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441  Comments - CHA Winter '13 - Amy Tangerine Yes, Please!

Great colors. I love Amy's Thickers.

I love Amy's style. Happy and Upbeat. I am super excited about the stitching kit!

I love Amy's style. I am super excited about the stitching kit!

Such a happy collection

Love Amy's color pallette and style!

Love Love Love this new line!!! Love how fun and exciting each new Amy Tan line is! Keeps me smiling!

Super cute! I love everything Amy does :) I am so excited about the stitching kit!

All I can say is "Yes, Please!!". Love it all. Amy Tan is the Best.

This is a very fortuitously named line. :) Yes, please!

i really like the use of vellum and the journal. the stitching kits, too are very nice.

great stuff again. I have to say...Yes, Please!

Another great Amy Tan line with such a huge selection of cute little items.....I love it, wonderful! Great idea to add a sewing kit, I love it and I need it :-)

Another very impressive selection of goodies..... so much that I would like to add to my collection!

How I love everything Amy Tan designs and this line is no exception! Beautiful!

What a huge selection of items in just one line! Obviously, Amy Tan's designs are a plus for American Crafts!

Love it all! Stamps, stickers, opaque letters are my favorite!

Yes, please! Sure to be wildly popular and with good reason! Love the watercolor motif. The stitching kits are so interesting. I can't wait to see those up close!

love it all! another great line from amy tan :)

Love everything from Amy Tangerine, that stitching kit looks like a lot of fun!

Loved the new stitching kits! so cool!

Amy Tangerine never fails to completely bowl me over with her collections. I can not wait to get those stitching kits and the camera print papers are stunning.

WOW! Amazing collection! Love the colors, day book and the cool calendar stamp!

LOVE this collection. Its going to be so hard to choose which ones to buy when I want it ALL!

It's all incredible!!!

So hard to choose some items, all are fantastic.

Amy Tan, you rock girl!! Love it all!

Love the greys and oranges!

Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful, AmyTan. TY!

Such an inspiration! Love all of the orange and the stiching packs is brilliant - why didn't we think of that sooner. :)

Such a fabulous collection!! Love all the thickers!! Thanks for the chance to win!

So glad the sketchy design elements stay! Just love everything in this collection!

Love the softer color pallet used in this Amy Tan collection.

OMG!! Loving it all!! Must have several of the items, but the stamps, Rubons, stitching kits and specialty papers are my favorites!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a fabulous week!! :)

Amy Tan is amazing!!! I LOVE it all!!!

How fun is this line!

Yes Please to Yes Please! All of it :)

It's definitely Yes Please!

Love Amy's collection. Looking forward to the date stamp & the stencil kits. Very cool!

awesome colors!

Amy's style is so distinctive. You know it's her immediately. Simply lovely and yet amazing detail. Always stunning patterns and embellishments. Thanks for another great line!

I love Amy Tan! She just knows what we want to play with. Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

Amy Amy keep blowing me away. Thank you.

Yes please,, I'd like to have this collection. :) Love Amy's collection.

Love Yes, Please! The day book is just wonderful, and the colors are great!

Bright and clear colors of this collection are just wonderful. Love the cute booklet stickers too.

Love those bright colors, fabulous new goodies. :)

OMG this is amazing, love it all.

Oh my! Lovely.. And I can't wait to get my hands on that calendar stamp :)

Amazing collection! I am going to need it all! Love the calendar stamp, stitching templates and the vellum embellishments!

Love the month stamp & the alphabet stamps! ask me if I want one of EVERYTHING!

Yes, Please!!!

Another awesome collection from Amy Tangerine. Just love everything in this collection.

Beautiful! I can't wait to try one of the sewing kits!

Really great new products from Amy Tangerine. I love everything.

This is by far my favorite collection! I love her work.

The colors of this collection are so Amy, especially that neon yellow. Loving the value ribbon packs!

I LOVE this collection! The colors are so dreamy :)

Yes Please! I've loved all of Amy Tan's lines, but I think this one is my favorite so far. Love, love, love everything.

Everything is so awesome, I must have the sewing kits!

Love each of Amy's collections more than the last!

Another fabulous line from Amy Tan! Love the colors and the variety in the puffy stickers. I love those little things!! They add just the right little touch to projects.

