great for copic colouring. :)

Love the critters! We have been to so many zoos! These would be perfect!

LOVE LAWN FAWN!! Cant wait to get some of these!!

Lawn fawn has done it again, love they're stamps! 2013 rocks

Lawn Fawn makes the most adorable stamps! Love the mason jars and new critters!

I'm so in love with all these Lawn Fawn products. Always so cute!!

The new stamps are awesome :))

love that BG stamps!

Love all those stamps! So cute!

I'm loving the So Much to Say stamp set! You can never have to many sentiment stamps.

I'm not familiar with Lawn Fawn but I adore the stamp sets. So unique and cute!

so many awesome stamps!


So cute!!!

The So Much To Say stamps have the cutest fonts EVER! Love them!

Going to have to get me some Lawn Fawn! Love the summertime charm! Thanks!

I love love love love Lawn Fawn stamps. They are all so cute.

OMG love love your stamps! I need them all! lol.

I love the the new product views. Such a fun time of the year.

Fun stamps ndd papers. Thanks.

I haven't quite mastered stamping but the paper lines are adorable.

I like the Pink Lemonade papers!!

Love lawn fawn and loving all their new products!

Stamps and Pink leomade love it

I love Lawn Fawn's punny sentiments (I need Good Fortune;-) and the Pink Lemonade papers are fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the jar stamp!

Lawn Fawn makes such cute stamps. My fav would be the border ones though

I love the new stamps:)

I love the pink lemonade new paper!

♥ the backdrops set...that is definitely going on my shopping list!!

Very fun!

The backdrops will be in my craftroom!

I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fan of Lawn Fawn's Product. I want EVERYTHING they have, but love the new papers, and all of the stamps. Pick a fave? I couldn't, b/c I love them all!

Love the So Much to Say and Home Sweet Home stamp sets! Love the twine too!

Daphne's Closet is so cute...perfectfor PL!

Love the "So Much to Say" stamp set and the Jar paper from Pink Lemonade! Cute collections from Lawn Fawn.

like the papers and stamps are so cute.

loving lawn fawn!

Cute new stamps :)

Love the new stamps!!

Daphne's closet screams 60's! Love it.


Love Lawn Fawn. Such cute stamps!

Love the sentiments and the background stamps.

Cute, Cute, Cute, I love the pink lemonade paper and the new twine.

Loving the first floral paper for card making and also the background arrow stamps.

Love the new stamps and twine. To cute!

Love the Summer Time Charm stamp set and the Pink Lemonade collection. Can't wait for it to arrive at Two Peas...TFS!

The first set of stamps would be perfect for cards! Also liked the arrows one.

Aw gads...another paperline I MUST hoard!

LOVE all of their stamps!

Oh, I really like the Riley's font, and I love the jar!

I LOVE those Riley's Alphas and the backdrops!! The animals are adorable too and would be great for Copic users!

I love the Good Fortune stamp set and the arrow background stamp!!

Jar and arrow stamps, what could be better?

I love that arrow background stamp. I need to get that one!

Love the Lemonade papers and the new twine. That multi color twine is a must have! The stamps are adorable, too.

LOVE critters on the savannah! I don't really buy the critters, but this one I really have to have!

absolutely love the jar stamps. would def become a go to set for me. :)

Lawn Fawn has go to be one of my all time favorite companies!

Love the bright variety of the new products and those fortune cookie stamps are adorable!

Cute birdhouse stamp and am loving the new diagonal stripes!

O my used their stamps for the first time and theyr awesome

Cute stamps.

Love Pink Lemonade!

Love those little birds. They are adorable.
Not sure what I would do with a Rhino stamp, but it is so cute.

Lawn Fawn always comes out with the cutest stamps!

I love the vintage jars in this collection and the bright colours. The stamps look like they would be great on a layout or in a card.

Love those critter stamps!

Cute collections. I love their stamps sets. They stamp beautifully. Cute papers too. So bright and fun.

I love how Lawn Fawn stamps are such good quality, but also so versatile and can be used on so many projects. I am trying really hard to get more into cardmaking (I don't take a lot of pictures), so I absolutely LOVE Lawn Fawn and this collection is no different. The fortune cookie set - too cute! The ABC's and the backgrounds are so usable too! I love them all! I jumped the gun - the papers are so gorgeous too - what an amazing variety of colors and patterns - they remind me of colors and patterns of washi tape you see now-a-days! I love the jars - I keep wanting to fussy cut them out and put them onto a card with a corny "you're sweet" type sentiment!

