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I just love the stencil sets.

Gotta love the sticker sheets! So many things.

Love the colors.

The big chevron paper is so cool!

I am loving the Fancy Pants release!

Lots of great products there.

I'm really impressed by the new lines! I love Trendsetter and Down By the Shore. Super cute! The stencils look really neat, too.

Loving all of the new Fancy Pants. For a line I have never really payed attention to the really caught my eye.

the stencils and photo frames look pretty fun. oh, those bags, too.

So very impressed with Fancy Pants because their new releases are so amazingly awesome! Instantly drawn to the color combination of the "Park Bench" collection!

Always love FP and this release is no exception! Love Trendsetter!

Wow so many new things and all so different, a bit of something for everyone! I like the more masculine line, some great PP in that collection!

FP always has great releases. I especially love the die cut pieces, the fun photo frames and the little bags are awesome. NEED them!

really like the trendsetter line, but i'm also loving the navy and cream elements in the down by the shore collection

What a huge release! I see so much I like! I too think the octopus & whale are adorable!

I loved everything Fancy Pants displayed at CHA - the colors, the patterns, the new products - it was all so eye-catching and fun. Bravo!

Have always Loved Fany Pants!! That octopus and whale are way too cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

This is one awesome collection! love all the colors.

I adore the neutral tones of the Etcetera and the distressed solid B-sides of Swagger are absolutely gorgeous. I love the little bags too. Perfect for smashbooking.

Love the neutrals and the trendsetter collection. Cant wait.

THey've got some cute collections. I especially like the neutral and sea themed lines.

Loove the Trend Setter collection.

I love Trendsetter but their new boy collection is the best!

love the neural papers

Love Trendsetter & Park Bench! Great envelopes too!

Thanks for sharing!

I have to have it all! Love FP :-)

The Trend Setter line looks like a lot of fun and I love the colour scheme of Park Bench! Would love to get my hands on those stencil sets too!

Love the manly dad papers. Those are hard to find. Great papers!

Look like Fancy Pants will be getting a bunch of my money! Love all their new releases!

I love the 12x12 sticker sheet! They contain so much goodies and really great to work with!

Love the chevron prints and the colors are wonderful.

W.O.W. I am so, so, so impressed with Fancy Pants this CHA!! Love all the collections and their embellies are fab!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Loving all of the awesome embellishments!! I can't wait to get my hands on these fun collections!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a fabulous week!! :)

This is a great line, i am loving the colors!

I.LOOOOOVE.THE.MUSTACHES. sooooo fun!!!!!!! Fancy Pants did such a great job at mixing up the 'usual' summer/sea/beach style. What a cool collection!

Love the colors & patterns in the trendsetter collection. Those itty bags are so cute!

I love the Shore collection, perfect for a vacation we are planning!

Everything is so great. Absolutely love the Park Bench collection and all the different flair buttons throughout all the collections.

I adore the seaside themed collection, the mustache embellishments, the bags, flair, bags,envelopes... It is going to be hard to narrow down my "Gotta have" list! Thanks to you for the great preview and to Fancy Pants for the chaace to win!

I love the trendsetter line! The turquoise and red (or pink) is my favorite combination to use so I'm sure this line wouldn't last in my stash very long

just gorgeous! How do you pick just one? I want them all. Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

Great new collection a b sides.

I can see some great layouts using all of these collections, but I really loved Down by the Shore.

oo! jumbo red/turquoise/black chevrons!

Really, really love the Park Bench collection. The color scheme is so fun! Those little bags are super cute as well.

Really love that masculine line with the top hats and mustaches, so cute! The flip sides are perfect too. :)

Wow, I thought I had my favorite collection chosen, but now I'm definitely replacing it with Trendsetter!

Love those b-sides... And there are some fun embellies!

I've loved seeing the new products!!!!!

I love a lot of the graphics on these line, but I especially love the line with all the mustaches and Down by the Shore. Great Fancy Pants!