I have loved all of Amy's lines and this collection is no exception! Can't wait until it is available for purchase! :)

Yes please to all and any Amy tangerine stash love the day books and card stock and and and

Oh my! I NEED this line. It is all fantastic! I can't wait to play with those transparent stickers and the rub ons and the tiny puffy stickers and and and... all of it. And don't get me started on the embroidery kits!!

Need the packs of letter stickers! Amy Tan has done it again.

Wow! Do I want this collection? YES PLEASE! Amazing stuff here, definitely my most wanted so far.

What a fun collection! Love it all! The date stamp looks awesome and excited to try out the sewing kit.

fun, fun, fun!

Love everything...the thickers are great. Love alphabet stamps.

oh love it all:)

looking forward to seeing the kraft things up close

I love that the colors are a little softer with more pinks, def a winning collection! LOVE

OMG! I am still hoarding her last release! and now there is more to buy!! Cant wait!

I can't wait to see the kraft patterned paper up close. All those Thickers are gorgeous.

I think Amy Tan's are the most versatile papers I've seen so far. Not so much bold contrast but prints that will really work.

i really like the stamps and embellishments

So much fun!

I can't wait to get my hands on all this yumminess!

LOVE this release from amy tan!

A great new collection can't wait to try it out!

I like those tiny embellishment stickers.

I really like all the new products!!

An exciting collection - my creative juices are bubbling with ideas...

Another great line by Amy Tan for sure.

Such an amazing line:D

I absolutely love Amy Tan and her gorgeous collections. Can't wait to get my hands on this!

Another beautiful line from Amy Tan and American Crafts! I can'twait to see it all in person!

I love everything! Thanks for the look into the new daybook!

Amy Tan has done it again! I adore the colors in this collection! Thanks for the chance to win ;)

water color . . . YES Please :) fun and whimsical

Oh yes, YES Please! Fabulous collection. Amy Tangerine does it again!!

Yes please Amy Tan!! I love it! Great name too.

love amy tangerine. i cannot wait to play with this collection!!

Another great line. I will have to pick up the new two tone thickers. Thank you.

Great work Amy! Ready for it to hit the stores! And oh, those B-sides! Kill me now!

Great work Amy! Ready for it to hit the stores! And oh, those B-sides! Kill me now!

Great work Amy! Ready for it to hit the stores!

FABULOUS! So many wonderful goodies...going to be hard to choose.

Love that this line has the same feel as the previous line, but a fresh summer colour pallet... LOVE this collection!

Yes, please. Amy always has so fun and summery colours.

Wow! I wasn't sure when I saw this on the AC blog but seeing it here makes me want it!

I LOVE the stamps and the stickers!

I love everything in this line! Amy is def one of my favorite designers! Thanks for showing us her line and all the other CHA2013 goodies!

You are killing me Amy! I need the entire line!

How do these designers keep coming up with these amazing products? Lovely job, Amy.

Wow! the colors in this collection are bright and cheery, simply love it!

Great line - love the date stamp

Amy just gets better and better! LOVE it!

Amy does such fun colors. Love the stencil templates!

I love this new line! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

Amy is really a design genius. Love it all especially the stitching templates, gorgeous striped thickers, and awesome sticker book.

My absolute favorite release of the season! I can't wait to get my hands on the stencils to try embroidery. I'm definitely getting the entire collection!

Love it all.

OMG! Amy's work is awesome! Ugh so excited to get my hands on it!

Love all of Amy Tan's collections and this one is awesome!

Amy Tan's collections make me sigh with happiness! And they are SO versatile.

Love all the bright colors!

Love the alphabet stamps along with everything else. Yes, please!

Yes, Please - what a fresh find. ;]

Yes please to Yes Please! I love all Amy's collections and this one does not disappoint.

LOVE everything, especially the clear stamps and the daybook with the camera cover. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

The Yes Please stamps look great! Love the & sign.

I fell in love with American Crafts in 2012! I look forward to this new line by Amy Tan, bright colors make my photo album that much more fun to create and to look at! Love it all!!

I just love the watercolor look.

Oh my...think I can see ordering just about one of everything in my future!

I can not wait to create with this line! Loving it!!


Really like this line excited about the calendar stamp

I am excited for the stitching kits!

How exciting! This is my favorite collection from Amy so far! Love everything especially the stitching kits!!

Love all of the stamps in this collection! They are amazing!

I love Amy Tangerine! Her collections keep getting better. I need all of this collection!

Love the colors and theme...thank you for the chance to win new products!

Oh!! I love her new line!! Can't wait to get it!

