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I love the bow embellishments. Too cute!

I just adore AC products. They are always so cute.

What a sweet, romantic collection! Perfect for my little girl's memory book!

Awesome collection. Love the colors!

Love the washi tape and a nice combo scissor pack.

embelishment overload

Embellishments are gorgeous!!

My favorite was the tags!

Love all the embellishments - flair ribbons, ribbon bows, yoyo paperclips. Like their fonts and typography. Everything is so cute. Love American Crafts!

I always love what American Crafts makes! Super cute stuff.

It's no surprise that American Crafts has so many beautiful new products! LOVE all the soft pastels!

I feel so trendy - I used those same beads on a LO years ago!

AC always has some great embellies and tools.

I think I need a new job because I love the new stuff so much ;-) Wonderful collections, as always!

I always love their releases.

I'm always excited to see what American Crafts has been working on... love the new value pack of scissors!

Some cute embellishments to add to the stash! Love the stamps!

I like the new ribbon embelishments and paperclips, very cute!

Great embellishments. Love those new tags and I always need good scissors. Excited to see those!

love those embellishments! sooooo pretty :)

So cute and such nice colours!

Gotta have the "My Girl" collection. Those embellishments are to die for!

American crafts always has some cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Lovely colours, especially like the colours on the ribbon bows.

Love everything!!!!

American Crafts always comes out with cool tools and awesome collections, thanks for the chance to win!

super sweet the my girl collection , love all the details.

Love the bow ties and the kitty! So adorable!

So many beautiful things... love them all!

Thanks for sharing!

Always love their embellishments!

What fun embellishments! love those yo-yos!

Very cute and definitely need to get some of those scissors!! Thanks for the chance to win!

AC one of my favs! Thanks AC!

I love those adhesive bows!

AC - the scissor pack is very nice indeed. Also love the bows!

What a sweet and girly collection! Love it!

These will be great for scrapping my little girls.

oohh how cute! love all the new embelishments! American crafts is one of my favourites!

Love this! I could make some really cool things for my grand daughter.

Love the collections!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a fabulous week!! :)

cute cute cute that is all i have to say!

Great lines! Way to go AC!

Cute stuff.

I love the colors and the typography on the Remarks phrase stickers!

The fabric tape is so cute. I loved the hairbows and layered stickers as well. So adorable.

great collection :)

What a sweet collection. So many cute things to use on my granddaughter's pages.

They have so many cute products. I can't wait to get my hands on them. Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

One of my most favorite collections yet, and will all go so well with my current stash of AC products.


Fun girly collection! Would love to try out those scissors too. :)

Cute embellies!

Great products to use on my girl layouts.

I definitely need more craft scissors!

love the stamp set and the cute scissors.

Love the flair ribbon and the bows. Just adorable.

Love all the girly stuff!

Love all the new embellishments from American Crafts.

Would love to see the pages that come with the stickers and embellies. The bows are darling.

I love the colors in American Crafts products. Looking forward to getting my hands on these!

this line would be perfect for my two little girls

Very cute stuff here!

everything AC does is always so great!

Oh I love the My Girl Accent and Phrase and fabric stickers and stamps!! Also the scissors, I need a nice sharp pair..

I am soooo looking forward to AC stuff!!

I love the colors!

I always love all of the cute embellishents they have!

I have both girl and boy grand kids:) so I am liking all the new products for kids

Makes me wish I had a little girl to scrap about!

The girly products are cute!

love the stamp set and cany wait to see the papers

Such fun colours!


I really like all the new products!!

Such a fun little line!

i HEART american crafts!!! the scissors are something i would like to win!!! (can't have too many scissors in my arsenal) ((esp. when my husband uses them for OTHER things than cutting scrapbook stuff...))

Love the bows and the fabric stickers.

Oh I'd love a chance to win some of this great stuff, love AC!:)

I would love to see more of the My Girl collection! great embellishments!

So many pretty embellishments! Cute :)

Nice things from American Crafts.

Those Embellishments are fantastic! So cute and girly. I love them all. Thanks for the chance to win :)

super cute I love the quality American Crafts always has! Thanks for sharing

The bows and yo-yo's are adorable! Can't wait to se the paper!