Down by the Shore is my favorite new collection.

Beautiful! Love those sticker sheets, so many choices of alphas!

Lots of great papers in these new lines!

Love the papers. Can't decide which is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

Love it! FP is one of my favourite paper addictions :)

Fancy Pants is always a favorite!

Down by the Shore is my fave!!

I'm loving the trendsetting collection!

ALL color combos work for me since they are mixed with the photo frames in each collection and the flair=double love!

Adorable collections. Love the colors of Park Bench.

I love the theme and colors in park bench so much!

Love the colors of Park Bench and Down by the ShShore. The addition of the bags, frames, and envelopes to the collections are super cool.

i love the trendsetting collection! this is going on my wish list for sure! :)

love the frames. I like the colors... looks like navy is making a come back and I always love grey with yellow!

Fancy Pants this year is my favorite manufacturer! Love all the new colors and accessories!

Some really nice products, liking the yellows and greys, and the little envelopes are gorgeous!

Love everything Fancy Pants...the colors are great!

love the little bags and the flair!

Adore the tiny bags!!! CUTE

Love all the bags and flair! Love all the fun lines! Photo frames totally rock!

I love all of the fun colors of these lines. There is a little something for everyone. I love the little bags and the flair!

Love the photo frames and bags as well as the color scheme in the Down by the Shore collection!

Lots of great collections here. I like the mini prints like the little chevron papers.

trendsetter is my fav, but love them all!

Love them all!

I'm partial to the Park Bench collection. Sunny and pretty but not uber feminine.

I love all the differnt collections, but the colors in that park bench line get my creative juices flowing!

I really like all the new products!!

Really like the colours in trendsetter.

Great stuff!:D

I'm in lov with the Trendsetter collection!! Some of my favorite colors and patterns. And of course awesome embellishments :)

I love the new down by the sea...the navy color is awesome and I love the anchors! Also the new photo frames are pretty neat.

I love those photo frames...and the flair....the paper bags....label stickers and the whole swagger line!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Wow!! I am in love with the Park Bench and Swagger collections! Nice job Fancy Pants!

Fancy Pants knocked it out of the park with this release! I like all 5 collections!

Fancy Pants knocked it out of the park with this release! I like all 4 collections!

Ived love Fancy Pants since the little things collection. . . still loving them!!!

Gotta have those photo frames - love the parkbench collection because it is fresh and versatile.

Ooh LOVE these new lines! Such fabulous patterns and colors!

Love the patterns. Great new products!

These are all such great lines. The paper bags are so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

I need that alpha sheet. So addictive!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Swagger line! The mustaches, hats, and fleur de lis. Mixed with the Chevrons and stripes! Swoon.

I'm really loving the Trend Setter line. It has a unique combination of colours

Love All the new lines. I think the bags and letter stickers are a must have! great boy paper!

Love several of this line. I will have to get the frames and the bags...cute

Glassine bags are a favourite and I just love the colours they have. And Park Bench is just lovely.

I love the basics collection, the frames and the glassine bags.

Love the bags and all the black in the papers.

Love Fancy Pants. Love all the new products.

Adorable new lines & designs. Love the anchor theme and the badges. Exciting stuff!

Love the versatility of these collections! The colors are making me wish Spring would come sooner :)

I love the grey and yellow.

My fav combo is all the gray and yellow!

I am lovin the color combos! Love them all!

What awesome and pretty collections!

One of my fave new lines!

love it all but especially the down the shore parts!!

LOVE everything...especially the little bags and the etc. collection!

So many cute new lines and elements!

I need the stencils! I'm so glad that the selection is getting bigger. And the little bags are darling.

wow cant decide which one i like best. they are all terrific.

love the new bags!

OMG--this has got to be my all-time favorite from FP! I love the colors and the designs for Trend Setter. Can't wait to get my hands on it!!! the photo frames are awesome. OMG___ love the bags!!!!
The Park Bench collection is perfect for documenting my son's last year of high school--their colors are yellow and gold!
Very innovative stencils. I want them all!
Down by the Shore is adorable--I love the beach so have to get this set for my summer scrapping!

