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I love the washi tape paper.

the washi paper is way cool!! I just love Maggie Holmes....AND Crate Paper!!! I don't think I can find one thing that I don't like about any of these 3 lines!!

I really like the Bold colors in the papers. I would love to try the Open Album idea with this collection!

I love the Bold colors in this collection. I would love to try the Open Album idea with this collection!

Awesome collection. Love the colors!


Wow so much in these collections. The vellum seems interesting. Hummm!

What great color love the idea of the open album idea! Can't wait to see it!

Those Thickers are calling my name!

Maggie Holmes is DA BEST!! favorite collection <3

Love Maggies line! Can't wait to get my hands on those Thickers :-)

I'm so excited about Maggie's line - she's so creative and such a sweetheart! Especially love the lettered and bokeh patterned papers. Can't wait to see the album - the inserts look awesome!

Ooo lots of awesome stuff! I'm excited that Maggie has designed a line. I love that there will be a CUTE party line, too!

So many gorgeous new papers...LOVE the new Washi!!!

I'm so excited about all the new embellishments. Great collections from Crate, as always!

Absolutely Beautiful. Crate Paper is one of my all time favorite lines. Love the new concepts. Open Album and Washi Paper!!! Yay!!

really love these collections. I have not purchased Crate Paper for about a year, so time to restock. the Washi strip paper is a must have!!

Some really innovative products! It always surprises me to see what is thought of next!

love all of these collections! the washi paper idea is fantastic!

I think I should mention that I love, love, love Crate Paper:-) The new releases are so great, I don't know where to start because I love everything!

Oh my, I'm going to go broke over all these wonderful new embellishments and lines..... and of course, I must have all of the new Alphabet!

So excited to see the new Maggie Holmes line! It's beautiful! Love the colours!

I am not usually a Crate Paper fan, but I really liked their release this year, especially the Maggie Holmes items, really a nice twist on their past looks!

I don't think Crate ever made a line I didn't like. Love the Maggie Holmes collaboration! The album attachments look really fun.

three great lines! loving party day and the new glassine bags!

Crate Paper was definitely one of my favorite CHA releases - I love Maggie Holmes new line - so bright and fun!

Ohhh! I love Party Day!

Love the cameras and wood grain!

oh so beautiful and LOVE Crate Paper!!! the Maggie Holmes and the Party Day collections are MUST haves :)

oh so beautiful and LOVE Crate Paper!!!

I love the new Maggie Holmes collection!

Looks like a really fun collection to work with, love the washi paper too!

Have always loved Crate Paper, love all the new elements they have added!

Love their colourful line! So fun!

Love the three collections, they did a perfect job designing them.

My absolute fave out of everything new! Must have!

Crate papers collections are mu fovorites for this year!

The washi paper looks cool! Love the overlays, too.

Thanks for sharing!

Love the water colour effects on Maggie's collection. Love those washi papers!

I am really loving CP's releases this CHA!! That birthday line is fabulous!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love CP. Love their collection packs. These as so fun! Can't wait for their release! Thanks CP!

I really like Maggie's collection

These collections are huge! So much paper and embellishments per collection. It's looking like bags must be popular this year!

I'm so happy that Crate Paper collaborated with Maggie. Just love her collection!

I am a huge Crate Paper fan and I just love these new collections.

Awesome as always!

great line. I love the layered stickers.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Maggie's line!!! YUM!!!

so darn cute! love this

OMG!! Loving it all!! Some of my favorite collections that have been shared!! Thanks for the chance to win and have a fabulous week!! :)

Loving Maggie's line!

Loving the fabric frames from Maggie's new lines!

I really liked the washi tape paper, chipboard letters and paper bags!

These collections are going to blow my budget! There is something awesome in every one... the layered embellishments, the washi tape sheet, the Instagram overlays,... Love Maggie Holmes' collection, but DIY Shop and Party Day also have very versatile products in them.

I absolutely LOVED the washi tape paper and the photo overlays. WOW! The patterns were also lovely. Everything amazing.

so many pretty papers!!

All three collections are fantastic. I love the camera/photo icons especially the bokeh paper. Coll. also love the new bags.

I am loving those birds! And that blue will be a refreshing change :)

One of everything please!

The colors here are wonderful - so vibrant for spring!