Can't wait to see the papers! Love the bows!

Love the yo yos!! Can't wait to see the paper.

Those scissors would be perfect to buy in bulk for your craft store and crop groups! Gonna have to remember that for gifting this year!

Very cute stickers! Looking forward to the paper arriving.

Adorable embellishments!

And american crafts have another winner! loving this one too

The fabric stickers are really cute!

Oh my goodness the bows!

Squee!! Bows!! I'm dying. :)

Cute line. You can never have enough pairs of scissors. Thank you for the video.

The embellies are adorable. I'd love to get those adhesive ribbon bows and I can't wait to see the papers!

What an adorable line if you have little girls!

A multi-pac of scissors. I need that since mine always seem to walk away. Love the stickers.

loving the accent and phrase sticker sheet! so colorful!

I neeeeeed some of this! Or maybe all??

Love the new stuff! Great colors!!

How cute is this? Love AC!

Especially love those bow embellies! Great colors on everything!!!

LOVE the fabric stickers and the clear stamps! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Love, love! AC is my favorite company - I want it all!

This line is so cute and girly. I love the colors and bows.

I love the colors in this line. The yoyo's are adorable, as well as the fabric tape. Thank you for the chance to win. :)

So very sweet! Love it all!!

I love the colors!

I liked the stamps hope I win the scissors.

Very cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

I think I have just about every line AC has come out with. Love!!

Love the colors and theme...thank you for the chance to win new products!

Great embellishments! I really like my girl!

Loving all of it! Thanks for the giveaway!

Love it all! Thanks for the chance to win!

My little girl is now 20! I can still use all of these My Girl embellishments. They are adorable!!! And she loves everything PINK!!! Thanks AC!! Great Job!!!

Great new embellishments!

super cute!!!!

Super cute collection!!

This is my favorite group of new items so far.

The bows are super cute, and I am always looking for a good pair of crafting scissors

Love this collection! Are the scissors sold individually?

Some great new embellies and I love the stamps!

So sweet and pretty.

Love it! So Lovely! Thanks for the video!

The embellies are really fun! Thank you!

Love the paper clips... and bows , so cute. Very colorful.♥

very cute girly embellishments

the scissors look so sharp. Nice and pointy.

Cute, cute, cute as always! Love the girlie stickers!

Paper Clips are becoming a new favorite... Seems so easy to incorporate in projects for those of us who lack hand control. I am also loving washi tape stickers (and they are fabric... great for adding texture)

Looks great.

Nice collection can't wait to see the papers that go with this theme

I really liked the bows. I have two girls and so far no bows, so there must be bows!

AC is constantly coming out with fabulous new products, and this CHA is no exception!

Beautiful love it all! Thanks for sharing! God bless!

Nice girl collection, very cute stickers.

American crafts makes it hard to choose!

love the new stamps!

Super sweet designs from my girl collection!

This new line looks awesome, can't wait to see the papers

gorgeous elements, love the stamp set!

Love these embelishments so much

Love those yo-yo paper clips and the stickers with the kitty are cute.

always love the embellishments from AC!

Pretty color combos! Love the rosettes!

You can never go wrong with some American Crafts!!

I love those alpha stamps! I noticed there were two of each letter. Very good!

Those scissors look awesome!

Those scissors look awesome!

Such beauty!! I'm loving the stamps, oh but whats new, I always love their stamps.

I like the layered stickers and the fabric strips

My favorite is the stamps. I have ideas for those

Love the stamp set.

Love the embellishments!

Very sweet..the tags are cute...

LOVE the embellishments, tags are to die for too!


Love the tags and the "cute" bracelet sticker!

Such sweet embellishments!

Super cute!

The tags are really cute!

I love the fun fonts!

The fabric strips really caught my eye.

Love the colors in this collection! Perfect for my granddaughters!

Pretty soft colors. The layered tags are really cute.

I love the sparkly pink kitty tag. I need to see that bee in the collection as well. I love fabric items as well.

I love the colors, fonts, and kitties! and those tags!!

Gorgeous and sweet colors!


very cute, my favorite are those stickers that resemble a little girls bracelet what will they think of next?!