Great color palette in the first two collections! Love the new lines.

Great new lines! I like the colors and the versatility of the papers

Love the colors and theme...thank you for the chance to win new products!

Love all the new FP lines!!!

Great new lines! I'm loving the envelopes!

Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love all of the Fancy Pants lines but my favorite is the Park Bench! Love the colors and patterns!

Great new Collection...I love the photo frames

Great new collections!

Love all the B sides for the collections!

Love the new envelopes.

I really like the b sides to the lines and the little envelopes.

Love those new envelopes - especially in the Down By the Shore collection.

I love the Swagger collection!

Fancy Pants did an amazing job with these collections! I can't pick a favorite! Love Park Bench, Trendsetter and Swagger. Just such great color combos and patterns in all.

Trendsetter line...definitely trendy. Park Bench is really fun and I like the colors and the motifs. The pennants are fun as are the photo frames. And I always like those title cards. Oh, and great! Down by the Shore will really be great for my summer photos. So excited!

I like the color combinations. Bold yet pretty.

I love the Park Bench and Trendsetter lines!

Love the color combination in this line. So pretty!

Love the colors in trendsetter - and will definitely need those stencil sets! Thanks for the chance to win.

Love the stencil sets - Dr Seuss quote is great!

I have always been a fan of Fancy Pants.... so I am glad to see they are following the trends with Trendsetter. ♥

WOW! LOVING all the neat embellishments (bags, envelopes, stencils)!!! The Trendsetter line is my favorite!

I have a huge collection of Hibiscus print papers that I use a lot for my summer vacation albums so the Down by the Shore line will definitely find its way into my stash. Love the navy’s we’re seeing through out and the photo frames. The bags are great too.

Always love Fancy Pants (one of my early favorite lines) Love the stencils and ETC line. Swagger looks fun, too+3

Looking forward to seeing the Swagger and Down by the Shore collections when they arrive at Two Peas! :)

Love it all! So glad to see a line for men! They are so hard to make cards and scrap for but this is perfect!

I like everything can't wait to get shopping.

Lots of great embellishments..loving all the diecuts and little bags. The "b" sides are awesome and several are a must have. I do love the colors of the nautical line!

Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing! Love the nautical items!

I love, love, love the Park Bench collection. Thanks for the video!

Beautiful love it all! Thanks for sharing! God bless!

Park Bench Collection is one of my faves this winter. Love the colors.

Designer bags, buttons stencils, mustaches die cuts, anchor paper, woot woot?!

I really like the Trendsetter line! Love the coordinating flip sides too!

These new lines are fantastic! Love their unique color combos

These collections are making me take a second look at Fancy Pants. I am really liking these collections - love the colors/color combos. The stencil sets are cool!

I really love the unique colour schemes fancy pants come up with.

love it all!

I love the big wide chevron. I like the row of hats in Swagger, nice distresses it that collection, too. The tape sticker with the anchors is lovely.

Great elements that spark my creativity within each set!

Very elegant indeed....

I love Parkbench, Etcetera, the stencils and Down by the seashore... Their best releses in a long time!

Ooooo love love love!!!

Love it all and those frames are just gorgeous. Thanks so much for the chance.

these are some of my faves of the show!

great follow up to Be You!

is it wrong that i love all the b sides of the papers?? and those frames!

Love the Park Bench and Down by the Sea lines. Cute, cute, cute.

Love the texture of the patterns and the gold yellow and blue!

The paper bags are too cute. Can't wait to start summer layouts with the Down by the Shore collection.


Love the little bags and the photo frames! Down by the shore is really cute and classy at the same time.

LOVE the Park Bench color theme! I can't wait to see the embellishments, too!!!

The Down by the Shore line will be perfect for our summer vacation! Love it!

Love the paper bags too! I am going to be broke!

Love the colors in Park Bench!