Wow! So much fun stuff, as always :) I think that party line just might be my favorite!

Love those 'basics', both front and back! :)

Washi paper--what a wonderful idea! Also love the album inserts and all of the new papers!!

All of these are fantastic but I must have Maggie's new line!

oooh wow there are tooo many things that i love!

loving CP's papers!

So happy to finally see Maggie's papers. They're all just beautiful... can't wait to get them. Also a great idea with that washi paper.

I can't get enough of that Maggie Holmes collection. The colors are amazing!!

The new papers are really great. I need at least one of each!

I'm drooling over these collections. I just love everything!!!! :)

I really like all of these, but I may have to get the entire Maggie Holmes collection - totaly beautiful!

Loving Maggie Holmes' line and DIY Shop!

I really like the colors in the Maggie line! Is there really sequins in the envelope?
Love those bags towards the end of the video, too!

I am looking forward to Maggie's new line as well. Love the birds too!

Maggie's line looks gorgeous!

washi paper is intriguing!

Some amazing bold colours here, will be interested to see how the Polaroid filters work and whether they look effective! Very clever!

love each of these!

How cool is the washi paper!? Great idea!

Wow I abolutely L-O-V-E each of these lines. The colors of each of these lines are so pretty. I can't wait to see these in person!

eekkk! Excited about Maggie Holmes collection!

Love this.!

Ooh washi paper - swoon! and the Party Day collection...I'm in love.

I am so excited about the Maggie Holmes collection too!! LOVE

I particularly like Crate Paper's stickers. The tabs and borders really work with lots of things.

SO excited for the maggie holmes collection - most definitely my fave CHA 2013 release!

love everything!! Definitely on my favourites list.

This paper line looks fabulous. I cannot wait for it to become available.

I really like all the new products!!

Okay, I'm in love with it! Adding to must have list!

Absolutely lovely! Maggie Holmes and Crate paper make such a wonderful combo!

Washi paper....get out! That is awesome!

Love this new maggie holmes stuff. I plan to buy it all as soon as I can...which hopefully won't be too long!

So much neat stuff:)

I really like Maggie's designs! Super cute :)

Love the new range, particularly washi paper and the mini album and photo overlays

I've NEVER been interested in anything Crate Paper before, but Maggie Holmes has made me like CP!

Maggie Holms designs
*sigh* I'm going to need all of it. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Love the new darker blue they are adding. I am always looking for supplies with a navy blue in it. Looks like a great line.

LOVE Maggie's new CP collection! Fun colors & patterns!

LOVE all the new Paper Crate lines!

stunning as always thanks for sharing

It's been a while since I've really liked Crate Paper lines, but this is some great stuff!

It's been a while since I've really liked Crate Paper lines, but this is some great stuff!

I'm in love with the Maggie Holmes line! I can't wait to get my hands on the banner thickers - love them!

Gotta have that confetti page!!!!

I think the confetti pg in the mini book kit is my very favorite item in this line. That, plus the other papers will be great options for making mini books. And the vellum Rick Thanks!

Amazing Choices...great video! Love the page inserts for the journal. Cool

Love these, maggie holmes line is my fav!

I can't wait to get my hands on the Maggie Holmes line!!

love all the new designs embellishments can't wait to try new projects with them!

I love them all! This is going to get expensive...

Gold sparkly thickers! yum yum

I don't think there was one piece in that video that I didn't love. So, so cute and so inspiring. Excellent job Crate Paper! And ps: Jamie has the best job.

Love, love, love the Maggie Holmes line! So versatile as it isn't all matchy-matchy! I can see my self getting my hands on this for sure!

I love the colors and patterns of this line! Thank you for posting!!! :)

Three great lines. Like the bold colors. Thank yo you for sharing.

Wow! all the new collection of Create Paper, really excited with the new letter stickers. Thank you for the chance to win.

Maggie's line is amazing. Very exciting prints & embellishments.

Great collections. I especially liked the vellum ric rac. Would love to play with the photo overlays.

Fabulous! Love the vibrant colours and the pattern variety in the Maggie Holmes collection, and I love that washi paper - so super cool!

Crate Paper is one of my favorite releases this CHA! Thank you so much for a chance to win some of these awesome products!