I've loved all of Amy's collections but this one is by far my favorite! I'm absolutely in love with it!

What awesome colors! The day book is a must!

LOVE the bright colors of Amy's new collection.

Love the colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love everything in this collection!

OMG!!!! I must have the craft paper....I am gonna need a second job!

Omg that day book!! And the ribbon value packs. Love love love!

I have almost all of Amy's prior lines. Love it all. Can't wait to get this new collection!!! I love the city landscape pages, the two tone thickers, the translucent stickers, the calendar stamp, the outline stickers, and the new sewing kit with the cute feather.

I love the colors of this line and the stamp set rocks!

The Yes, Please stamp set looks very versatile!

I need those Thickers! Just awesome!

I love the stitching idea...I love Amy Tangerine!

Great colors in this collection.

I am never, ever, ever disappointed by Amy Tangerine. I LOVE this line!

The watercolor effects are always so spot on and I love all the stamps too.

Wow, I really love all the colors in this collection. And that corrugated paper and glitter paper looks so cool! So much to love here.....

Soft colors. Like the houses and geometric designs.

Yes please...I like the soft colors, the trendy motifs, the landscape motifs, and the accent stickers are great! Thanks!

Love this Amy Tangerine collection - the colors are great. And it seems like it would work really well with other American Crafts lines (e.g., Dear Lizzy, the MH Crate Paper Line) Thanks for the chance to win.

This is my absolute fav... outta CHA 2013.... well that and Tim Holtz. I always love how colorful Amy Tangrine paper is. I have fun with all her daybooks too. I can't wait to get my hands on this collection. ♥

So much to see! I love the new stamp set and paper.

This is one collection where I have to have it all. I'll have hours of fun with the stitching kit.

Wow! That's a collection! I really like the colors used and the new stitching kit.

Interested in seeing the Kraft paper in person. Love the variety in letter stickers; since I am sensing a trend towards me having to use more letter stickers in my future. The day book, as always, is awesome... just wish I had more ideas on how to use them! Calender Stamp is a must have. The stitching kits look cool too!!! Hopefully, I can sew again soon.

Rich, lively colors that are enhanced by the hand applied finishes. Well done again, Amy!!

Oh my, I love the colors! Can't wait for this one!

WOW..WOW..WOW!!! I love it all...the colors, the stamps and the sewing kits look like fun!

Love, love, love. Must have EVERYTHING! I especially love the stitching set with the cloud, arrow, et cetera. Colors are lush and yummy!

beautiful colors and graphics!

love it all! I so would love to win :)

These colors are fantastic. I can definitely see this making it into my stash!

Love love love love! I can't wait to add some to my stash!

Love the new line, already thinking of what pictures to use with the papers. :)

Beautiful love it all! Thanks for sharing! God bless!

This is my favorite line of Amy Tan's to date. It's going to be fun to use! I can t wait to see it in person. :)

If I could I would buy it all

Wonderful collection! Love the brighter colors and the cityscapte motif!

I didn't know there are SO many papers in this line! and they are awesome

Oh my ! How beautiful. I think this must be Amy's best yet :). Love the colours and I just can't wait to get my hands on one of the stitching kits.

Love love love this line!

Awesome collection! Can't wait for the calendar stamp!

The colors in this line are fantastic! So fun and so many uses for it. Great job Amy!

Oh my ! Love all the creative products from Amy Tan 😀

Simply gorgeous! Each side of the papers is so beautiful, you need 2 of each ;-)

OH, Yes, Please! With a cherry on top :) Love the colors, love the designs!

You have done it again amy tangerine. I am head over heels in love with this collection.

love everything in Amy's line!!

Yes, please, one of each, please. I love the house with trees in all the colors.

I love the colors and prints in the paper!

Yes please! I love everything about this new line.

Yes, Please!

Great colors!

always love amy tan's lines! especially loving the kraft papers! and can never get enough of thickers!

I heart Amy Tan!

I LOVE everything about this line!!! Her motifs are super cute! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

perfect for summer fun layouts!! the stamp is a must.

Love the calendar stamp!! The stitching kit looks neat too - I want to see that in action!

Love the paper and that calendar stamp is calling my name!

perfect for summer scrapping!

Love Amy's new line! Soft colors .

Love it all. Will have to get the clear stamp set first.

ooh, fun daybook! I also love the black and white rubons and the stitching kits!

I love that daybook!

Love this line! Looking forward to the date stamp.