Love the Down by the Sea collection and all the paper bags. The pattern stencils are neat too.

I really like their patterned paper bags.

My favorite is Trend Setter, and those adorable little bags!

I am in big big big trouble! I LOVE IT ALL!!!

i really like those paper bags!

i love the color schemes, especially the pink, aqua, black. Excited to see the stencils, too.

Love Fancy Pants

Loving the navy and polka dots!

So excited to see Trend Setter collection in person. The colors are right up my alley.

awesome collections! I especially like the first one and the cute little bags!

i'm really loving all the new envelopes! They are my fav!

I loveeee the last collection with the beachy octopus and anchors!!! LOVE!


great collection!!!

really cute collection

Love the Park Bench and Ectera collections!!!

The ect cetera collection is great and also like all the 12x12 sticker sheets. The tape stickers should be so much fun. Thanks Fancy Pants for sponsoring.

I like the variety of embellishments, especially the stencil subway art.

Love all the new Fancy Pants lines! The color combos are fabulous!! =)

LOVE the Swagger collection!!

Love the stencils and the ect line.


These lines are great!!!! I love park bench and swagger and etc the most!! They are fantastic! I need another job!!!!!

Love the Down by the Shore line and Park Bench!

Love the 6x6 pads for the collections.

ooohhh i love them all! park bench and trendsetter esp!

Park Bench is the cutest! I really love all the pieces in each collection. Have that kind of variety really allows fr some amazing creativity. Thanks Fancy Pants and 2 Peas!

Love park bench! Also love the patterned stencils, patterned envelopes, and decorative bags!

Love the collections, especially Park Bench and Swagger. It's difficult scrap-booking when you're male, and it's always difficult to find something that's distinctly masculine and I think Swagger will be a good addition, especially to my stash!

So much fun!

Down by the shore is definitely my favorite! Love it all!! Trend setter has nice colors! Love those big stars. Really love the bsides. Great sticker sheet with tons of alphas! Cute bags!
Park Bench, I love the color palette. Great flair! Stencil sets are pretty cool. Etcetera is a little too vintage for me and I really like the idea of Swagger. but I don't know how much I would use it. The hats are very cool! I do like the buttons too!

The trendsetter line is my favorite thing I've seen so far. I love everything about this collection.

Love all the collections. Really appreciate that they've put patterned bags in the line. So nice for adding extra tags or keepsakes.

I love all the FP lines this time around! I could use them on so many layouts. My favorites are Down by the Shore and Trend Setter.

Love all the collections: the boldness and contrast always appeals to me. Not sure about the moustaches, but the b sides of swagger are fab! You are absolutely right about masculine cards.

Park Bench is my absolute favorite!!

Mustaches and plaids! Makes me think of my dad...a must have for me!

I never scrapbook the man in my life but with that new Swagger collection I might have too! Love the Shoreline too!

Those decorative bags are too cute! LOVE all the new collections too.. MUST have them all! :)

Love the hats, the bands, and the colors!

Very strong release from Fancy Pants. I love it all, but the Park Bench is favorite!

LOVE the Down by the Shore Line- so perfect for summer get-aways!

I adore the new beach collection and little bags! WTG Fancy Pants!


Wow lovin the colors, I can do so many different things with these products!

Love the colors a must buy for me :))

I love the neutral essentials. I use neutrals in all of my crafts.

Everything is so beautiful but I specially loved the At the Beach collection!

I can't wait to get my hands on these! The designs and elements just look like so much fun to play with! Love that they have so much in Etcetera and Swagger that would work for guys!

Love this whole line too.

wow....gorgeous papers.

Everything looks great. Love it.

I love everything Fancy Pants is releasing this show!

LOVE those stencils & bags!

I especially love the colors in the Down By The Shore collection! The blue on one of those B sides is to die for!

I like that Trendsetter is so bold! It would be great for any occasion and even for guy pages.


love all these fancy pants products!

I love the the new product views. Such a fun time of the year.