All the blues are amazing! I definitely NEED the papers with the multicolored cameras, handwriting, and large floral. Love the mix of watercolor and more linear designs. The gold letter stickers look amazing as well! Awesome line.

they look so cute and vintage-y!

Love the Washi tape sheet , photo overlays, and the paper with the cursive writing. Can't wait to get my hands on some of these products.

I can't believe how awesome ALL of those lines are!!! Each one is better than the next! LOVE THOSE!!!

Love Crate Paper and the Maggie Holmes collection! Thank you for the chance to win!

LOVE everything vintage! Thank you for the chance to win!

I am in love with the camera paper and bird paper!

I just love everything crate paper puts out. Sooo Cute.

So in love with this line can't wait to buy it

Love these new lines!!!

I love the new Crate Paper line, especially the Maggie Holmes collection, soooo cute! :)

Great line! LOVE the stamps and remarks sticker book!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! So exciting!

Lots to look at! Really like the bags and especially the washi paper. That is interesting.

Love, love the Maggie Holmes collection!!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

SO excited for washi paper!

Love the Maggie Holmes collection! Such beautiful colors and patterns!

Love the colors and theme...thank you for the chance to win new products!

Totally in love!

I honestly like it all! As always, great new stuff!

I love crate papers new releases!

Love it all! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the Maggie Holmes collection!

Crate Paper NEVER disappoints me. They are AWESOME!
Love the doily paper. Great colors.
That washi paper is amazing!
The layered embellishments are fantastic. Those littel baggies are adorable. Way to go CP!

LOve LOVE LOVE this new line:)

I honestly love all of the new items!!

omg. those Maggie Holmes papers are AMAZING!

Crate Paper has always been a favorite of mine. The party line is my favorite this time around. Also loving the washi tape sheets!

I love the texture of Crate Paper.

Crate Paper is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I love all three lines, the 1st and 2nd the best.

I really love Maggie´s collection!

Crate paper always delivers! By far my favourites :D

Really excited about Maggie Holmes' new collaboration with Crate. This first collection is wonderful!

Love it all, going to be hard limiting my spend when these hit the two peas shelves

Very nice collection

I like the wood grain, the brick background, the sunray papers. Definitely very versatile! And the border sticker strips are very helpful. Just so fun! Thank you!

Love this collection... it reminds me of Echo Park and a Little like My Minds Eye.... Very fun and will go with alot of other collections that I have. ♥

I just LOVE the birthday line: all those cupcakes! :) this is on my list for sure!

Love all the Crate Paper lines - thanks for the chance to win.

Love these papers. So any versatile designs.

I love the Instragram look!!!

Love the birthday collection! Especially the chipboard! Wow!

By far my favorite. Maggie's line was absolutely inspired with references to her photography which were simple, elegant, & beautiful.

Interested in playing with washi paper... Always love photo overlays... And typewriter paper, I always love me some typewriters.

The music notes and woodgrain elements in the birthday line are definitely my favorites. LOVE this time of year!

Washi paper! What an awesome idea. Love washi tape and birthdays!

I love the birthday collection and the washi tape paper and also those cute little envelopes.

Oh, those colors are gorg! I like the doilies, birds, butterflies. Not a big blue person, but I really like a lot!

Love the washi tape paper, the cupcakes and music stuff.

Such beautiful papers, I can't pick a favorite! Maybe I'll just have to get them all :)

I love all three lines....those cupcakes in the birthday CUTE!

Beautiful love it all! Thanks for sharing! God bless!

I love the bird paper! and the entire collection is great. You are lucky girl to see it all first.

Gorgeous stuff. Love the Maggie line with the raspberry pink & cobalt blue. The bday line is really fun too.

Love the B sides of the 1st paper collection. The alphabet tiles and music sheet papers are great. Rediscovering Crate Paper in a good way

I love love love the Maggie Holmes mini book kit!

Love the new lines, esp the DIY and Birthday collections. Looking forward to working with some of these...

love the new Crate Paper lines. I am a big crate paper fan! the new frames and the bags are my must haves. I love the new birthday chipboard and the Maggie Holmes collection is my favorite of the entire CHA winter 2013!

Beautiful new lines, love the Washi tape addition!