I love how Lawn Fawn stamps are such good quality, but also so versatile and can be used on so many projects. I am trying really hard to get more into cardmaking (I don't take a lot of pictures), so I absolutely LOVE Lawn Fawn and this collection is no different. The fortune cookie set - too cute! The ABC's and the backgrounds are so usable too! I love them all!

I love Summertime charm and the sentiment set.

I really love the lawn fawn stamps - wish it was easier to get them here in Germany! Love the new backdrop stamps!

Love the jar stamp!
The pink lemonade paper line is cute too!

Love the alpha set and the background stamp!!

Adorable sets. My faves are the Easter & sentiment sets.

oooh, I love that fortune cookie stamp set!! That's now on my want list!

I can't wait to make cards with the fortune cookie set!

The Pink Lemonade paper is fun! Also loving the mason jar stamp.

I love the sharp backgrounds...and the multi colored Trimmings...and there are some beautiful papers there, too!

lots of gorgeous motifs on the papers! cute as ever!

Like the fortune cookie and backround stamps. Love the fresh colors of the new paper collections.

Love the critter stamps!

The backdrop stamps will def be on my list to get!

I love the bright summery colors. So cute and happy

Loving the bright, happy colours!

cute, that jar stamp is on my wishlist

Another GREAT release!

Am loving the B sides of all the papers and the jar stamp set.

I haven 't see this brand (I know hiding under a rock) but love the bunnies!

going to HAVE to get those stamps!


Lawn Fawn stamps are some of my favorites. Their alphas are all rectangles so they are easy to line up. The backdrop set is another gotta have item!

I lover these new Lawn Fawn stamps! I all their stamps!

Those papers are great, I love 60s inspired things. I also like the alpha stamps and the summer stamps!

I really like the sharp backdrops and the summertime charm.

I love all these new stamps from Lawn Fawn! Especially the new critter set and the cute little smiling birthday cake set =)

I love the So Much to Say and the alphabet stamp sets.

Those fortune cookie stamps are so fun!

Still loving the arrow trend. The jar with fruit is cute too.

I always like the law fawn twine....the multi colored one is super fun!

I love the pink lemonade line. Great B sides, and the jar paper is so cute. I also love the arrow paper from Daphne's closet.

Really love the pink lemonade paper and jar stamps!

I always love their stamps!

Like the fortune cookie too.

Bunny stamps would be used on everything I made!

What ever am I going to do with all this new stuff..... I love it all and I must have it. Thanks for sharing as always.

Cute fortune cookie stamp! Thanks!

"We've moved!" I'm just about to move = need that stamp! :-) Loved the background stamps too, and the twine too!

Love the bright fun papers! Love all of the stamps and the new trimmings :)

Lawn Fawn stamps are just awesome!

Love the "Home sweet Home" stamps.

Love them particularly the border triangles

I never think of Lawn Fawn for papers, so it is good to see them, they are really cute!

Love the stamps, especially the ones with the cute birds.

I love the happy colors!

Cool sentiment stamps!

time to start saving so i can grab these stamps. too cute!

Love these stamps! My wish list is getting bigger and bigger! :)

A lot of cute stuff, anxious to see the stickers too!!

Fortune cookie rocks.

Love the alphabet stamps and the Daphne's closet collection, it looks like it will be a lot of fun to work with.

I love their alphabet stamps, they are so easy to line up with their rectangular bases

so cute!!! my favorite one is good fortune...very unique!

Loving the colours in the Pink Lemonade line!!! Beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Can I just have the giraffe?? Just kidding throw in the fortune cookie one too!! Ok you caught me I love them all!!

I think I have to get the new critter one... I really like those stamps!

I love the Pink Lemonade paper! It's such a happy collection.

Love the Lawn Fawn Stamps!!

OMG I 3> LF with a passion! Can't wait to get my hands on their matching dies!!! Thanks for showing us these new stamps and thanks for a chance to win!!! Tracy

The word stamps are always great to have. The fortune cookie set is definitely on my wish list, I've already made a card in my head!

Great variety here!

love the critters stamps so clever with the sentiments, those backgrounds are amazing!

Yay! Especially love the Summer Jar set and Home Sweet Home Birdhouse set! Can't wait to get them in my hot little hands! :)

Love the bird house stamps!!!

I love the geometric arrows. LF always uses cute fonts and these don't disappoint

Cute stamps!

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