I am so excited for the down by the shore collection. I am always looking for nautical themed scrapbooking supplies. :crossing fingers that is going to be a trend:

Love the parkbench line! Lovely colors!

I really like the envelopes and stencils

I'm probably going to be buying all of these!

I am in love with almost everything from Fancy Pants! How will I choose?!

Love the color combos.

my daughter is going to love that mustache paper....

love the sticker sheet!

The stencils in this line look very interesting. The themes are great park bench,swagger, down by the sea love them

Fancy Pants has always been a favorite of mine. I really like that large sticker sheet with the alphas, tabs and phrases!

I can honestly say that I've never been a huge Fancy Pants fan, but I really like the Trendsetter line. I'm thinking I might have to check into it.

I'm still digging the yellow - teal combo. So cute :)

Another fave!

Good job fancy pants!

Love the ticket them and mix of yellow, black, grey....

Love the felt flowers and bags. Also love the look of the etcetera line

The Fancy Pants ocean themed line looks fun!

I've never really looked at fancy pants papers, but now i really like them!

I need several sheets of that aqua & gold chevron from park bench. Gorgeous! And the patterned envelopes are super cute too!

Love the decorative paper bags and anchors in this collection!

Love the cute paper bags and photo frames :)

Love the B-sides on these new collections!

Love the nautical and masculine themed lines!

By far my fave. Love the bright colors and designers :)

Great release. I love the down by the shoreline.

I am loving these new lines!!!

must get the swagger mustache paper- love it!

These colors are calling to me- the anchors against the navy blue is a dream come true! And all that manlyness has me swooning with desire. I need those sticker sheets!

love the colors in the trendsetter line!

I am so excited about this release from FP! Down by the Shore and Swagger are my faves and after watching the video and seeing it live, I have been won over by Trendsetter as well!

aqua is my favorite color, love it! The frames are really pretty too!

Love the Navy and Aqua combo! Love mini-alphas for my PL.

I really like Trendsetter and Park Bench!

Great new stuff! I'm loving the printed bags and the cool masks. Both are great FP additions. :)

Great paper!!

Love Down by the Shore!! Beautiful colors!

Trendsetter is definitely my favorite!

Wow, the Nautical collection is very nice, I like Etcetra. Who am I kidding, I like them all.

The first was my favorite, but I love them all. I love how mustaches are a new trend. The nautical theme is gorgeous also, colors are so vibrant.

LOVE.LOVE.Love the Trendsetter and the stencils.

Love the nautical theme ! Fancy pants never disappoints!

Love everything about this collection! I have
my fingers and toes crossed to win this one!

Love Trendsetter, definitely my fave of the bunch!

Love the photo frames, envelopes and the badges. Great collections!

I love the colors in the Trend Setter line!

Love Etcetera and Down by the Shore collections, and all the photo frames and paper bags!

I really like these collections. Not really sure about the mustaches though(never really been a fan of this fan)

Love the flair badges.
When I first saw Trend Setter I thought I would have to put on my sunglasses, it was so bright. But the more I see it the more I love it.
The stencil sets would be great for art journals. Maybe that is an idea for a video series- art journals.

Fancy Pants is one of my newer favorite manufacturers - and this doesn't put a doubt in my mind. The colors, the patterns, everything is definitely "on trend" right now and the B Side's are so usable! I love their sticker sheet - the little alphas, words, tabs, etc. are too cute. Of course, die-cuts are always great! I have a brag book and some of the brag book kits, but could use some more Fancy Pants stuff to fill it up with! The flowers are awesome! I love aqua and pink together, separate, it doesn't even matter! I love how many manufacturers are jumping on the "decorative bag" wagon - they are so cute. I love how with Fancy Pants, each line is VERY different (completely different color schemes) - which you don't always get, yet they are always gorgeous combinations and very versatile papers! The pennants with the toothpicks and the flair are awesome - they look so cute on cards! Fancy Pants is quickly becoming one of my Top 5 manufacturers!!