Lovely amazingness!! Can't wait to get my hands on this awesome lot

I haven't been much of a Crate Paper fan, but these collections are changing that, for sure. Love the washi paper. Maggie Holmes' collection is fresh vintage w/o the distressing. Love the clipboard 'album' idea, too!

Im in love with this whimsical collection

Loving the navy blues, these are all fantastic papers.

beautiful products!!! I'm in love. Those are the types of papers that give me so much inspiration...but are difficult to cut up for projects because they are just so lovely.

I love the music inspired sheets and the cupcakes!

i'm loving all the paper lines especially the one by maggie. washi paper is a must have!

All three of these collections are so great. I am so excited about the Maggie Holmes line and also cannot wait to use the overlays.

Some much to love...the washi paper, the bags, that rick rack vellum. Can't wait. Crate Paper is always one of my faves.

Love the birthday hats... along with the rest of the line...

Super awesome papers!!! Love them! :)

Great video! Love all the stickers and papers!

I like the your day stickers

What beautiful goodies!!

One of the best birthday lines I have seen.

Great collection Maggie!

Some really fun cool papers, thanks for sharing

Would love to try the photo overlays. The birthday collection is also one I would look for.

I really like the Maggie Holmes stuff too; love that is has Navy blue in it.

Love everything about the Maggie Holmes collection. Thanks for sharing!

Love, love, love the Maggie Holmes collection.

Really like the bright colors, ESP. The doily papers!

The Birthday collection looks fun...I really like the colors! Thanks for sharing some of the new collections!

The colors are vibrant and happy:) So glad Maggie Holmes has a go girl!!!


Love Maggie Holmes' collection, so pretty. Also love the photo overlays

Great colors! Can't wait to get my hands on a few of those! :)

LOVE the washi paper! Cool idea. Also love the photo filters. Wonderful all the way around - can't wait to see it in person!

I love the blue in the Maggie Holmes line - such cute patterns!

The Maggie Holmes collection is so great. I love the birds and doilies!

Love all three collections!!!

wish I could have seen the clipboard! I think that is one of the coolest new products.

Love the last paper the vellum is so cure.

I am totally loving the Maggie Holmes collection, especially the A sides of the paper! TFS!

I love all the accent stickers! I am glad to see that vellum is back. Love the rick rack design!

I love the blues in the first line and those pennant thickers! cool!

I love the paper with the Cake recipes. I'm definitely putting that in my cart.

Love Maggie's new collection, the Birthday line bags and that bright rick rack vellum is fabulous.

I love that last transparency. Wow!

Love the pops of navy! Gorgeous!

Great papers!

I am a huge crate paper fun and I'm loving the birthday line especially!

This collection is so great. Loving the colors.

Oh this collection is very fun. Definitely very Crate Paper

I love the butterflies in the navy

I am SO excited about the line that Maggie has designed!! It is utterly gorgeous!!!

Cute! I'm so excited that Maggie has designed a line. I love her style. I especially love the glitter thickers. And, the bday line will be perfect for bday cards!

Love this!!!!

loved the patterned vellum at the end, but most excited to see how those overlays will work on a scrapbook page!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Looks like I will be getting all the new Crate Paper lines :)

I feel like the Crate Paper I know and love is back, will be buying alot of their items.

Love DIY and the overlays!!

Cute bags! I really like the alphas too.

Love the colors in DIY and am really excited to see those overlays in real life!

I LOVE the Washi paper and the party day collection.

DIY line is great and those photo overlays are genius.


The Party Day collection would be a great addition for card making. Can't wait to order some!

Crate is almost irresistable -- they just need to stop coming out with all this awesome, cool SBing stuff that I can't stop buying.

My #1 favorite line from this CHA is Crate's DIY Shop. Love it! The other two lines are gorgeous, too.

Really like the Party Day line. And a lot of the rest too!

I don't think I can pick just one!!! I am a fan of CP!! Really cute stuff!

Oh my... Crate DIY is a MUSt

so beautiful! crate paper always creates amazing lines!

I love the washi paper and the little bags in the birthday collection.

I love this collection and love Maggie's work so so much, thanks for the chance.

Love all the designs. The washi paper looks fun.

i love everything crate paper! im great at hoarding it allll! :)

So pretty! My favorite is the first collection. Love the red breasted robins!