Cute embellishments!

Cute stuff! I definitely need those scissors!

i like this collection, might have to get some of those stickers!

Would like to see the papers

I like the colors of the embellishments!

really cute collection

The colors in this line are lovely- not too baby not too 'tween'

LOVING the embellishments///especially the rosette clips & bows.

Love all the items shown. Would really like to try the scissors!

Cute embellishments, but I am excited about the scissors!

The bows would be an awesome add to my collection...since that's something that I have the hardest time making...

I am anxious to see the papers!! The embellish are pretty cute!!!!

Those fabric bows and pennants are adorable. I'm sure the fact that they are self adhesive will make attaching them to the paper much easier.

Love the tag. Great line.

so cute! loving those stamps!

I love the colors. What a cute line!

The embellished tags are super cute

Those tags are perfect, would love these. Thanks so much for the chance.

I LOVE those bow embellishments!

Oh my cuteness! I would love to scrap some little girl pictures with this collection. Those fabric stickers are to die for!

Love the stamp sets.

Oooohhh..I love those tags!

Gotta love AC. Those scissors are first on my list of must haves!

LOVE the fabric stickers.

How cute are those bows??? Super sweet collection!

Cute line, can't wait to see the papers! I love the bows and the fabric stickers. I also really like the font they used.

Scissors always disappear on my scrap table. I need those!


American Crafts- you always come through!!!! Love it all!

Cute, cute, cute products!!

Love the little girl theme! Perfect inspiration to get going on my daughters book....and I NEED those scissors:)

Oooooh can't wait to have this!

Adore AC's Stuff - love the bows!!

Love the embellies! Can't wait to see the paper!

Wow love AC
The bowls are awesome


very cute! love the variety of embellishments!

The bows are too cute! And the fabric stickers!

Awesome color schemes. I adore the bows! American Crafts never goes wrong.

Love the colors.

Very cute! Can't wait to see the papers!

I'm loving everything from American Crafts this year.

Could always use more scissors to cut great paper with! Thanks!

Love the fun colors ans the font!!!

Want to try out those scissors.

love it all!

I love the the new product views. Such a fun time of the year.

My girl (13 1/2 years old) loves the kittens and strawberries! Super sweet! Thanks for sharing!

perfect products for my girly girl.

so pretty and girly. Love the line.

So cute. I love the happy colors.

Love CHA cause we get to see all new products! Loving the new line!

This line makes me want to make little hair ties for my daughter!


The My Girl collection looks cute. I like the embellishments!

Such a great little girl line.

So excited about the My Girl collection. The bows are the cutest embellishment I've ever seen! Maybe it's where I have a daughter but just love all of it.

Cute embellishments!

The dimensional stickers are really cute!

The embelishments look pretty cute, can't wait to see the paper for it.

This new line looks great! Thanks for the chance to win.

Love the tags with the little embellishments already on them!

I love those bows even though I have boys. They would be so cute on cards or even on small gift boxes.

Embellishments- my weakness!!!

Tempted to get this for my own baby pictures, since I have all boys! So cute!

Love the sissors~!

Cute embellishments. Love the layered butterflies. Can't wait to see the paper.

Love the colors of the stickers! Can't wait to see what papers they would have.

Love the colors of the stickers! Can't wait to see what papers they would have.

This collection for me with 3 girls! Excited to see it in person.

Love it! I cannot wait to see the papers! All the embellishments are so cute!

very cute!

Love the fabric bows; so girly.

Cute stickers and embellishments :)

AC has so much fun stuff this time around! Love it all! :)

Sooo colorful and cute!

very cute girlie line. Think those scissors would be great to have also. thanks AC!

I love the layered stickers and bows, so cute! I bet the paper is gorgeous too.

Love all the fun embellishments..really pretty stuff!

LOVE the adorable yoyo paperclips and ribbon bows

love the ribbon bows!!!

I need some new scissors! Those would be perfect.

I can't wait to see the paper as well.

So all the little embellishments!

Love the tags and the fabric stickers! Very nice


Super cute!


Really cute clips!

These are adorable. I bet a lot of them would work nicely with PL.

Really cute embellishments! I love anything from AC!