This collection ROCKS!!! Love the two toned alphabet thickers.


Totally love this new line!

This may be one of my favorite lines coming out. At least in my top 3! Great colors!

Loving the papers, especially the kraft ones! TFS!

Um, Yes, Please! Love the color palette and all the embellishments look so fun.

Um, Yes, Please! Love the color palette and all the embellishments look so fun.

Love the line. Cool rub ons!

Another fabulous line from Miss Tan!
I am excited very about the stitching kits.

Love the colors in this collection - and of course the style. Can't wait to see the calendar stamp.

I love the green in this collection, and the arrow stamps!

she always has such a fun line!

I liked the colors in this collection, the a and b sides

I'm not surprised that I love this collection- her past three have been some of my most used papers. Love the soft watercolor feel

Love the bright colors, the kraft and white pattern papers and the journaling book is fabulous. Great new collection form Amy Tan

The stitching kit looks awesome. And, I love the wooden stamps!

really like this collection, would love to see those kraft papers in more detail!

Love the Kraft papers and the stamps and thickers.

The colors are AMAZING! Absolutely gorgeous!


LOVE this collection! Love the colors and theme

Amy, you've done it again. Can you do no wrong? <3 Be still my heart! I must have EVERYTHING in this collection, for certain. The colors, the motifs, the watercolors... everything is so SPOT ON.

I LOVE this line! It will be another new favorite!

I love the new stamp coming out and I hear great things about the stitching kit.

really cute collection

Would live to buy this line!

The line is really fresh....

So cute! Love those stitching kits!

Love all the colors of the paper...

This line is a MUST own for me!! Those stitching kits are AWESOME! Love all the unique embellishments too!!

Yes please, pretty, pretty please!!!! The thickers would be right at home in my basket full of thickers!!!

Oh all the colors!

Cute stuff! I especially love the Thickers and embellishments!

Love the stitching kits!!!

Yes please to everything! Especially love the daybook, calendar stamp, and stitched vellum pieces!

Specialty papers are a must have and the regular line is also. thanks again American Crafts/

I love the stitching kits and the day book and the calendar stamp.... It's safe to say I love it all!!!

Amy does it again! SO brilliant! Love the bright, bold colors! =)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Please! I want it all! Love the colors/designs and the daybook looks super fun!

Love that heart arrow paper...I think it's polka dot on the back. Can't wait to play with all those pretty papers

Not surprising that I want it all. The date stamp look interesting

I love the whole line! How fast can I get it all?!

Love love love it all!

Looooooove it all, that daybook is a must have. YES PLEASE to all of it. Thanks so much for the chance.

i WANT a day book to do sketching in or paint studies... LOVE the size!

okay so I may just have to have everything in this entire collection, even if it takes a few orders to complete it!

i love everything in this line! especially the colors and the daybook.

Thicker selection is awesome, and the calendar/date stamp will become a must have!

I love the DayBook, so ready to have it!!

I love this line! The colors are wonderful, the Thickers are versatile, and the embroidery kit looks so fun.

Love the stitching kits.

I love the bright colors, the little journal book and it seems nice to work with these letter stickers!!

I think that Amy Tan hit it out of the park on these colors. They are ALL so wonderful. The feel is just right.

I really like the chipboard thickers.

So many pretty papers. I love the watercolor look.

These collections are always so complete! Fun colors with the gray red and turquoise. Love the city scape, houses and trees. Bonus cut off strip is nice. Striped foam stickers are cool. The remarks stickers look really nice. Love the stickers and stamps and the sticker sheet booklet!

Holy cow, what a line. It's huge! Love having so many choices within a line!

ABSOLUTELY Yes, Please please please please please please please!

ABSOLUTELY Yes, Please please please please please please please!

I love everything that Amy Tan makes! I love the motifs and colors so much! I must get those corregated papers!

Can't wait to try those stitching kits!

Really nice things, I love American Crafts.

Beautiful collection, with so many jummy goodies!!

Wow! So much pretty-ness! Love it all! :)

I absolutely LOVE everything Amy Tangerine!!! This new line is beautiful- and I love the new Daybook and stitching stencils!

Yeah love Amy tang stuff, super pretty!

So awesome!!

I think the calendar stamp is my favorite thing I've seen out of this CHA!

Love the colors! I am excited for the calendar stamp!

I think i like this line of Amy's the most since her very first one...and that's saying a lot since I love them all!