I love the washi paper-so much variety on one page (I can't always use a whole roll, but 12", for sure!)

Oh my Washi paper!

My favorite is of course the Washi paper.

Crate Paper always does a great job putting together paper lines.

Love the washi pape\

Love all, Crate Paper is always a bit a good way!

Mama Mia! Washi paper? Great idea!!!


I love the 'action' frames! I have been waiting for someone to do smaller pieces of washi tape so we could get a larger selection!!!

Way to go for Maggie Holmes. I love her entire line!

Glad to see Maggie Holmes designing supplies again.

I was so excited to find out Maggie Holmes had a collection coming out and am so not dissappointed! It is gorgeous! Can't wait to get my hands on this line! :)

Awesome! Love the Party Day line and the Maggie Holmes line is great too. Such vibrant colors and fun patterns. I love all the "new" things!

The richness of the colors in these lines are beautiful! I love the styles!

Live the glitter thickers and all the wonderful papers!

Love all the colors, great collections!!

So happy to see that Maggie Holmes and Crate Paper have joined forces- what a great team!!!

Lovin all 3 new lines, I'm inspired and I cant even buy them yet! Can't wait to get my hands on these!

The colors Crate has this year are AMAZING!

Awesome colors! Love this line

Love the new line thanks for the chance :))

What fun lines!! I love the Party line. Bright, fun paper. Love it!!

DIY is fabulous...Maggie's line is amazing! I am seeing such vibrant, rich colors in all of Crate's releases this CHA, and the washi page is SO COOL!

Crate is killing me! I ADORE the colours and the CP texture.

Love these colors!!

Love the colors and the icons!

I'm a big fan of Crate Paper. I love this new line. Thanks for sharing!

Really love the B sides of Maggie Holmes' line. The birthday line is really cool too and very unique. Love those bags and vellum. The washi paper of the DYI line is very cool. It's a great way to get lots of variety inexpensively!

The washi paper is great! And I LOVE the photo overlays. So cool.

Really interesting colors!! LOVE the little bags and also the mini album inserts....nice to see such new & interesting products!

Oh my! love them all. Gonna be bad for my wallet! Thanks:)

great colors!

Great colors. Those bags and album inserts are awesome!!

Love the paper collections.

love it all

I absolutely love the new Crate lines. It's cool that they kept their signature style, and included some trendy designs.

I love the mini inserts, the washi and the vellum, everything is gorgeous!!!

Love the music sheets and the cake recipe pattern.

Love all the CHA videos - thanks for doing them!

I love the the new product views. Such a fun time of the year.

I predict those vellum envelopes will go quickly! the best!!!!

Ooh! That Maggie Holmes collection is to die for - love those rich colors, and I can't even decide if I like A or B sides better! Love it!

<3!!!! Everything looks fabulous - I'm loving the colors and patterns and all the fun elements!!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

Ooh, crate are awesome as always! I love the DIY Shop line the most, I love the variety of patterns! Thanks for showing us the washi tape paper as I wondered how it would work, I'll definitely be buying some of that!

Beautiful colors and collections. Thanks.

I love the colors! swoon!!

loving the overlays and the album inserts.

Love the Maggie Holmes line, the frames, the washi paper, and the woodgrain Chevron.

Love the new Crate lines! Esp. loving that cake recipe page!

You can never go wrong with Crate Paper. Their designers are amazing. Now they have paper from Maggie Holmes, WOW!! Super excited

Love the birthday line! Thanks!

Cannot wait for this too ship, loving the Maggie holmes and DIY line

The colors are so wonderful and the vintage feel is great!

So excited to see Maggie Holmes' line, it definitely has a photography feel.

A beautiful collection...I'm very intrigued by those album inserts!

Love me some Crate Paper! Yah!

Love all the new Crate Paper lines!

I like the birthday line!

Crate Paper has done it again!! Love every single thing!!!

I love the "b" sides. pretty collection.

I love the "b" sides

Love the new look of the letter stickers...also vintage cameras and typewriters are cool

The Maggie Holmes collection is gorgeous!

I adore the Maggie Holmes collection! I also love that the birthday collection is good for girls and boys since I have both!

Great mix of different styles. Maggie's collection is fun. Loving the chunky glitter thickers. The DIY Shop color palette is awesome.