Iso need another job

I love the photo frames and the bags. Oh the park bench collection is so cute! I love the stencils too. So many things to love.

What super cute papers. The colors are great.

The Trendsetter collection is my favorite, and I am loving the paper bags and other embellies!

I love every single thing Fancy Pants is introducing! As a Mom of two boys their masculine/boy lines are PERFECT!

I am in love with this line. I can't wait to get some for my stash.

Well, I am on a tight budget so the only way I am going to own any of these is to win it ... crossing my fingers!!!

Love the color. Great paper pack.

Down By the Shore would be the perfect line to scrapbook all my lighthouse photos. Love Park Bench, as well!

Im loving all the embellishments :)

Park Bench is so pretty! Love the stencils and the little bags, too!

LOVE these new collections! SO fun and great new goodies!

Love them all! Fancy Pants rocks!

park bench looks like it will be very popular.

Love the colors from the Trend Setter and the Park Bench collections so pretty :)

How to the trend setter, stencils and the bags. YUM!!!

Love all the colors in these new collections and especially the photo frames.

Adorable collections! My absolute favorite is the Park Bench collection. Love the colors. I love the little anchors and wales in the nautical collection too! The bags and envelopes are going to be a must have for me.

I really like the stencils and decorative bags!

Love the whole Park Bench collection!

I really like the Park Bench line!

love trend setter, and all the anchors, it's just plain cute!

Love the fun new embellies they've added!!

I love the Down By The Shore line. Great colors. I love the octopus and anchor papers.

And the stencils....yes, yes, yes!

Park Bench and the Dr Seuss stencil--oh yeah!!!!



I love the nautical line. Perfect for my family of boaters.

Wow... five new outstanding lines! I love how each line has more generic papers that can be used for anything. Love the variety of alphas on their sticker sheet. Also love the photo frames. This is going to be a fun manufacturer to shop from!

LOVE the colors!! Those photo frames are wonderful!

Love the colors of Park Bench.

Very versatile, you can use these in many projects!

Fancy Pants is new to me. Loving the bags and photo frames, and the stencil with the Dr Seuss quote is definitely on my must have list!

I really like Park Bench too.

I've got several project ideas using these papers.

Oh I love it all makes me want to play!!!! Love the double sided paper maybe have to get two of each!!!!!

Love them all♥ It's awesome that they added bags and envelopes to coordinate with the collections, Yeah!!

Love all the different prints and alpha.

Love the collections! The b-sides are fab!

I love all of those chevrons

The trendsetter line is fabulous!

awesome collections

I think these are my favs so far

Nice paper! Love the aquas in every collection!

Love the On trend line, fabulous colors!

Never can have enough bag... love all the different paper..

i love those little bags, so cute

I LOVE ALL of these collections! I haven't purchased Fancy Pants stuff

Great collection, the masculine line was really nice.

Love the stencils and the Down by the Sea line--fabulous!

Love the baggies and the beach line.

So in love with Down by the shore... beautiful!

That Dr. Seuss quote is darling and I love that it's a stencil!

so many goodies!

Love the line thats yellow and blue!

Love the baggies and the whale!

Love all the lines!! The little bags, flair buttons, sticker sheets and especially the stencils!!!

I love trendsetter and park bench super cute!

Wonderful colors!

I've never had any Fancy Pants! Looks like it may be time to get some =)

love the border strips and bold patterns thanks for the chance to win

Oh wow I love all these Fancy Pants collections, I especially love the flair cute!!! Thanks for chance to win :)

Swagger, I'll take all of that collection, please, thank you very much! And those frames and tiny envelopes are always useful.

i love the park bench colour scheme i will need the entire collection

I like the Trendsetter collection!

Love, love the color scheme in park bench and the great basic "B" sides in Trendsetter!

Oh my again... must have the trendsetter collection!!!

Oh la fancy some Fancy Pants. I really think I will NEED the entire Park Bench collection.

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