Lovely line. I specially loved the stitch templates and the daybook!

Very nice Amy!! Love the colors and cameras


Finally! Some fun colors that are mature yet fun. I was getting tired of the whimsy. :-)

I love the fun colors and, of course, that awesome camera.

Happy colors!

Loving the watercolored papers and the day books!

All I can say is yes please! I want it all. Amy tangerine collections are the ones I want every piece of! She's talented!

I love the softer feel of the collection! Her other collections were great but at times could be a bit in your face. I can’t wait to use the rub-ons and the papers!

Great new goodies from Amy Tan, looks good.

Love the softer colors and the two toned alpha stickers. Amy's line is another one that I've really come to love since joining two peas. Definitely a must for all scrapbookers.

Great line. I love the new daybook

So pretty! Love the bright but soft look! Thanks!

I love the the new product views. Such a fun time of the year.

What a full collection of paper!!! Love the soft colors along with all of the camera icons and the "live simply"!

I am all for the hand stitching kits. Love the look, but since I do not sew, that is perfect.


Love this line! And loving some of the new embellishments they have this time!

I must have this!!:-)

Love all the paper and the stamp set. Also want to try out the new stencil sets.

Be still my heart! I love the Kraft paper, stitching kit and Specialty papers Who doesn't love courrigated and glitter!

love the bright colors!

love the daybook! it's a must have.

OMG, love Amy Tangerine! Can't wait to get it!

I think I need everything in this line.

Love the collection the day book is awesome.

I love the new Yes, Please! collection. The colors are great and all the embellishments are so fun!

Love the calendar stamp in this collection!

Hearts, Cameras, and Arrows? "Yes, Please!!"

Whatever Amy Tan did differently in this collection, it has really caught my interest. Love it!

I really like this new line from Amy Tan. I wasn't a huge fan of the Ready, Set, Go but loved the Sketchbook. I find this line similar to the Sketchbook, so this is going on my wish list, too

Lovely collection. Must have all of the Thickers!

This might be my favorite winter CHA collection ~ can't wait to see it in person!!

Love the alpha stamps!!!!!!!

"Yes, Please" is right!

Best Amy T. collection so far. I have to havethose embroirdery kits.

The bright colors make me happy!

Amy knock's it out the park everytime!

I love all of Amy Tan's collections and this one is no exception. Just Lovely!!!

love transparent stickers

Love the striped thickers, stamp set and the stitching kits are awesome.

I love this whole collection far more than any of her previous ones, I gotta have it all!

Just when I have used up my sketchbook products, Amy knocks it out of the park again. Love the papers and embellishments

Thank you SO much for showing the B sides of the paper! I love them both - I'm definitely buying at least two complete collections so I don't have to choose! (:

Really like Amy's new line! :)

What another beautiful, fun Day Book. It is going to be so versatile. Love the colors of the Yes Please collection, and the city and neighborhood papers!

I can't quite decide whether this or dear Lizzy is my fav collection so far. Cannot wait for those stitching kits!

This WILL be mine!

Everytime I see this kit, I like it a little bit more.

Lovely collection :)

Fabulous! Love the new Thickers, the white on kraft papers and Amy's fun patterns.

This is my favorite collection from CHA Winter '13. I want to try the stitching kits, and the kraft cardstock with white designs is my favorite combination. Job well done!

OH this collection just makes me swoon! LOVE It SO much I can only imagine how much more fun it would be in person.

I love the colors and icons in theis release. I can't wait to try out the stitch kit!

This is the release I've been dying to see! TFS

So much fun stuff in Amy's new release! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the bright colors and the Thickers!!

love the patterned paper!

Amy and AC has done it again! Great colors and patterns with awesome embellishments! Love the stitched vellum and the transparent stickers!

Like the new Amy Tangerine stitch kits and her craft paper...TFS!

Really cute line. I love the stamp set and the sticker book.

Seriously head over heals for Amy's new line !! The calendar stamp , alpha stamps , thickers , day book , papers , stitching kit... ok.. everything is fabulous :D Definitely my favorite collection !

This collection is another fav, I love the handstiched elements and the city scape is my favorite paper. Such a fabulous collection.

love the patterned craft paper! love amy tangerine!

My upcoming Spring and Summer photos are going to look superb against all this fun color popping!I love the hand drawn look to it all :-)

I love all of Amy's collection, especially the camera and globes

I love the whole collection! the water color pattern paper is superb and love the rub-ons!