Love. it. all!!! The photo overlays, the bags, Maggie Holmes, all the gorgeous papers! All of it.

Love the look of this line! I think my favorite thing is the photo overlays, what a great idea!


Crate paper never fails to please. Love it all.

Love the birthday line..the cake recipe paper and the little bags are on my list:)

One of each please! I love how versatile each collection is. They all have great b-sides too!

Loving the new Crate Paper lines especially the Maggie Holmes and Party Day collections!

The DIY Shop is my favorite!

I absolutely love how versatile crate paper collections are. The washi tape, chevron vellum, and layered stickers are my favorite. This is a must have for my stash.

Love these new collections from Crate Paper :)

LOVING the new Crate! Especially the birthday line! :)

I like the birthday line.

Really like all 3 lines of Crate Paper. Thanks CP for sharing the goodies with us.

love the photo filters and the Maggie Holmes papers!

I always love what Crate creates and these lines are no exception . DIY is definitely my favorite .. the washi tape paper is too fun !!

The washi paper is genius! There is so much potential.


Very fun..lots of bright and pretty papers!

OMG the photo filters-I die!

love this line! love maggie holmes too!

LOVE that line created with Maggie Holmes!! What a fresh new look for Crate Paper!

I love the camera paper and blues. Party Day is an awesome line.

I am totally in love with DIY Shop! I have to say I like all the navy in the Maggie Holmes collection too.


Crate is always a favorite for me! LOVE these collections!!

Wow, so much to choose from this Crate Paper line! Especially like the washi clever!

Great papers!

Oh my goodness, they are all wonderful!!! I am so excited!

I think I need every last sheet of that paper!!

Love those colors, Crate Paper is one of my favorite lines!

I love crate paper colors! Great collectios

Wonderful collection that just makes you want to jump in and start scrapbooking. Those photo overlays look like alot of fun!

Super cute stuff from Maggie H!! Love the washi paper too!

So much to love! Can't wait for it to be available on Two Peas

I love this collection, the handwriting and butterflies are so cute! Love the bokah too!

I love the Photo Overlays!! Thanks for the video Jamie:)

Beautiful papers, as always!

I'm loving the vintage and the photo overlays!!

I am absolutely loving the collaboration between Maggie Holmes and Crate paper! <3 the photo overlays!! Clever idea!

The washi paper looks very interesting! Thanks for showing it because I think I would've skipped over it! I'm a fan!

I can't even pick out one or two things I love about all that you've shown...I want it all! My mind was spinning with LO ideas while I was watching this video.

Love so much of this! :)

Crate Paper is on the ball with these products!

I absolutely love colorful vintage paper and accents. This collection fits my preferences perfectly! (: I love it!

Yeah blues- I am always looking for blues, they are so hard to find.

Lots to love about these lines.

Love the borders havent used this line so will be looking at it

Crate paper always has great color combos!! Crossing my fingers to win!! !

Love that washi paper! As a washi addict I could see so many ways to use it!

Love the new Crate lines!

OMG, Crate Paper is my absolute FAVORITE. Love everything and can't wait to get my hands on it!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CP

Oh my goodness...I can't wait to get my hands on these new lines!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Crate Paper. I can't wait to get my hands on these new lines. So fun!

I love Crate Paper, they make such wonderful
collections. I can't wait to make a layout with
the Happy Birthday line and with those little
bags and paper tape!

I love Crate Paper, they make such wonderful
collections. I can't wait to make a layout with
the Happy Birthday line and with those little
Bags and paper tape!

Fabulous as always!

I love Crate Paper, they make such wonderful
collections. I can't wait to make a layout with
the Happy Birthday lines and with those little
Bags and paper tape!

There wasn't one item that I don't want. All of it is amazing. I really love the color combinations of the three collections. Crate never disappoints.

Love the Happy Birthday line

Love the wood-grain chevron, the gorgeous colors, the layered stickers and accent sheets, the awesome letter stickers (the "wood" thickers and the chipboard letters that you can put twine through), the little a whole awesome collections!

Great collections all the way around.

Very cool! Ooo I really would love to see the photo overlays IRL-I'm so NOT with it and don't have a cell! LOL Love the colors we have come to know and love from Crate paper

Crate sure knows how to WOW us! Love all of these collections!