Looks like some great stuff! Fun stamps!

Another beautiful collection!

Great items for PL

Love all the sequin and glitter! Very girly and fun!

I LOVE those bows! How sweet are those?!

So excited for all the new lines! :)

The tags and layered embillishments are a must have.

Thanks for showing the true awesome products from American Crafts!! I need it all!!!

Great colors thank u for sharing

My Girl would work perfect to scrap my dgd's pages.

Love the font featured in this girly line!

My 7-year-old girly girls loves this!

I know that i am going to love the remarks stickers from ALL their collections before I have even seen them. Adorable.

awesome stuff - crossing my fingers!

I love the colors! AC always has the most adorable lines!

Prefect for my little girls. So cute!!!

The cat image is really cute. American Crafts make the best ribbons too.

The My Girl line is super cute, I can't wait to see the paper! Scissors are nice too!

I love AC. I am looking forward to seeing the paper that goes with this collection. I love the colours we've seen so far in this line. The scissors look great! It's always good to have a good pair of scissors in my tool stash.

In love with the embellishments from the My Girl line - they are so pretty, so versatile - they would be awesome for both scrapping and cardmaking! The color palette is gorgeous - I love girly colors! The little tags are too cute! I feel like I need to buy ALL of the embellishments - I wonder if the coordinating paper will be as amazing! Definitely not a line I will pass up, regardless of what the hubby says! The scissors, even though they are long - look nice and thin and accurate and look like they would be good for fussy cutting, cutting banner shapes, trimming edges, etc.! What an amazing line!

Very pretty!

Love this line......fresh colors and the bows are just too cute.

I LOVE this line! All the elements and the colors are so fun and cute!!

Love so much of this!!! Oh the Thickers! What is it about them that makes me an addict?

The scissors look great!

Love this cute line! The colors and fun elemnts are perfect for little ladies! :)

The adhesive bows and flair stickers are so cute. Can't wait to see them in person

Those bows are adorable!!! Love these products!

Love these adorable embellies, and the scissors sound great, too!

Love the flair stickers! AC always has great products.

The stickers are very cute and the bows are perfect for scrapping my niece!

Cute collection for lo's about girls.

I love the bows. Super cute colors

Pretty line would be perfect for pics of my grandchildren!!

can see those little bows being used on tops of little bald baby heads, LOL


Those flair stickers and the tags are so cute!

Very pretty!


Soooooooo cute! The colors are really pretty.

Those scissors do look sharp. I want to see more of that stamp set. I need to find a blog post with it.

Love the fabric stickers and scissors.

I'm so happy to see bows :)

The rosette paper clips are adorable, and the bows? So stinking cute!

Nice colors. Gotta love super sharp scissors with a point!!!

Always looking for those perfect scissors great mix of new product!!

pink glitter, pink scissors <3

Fabric stickers are my favourite

Super cute collection

Oh, new scissors! Always need a new sharp one!

Can never have too many pairs of scissors! Thanks for the video!

Love the embellies on the tags and can't wait to have those new scissors!

Nice collections.

Scissors look great. I'm always in need of more scissors.

very cute!

I agree, really cute

really cute line!

please,please,please tell me when i can buy these

The layered-embellishment-stickers are so unique and great to use for a layout!!

Wondering if all the scissor were the same? I liked the stamp set.

Love it all, can't wait to get my hands on these goodies!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

I love the bows and tags



Looks darling!

the scissors look good, i wonder how they will compare with cutterbees, they look similar and less expensive.

I just want to use those bows in my hair! Sooo cute

very cute stuff! And those scissors...!

Love the scissors!!

A girl can never have too many pairs of scissors! They look extra sharp, just what I need for my fussy-cutting. The bows, of course, are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e !

Yay something with cats in it!

I need those scissors!

love the colorful fun prints and fonts!

Love the girl bows and yoyos! They look like adorable hair clips for my papercrafts projects! :)

Butterflies, and beautiful colors in this collection!!!! LOVE IT!

I love the colors from AC. I'm happy to see they are still coming out with such amazing products.

Oh My Gravy!!! THe yoyo clips and little bows are adorable....such wonderful girlie accents to add to baby pages.

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