I love everything about this line. It is a must have.

all of it is so gorgeous, can't wait!

As usual, super cute! Love the calendar stamp too!

Yes please...I want and need all of it!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! So excited. Want Yes Please stamp set and calendar stamp for sure!! The stitching kits will be awesome too!

Love this whole collection. The Day Book is so fun and colorful. Way to go, Amy!! Another awesome line!

Love the patterned Branding strips! Waste not, want not!

I love, love, love this collection! There is not one piece that I would not use. Can't wait for it to hit the store. Thanks for the videos - they are so helpful in seeing the product.

What a collection! I need the stitching kits!

Love the papers and the watercolor look.

This collection looks amazing! I love the pink, aqua, and orange colors. The stitching kits look like they will be a lot of fun to use!

What a gorgeous collection! Love each product. Can't wait to have it in my hands.

I loved the colors! I always buy her collections and use it a lot!
This is in my wish list!

It's all gorgeous! Love the soft colors in this collection. I am so excited about the stitching kits! The wooden alphabet stamps look like fun too. Love the simplistic font.

I love Amy`s style. You can take a look at the line and you know right away its hers.

Love the camera!

I really like the specialty papers and the wood grain thickers

I want those stitching kits! Thanks for showing us. It makes me want a few more things in the line, I might have passed up.

Honestly...I don't think I would need to buy anything more...this line would last through TONS of new pages. LOVE IT!! (Although I still would shop...)

Love this! The colors are so happy happy :o)

I've always loved all of Amy's products, but I am especially excited to get my hands on the stitching kits!

Wow, I hope I am the lucky person who wins this collection; every little bit so so nice!

I love Amy Tan here line is my fav cameras colors vintage happy yelp thats me! Excited

I love the Amy Tangerine collections!! The colors are so vivid. Great now I need more Thickers.

I LOVE this collection, the pink and grey are to die for. i think I need at least two of everything.

I love anything American Crafts (or its spin-offs) including Amy Tangerine - the colors are gorgeous - great move going softer, I love the pastel look and how both sides of each page are totally versatile and usable! I would love a collection pack of this paper, but there are so many - I guess a 12x12 pad or even better a 6x6 pad would work for me! :) The B Sides are truly gorgeous and I love that they kept the patterned strip! I love the Kraft pages too. OMG the thickers are awesome with the two tone stripe, the varied colors/fonts, they are all so amazing. I have added way too many thing to my "need" list! I also love the sticker packs - so many options for cardmaking, embellishment clusters, etc. The stamp is so cute - I love the ampersand, the arrow type border, etc. I love that, like Dear Lizzy, they have a sticker book, so awesome! The new Day-book, ahh, I HAVE to have it - I love the prompts, the pockets, the tabs, how cute! I love rub-ons, but a pencil sketch rub-on? Amazing! I like the wooden alphabet stamps - very versatile. The stitching kits seem very awesome - I just bought a kit from MS, but I didn't get alphabet stencils - I definitely would love to try the Amy Tangerine ones - both letters and accents. I have a sewing machine, but I don't really know how to use it, so hand stitching is crucial for me!

The day book, striped letter stickers, sticker pad, stamps, stitching kit (awesome idea), beautiful colors. Amy Tan has done it again!!!

I love the colors. Need some of this.

The whole line is awesome. I love the colors.

These colors are great. I love this new line as soon as I saw it. This is a gotta have for me.

LOVE the stamp set! And I really like spiral bound daybooks!

i loveeeeeeeee this collection of amy tan. especially the papers, stickers and tge stitching kits! go amy go

Another favorite from Amy Tan! Love the watercolor designs and all the textures!

It is definitely my favorite collection so far! I love the designs and the watercolor effect!

On a tight budget these days so the only way I am going to own any Amy Tan is to win it ... I am crossing all my fingers hoping to win!!!

I just love her new line. SO fun and colourful and lots of goodies to play with.

I'm always excited to see new collections by Amy Tan. I love the fun colors and elements in this collection!

Another great collection from Amy Tan, love everything :)

This is my favorite of all of Amy's collections!! Gorgeous colors and patterns!

Amy Tan just blew it out of the park this time!

Love the stitching kits. Beautiful colors

Another gorgeous collection from Amy Tan!

I love the travel undertones, I am a traveler too and these will be perfect for some of my pages!

This line is amazing! Love the basic stamp set, the colors, the stitching templates, well, pretty much all of it!