The washi paper is really neat!

Love, love, love Maggie's line! Gorgeous!!! Party Day is cute and fun!

Crate never disappoints!! I love them all!

I love all three collections, but I have to say Maggie's is my fav so far!

tThat washi paper is so cool! Love it!

I love these lines!! So fun!

I'm a big Crate Paper fan, so I'm not surprised I love almost all of it. So versatile!

I love all 3 lines! The rich, bold colours are so striking and the patterns very cool!

Love, love, love everything by Crate this time around-especially Maggie's line!!

Love all the new lines! I just adore that camera paper and I am so excited about the washi tape paper! What a great idea.

The Maggie Holmes line is wonderful!

Awe some release all around. I can't decide if I like the birthday line or the Maggie Holmes lines the best!

i love the whole photography inspired elements. Very trendy!

love the new collections, and the retro vibe of it!

A birthday line I can see being used for grown ups, YAY!

Love the colors in this line

Lovely papers and embellishment , I really like the border page that can be use as washi tape

Love this! The Birthday line is definitely my favorite.

a lot of interesting stuff... those little bags are really cute.

like the little album pages, how fun to add those to any scrapbook


Crate Paper never disappoints. I love all of the lines. I especially love the color palettes they chose for each collection.

I really like the musical sheets and the photo overlays. The alphas with the music background are great too.

This paper line is very versatile, I like it!

What a nice way to get a good look at these new lines. Watching the video is easier than clicking through to multiple photographs. Such pretty new designs. I really like the bold colors.


The party line is great! love the vintage recipe paper.

Love those photo overlays in particular!

Love, love, love the wood grain chevron in the birthday collection....and the vellum chevron, too!

Fabulous! Especially the DIY line, but everything is really pretty.

Love the papers in the Maggie Holmes line and the Party day line. Especially the recipe paper and the red musical score paper.

Lots of fun designs. The washi paper looks interesting.

I always love Crate Paper. I can't wait to see those overlays on a layout :)

Love the handwritten page!

Great collections. I love the thickets and the washi paper especially.

Love the new washi tape paper... photo overlays great new lines!!!!!! peeked my interest!!!

Fabulous paper!!! And glitter alphabet. Like your shirt too! :)

Love the vintage feel of Maggie's line.

Fabulous collection

Love Party Day! and the musical elements!!! and the washi sheet!

L♥ve the new Thickers, bags and washi tape paper! Thanks for sharing :)

Love the washi tape paper. Thanks for the video!

Again great products from crate paper. I'm curious to see those photo overlays in real life.

I recently discovered Crate Paper, and it fits my needs to tell my story perfectly.

Great new collections. I especially like the Party one.

I just love all three of these collections, but my favourite would have to be Maggie Holmes.

love the camera paper in the first collection she showed

Love the Washi Paper idea, lots of choice for one price, perfect

I love parts of all the new collections! I think DIY is my favorite at this point, but I like them all :)

All of the new lines look great!

this is definitely one of my favorite lines of the show! thanks for a chance to win.

These mustaches, photo overlays and cupcakepaper AAAH! I love it ALL!

Thank you so much for the chance to win!


Love all of it but the DIY line is my favorite.

BE STILL MY HEART!!!! I LOVE Crate Paper and everything about it. I especially love those little bags and the washi strips/paper is AMAZING!!!

Thanks for the chance to win :)

DIY! love!

Love the vellum paper! It's a great idea from Crate!

Crate paper has some really cool items, the washi tape is very cool. The variety makes it very interesting.

LOVE Crate and love these gorgeous new products! Thanks for showing us these new lines.

I love the darker colours in these lines.

I am in love with Maggie Holmes line!

i love crate's release, the washi paper looks awesome

love the all!!!

Loving the color combos!

Love those bags!

The vellum is pretty nifty!

Love these goodies!

Love the line by Maggie Holmes especially the doily paper and the DiY washi paper and vellum sheet ... so cute!

The birthday one isn't relevant to me but love all the others

Love the colors and prints in the first collection done with Maggie Holmes! :)

I love the photo over lays. Very nice collections. Love all the wood grain and butterflies too!

LOVE these new collections! Thanks for the video!

Thanks for showing all the new goodies....I really like the richness of the colors in the CP line

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