I love it all, but I love, love, love the stitching kits-I can't thank you enough for those!

I love this line!! So many cool products! Especially the calendar stamp and the stitching stencils!

I like the colors and the little booklet!

Very pretty collections some very interesting embellishments

Love this line soo much!! :) So cute!!

This line is wonderful! Love the colors and the calendar stamp. Amy did it again!

I love this line!! Her previous lines very adorable, but didnt really speak to me, fit my style/need, but this one is fabulous and definitely at the top of my list!!!

Amy still rocks watercolors. the collection is lovely!

I love every thing in this collection!!

I love this entire line. I have to have that calendar stamp and those thickers!

YES PLEASE, send them all to my house :)


love calendar stamp


Love this! Great colors! Fun to work with!

Love these new softer colors from Amy Tan! I have to get some of those two-tone thickers and those rubons as well.

This color palette is so pretty. I actually really like the idea of the Kraft papers too and I hope they photograph better when they release. That calendar stamp is a total must have too!

This color palette is so pretty. I actually really like the idea of the Kraft papers too and I hope they photograph better when they release. That calendar stamp is a total must have too!

The colors in this collection are beautiful!

Very nice collection. Like the sketched rubons.

I cannot wait for the calendar stamp & Alpha Stamp set. It looks much bigger than I imagined from the sneaks.

Love all the colors and, believe it or not, that grey shade is my favorite.

Some really nice colors and patterns. The water color effect is beautifull!

Love the colors in the new line. I love the arrow and camera papers. I didn't get a good look at the calendar stamp, but I am intrigued and must find a photo of it.

Love the colors! I really love the Thickers!

I am so excited for the calendar stamp! many new thickers! And I love those Kraft papers, too!

I don't know where to start. Ok, I love it ALL. Especially the new papers and stamps.

OMG!! I want it all! I l♥ve the fun colors, the striped Thickers and the stitching kits. Amy really thinks of her fans when designing collections♥

Each reveal sparks with creativity!!!!! Love the colors and prints!!!!

I love the two tone thickers

Last year, I won Amy's sketchbook watercolor line from 2peas and I'm SO happy I did or I would never have fallen in love with her designs and happy colours! No LSS for me so what I did see from photos didn't appeal. Hope I win again ;) thanks, Jamie!

Wow, I loved Amy's last collections (and feel like I'm collecting them - they are taking over all of my projects :-) I think this new collection is my favourite so far!

I think this collection has the perfect name. Yes, please! I want it all!

I love (and want) everything in this collection!!! x

Oh I just love Amys work.

YES, PLEASE! The name says is all!

Love this. I really want/need the day book and the sticker booklet!

Awsome line! Love every bit.

This may be my favorite Amy Tan line yet!! I can't wait to get it!!

Fun colors and those stamps are a must have.

Love these!! So much yummy stuff

I love love love the colors in Yes, Please! A definate must have for me :)

ive been waiting on this line and hunting this down. I LOVE AMY TANGERINE!!!

Oh my goodness gracious i would die with happiness if i won the new Amy Tan collection, I love it ALL!!!!! Amy is a genius!

Wow what a large amount of items in this collection, looks fun.

yea I'm so going to end up getting the papers for sure from this collection! Yea scratch that.. Everything in that video I HAVE to have! Yup and this is were my money goes to world! Scrapbooking is soo freaking expensive. And us scrapbookers love EVERYTHING CUTE!

Beautiful colors--and those THICKERS--oh my!

This whole line is amazing!

Love the stitched markers! But the entire collection looks so beautiful!

I love the softer colors with signature Amy Tan elements!

Love the camera and calendar stamps.

a very fun and cheery collection, I like!

Love Amy Tangerine!! The thickers are fabulous!!

I love anything Amy Tan but I adore those stitched vellum shapes...totally cool!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! :)

Um YES PLEASE! Lol. Can. Not. Wait!

Love the Remarks booklet and all the cameras!

the stitch templates and block stamps are so cool

amazing! love it all ... cannot wait to use this in project life!

Ooh I'm loving those striped thickers!

i love the colours in this. The day book looks great too

The day book and the peircing kits!!!Lovethem!!

OOHHHHH.....striped thickers and adorable smash book!

Love, love, love the new Amy Tangerine line. I don't think I have a favorite piece, I just think its all great.

Love the corregated sheets in the fun colors! So many diecutting possibilities! :)

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