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So stinkin" cute!

Cute, cute, Cute!!!

This collection is going on the top of my must have list. I am loving the Die Cuts and Papers.

This collection is going on the top of my must have list. I love the Die Cuts and Papers.

Love the die cut cards, die cuts, and flair

Really loving all the papers in Liz's collection!

Love the Thickers and all the sticker sets. Must get the diecut cards - awesome!

Love love love Lucky Charm! I like the classic Dear Lizzy colors, plus the addition of navy. Such cute patterns, too!

Elizabeth Kratchner is one of my favorite designers EVER!!

The stencils are a cool thing!

Dear Lizzy,
Another adorable line. So many great embellishments and papers.
Thank you,
Karla A

I know I need the entire line! Wow, it's so wonderful, I love it!

I don't know that I've ever seen horses in a collection before. I think it's about time!

Oh no, I think that I'm in serious trouble because I love it all!!! Really taken by the 4x6 diecut journaling cards...

Just love the colours of this line! Love navy blue!

love the navy blues in the collection, so hard to find, good blues in PP.

Boy, is this going to be a popular collection! I loved the last Dear Lizzy collection and love this one too. So nice to see the navy.

love the navy and mint running through this line!

Dear Lizzy is so fun and cute, as always! Lucky Charm is adorable and makes me want to scrapbook!

Dear Lizzy is so fun, that jar is very cute!!

Awesome collection! very cute! love the tags too!

Absolutely adore!!!! The navy and yellows are just beautiful!

I lOVE the colors in this collection and the patterns are so versatile.

The gradiated pinks in the collection are absolutely divine. I also adore those die cut cards, especially the phrases.

I WANT IT ALL. Oh no. This will be a big hit on the ole wallet. Oh well.

I loved the whole collection. The die-cut cards will be fun to play with.

oh my what a beautiful collection, love every single product.

Oh my gracious, I love everything in this collection!

Love those die-cut papers!

Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Kartchner has done it again with this release! Love it all!!

Beautiful collection!

Dear lizzy is a new fav! I'm trying to resist it all. Don't know if that is even possible. :)

The die cut sheets are cool!

This is such an amazingly well designed collection! Love the colors and all the different type of embellishments that come with it! Thanks for the chance to win!

Dear Lizzy never disappoints! Can't wait to buy everything!

Lucky Charm is fabulous! I can't wait to get it in my hand and start crafting with it. Love the anchors especially.

I love the Dear Lizzy line. They have so many options.

this is so cute, I love it all!!!

Love it all!! Can't wait to create with it!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a fabulous week!! :)

I am having so much fun looking at all of these lines. Thanks for showing them to us!

Such a cute line! Can't wait to use this!

Gorgeous. As always.

I like the bright colors and patterns in this new line. The Thickers are always among my favorites. Those 4x6 cards are interesting.

I really am in love with the 4x6 diecut cards. AMAZING!!!!!

I love the Dear Lizzy line. It looks like the navy blue really pops as a neutral. Super cute patterns. I can't wait to see them. Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

I fell in love with Dear Lizzy's stuff last year and love it even more this year! There's not one piece I couldn't use here. Love the subtle pops of navy here and there.

This is a must collection. Thanks for keeping the jar going.

Can't wait to see them in person!
Thank you for the chance to win.

How fun! Love the Thickers they've made to go along with the papers, and that adorable jar stamp! :)

She did it again. Beautiful collection! Love the pop of navy!

I love every Dear Lizzy line and this one is no exception! I love the addition of the navy!

Love the die cut stencil cards. Super cool new addition to her line.

love the 4x6 die cuts!

As always, I love the Dear Lizzy line. This will be so much fun to play with.

Gorgeous collection. Love how the motifs came about in this collection. Love the sticker collection as well.

Loving all the colors used in the Lucky Charm collection.

I am loving everything about this line. It could be used for anything. Also like how they came up with the idea behind it too, a lucky charm.

they navy blue in the collection is a lovely accent. I've loved all the Dear Lizzy lines so far and I can't wait to play with this one!

Love the entire collection. Hard to choose my favorite!

I agree, these CHA releases are going to make me broke! I think this DearLizzy is my fave the bright colors with the navy and all the handdrawn words.

love! the fabric frames are adorable, the navy with pink and aqua and yellow colour combos are terrific!

ugh... my checkbook hurts in anticipation!

LOVE LOVE LOVE, when it is coming out?

Gorgeous colours, the chipboard thickers are lovely, and the alpha colours are fab!

Yay! More Dear Lizzy! I can't wait to play with all of these new goodies!

love that navy to ground everything, and that jar is just too cute!

love the stencils!

Oh my! I want and love it all! Great roller stamp and the thicker chip board sets.

I love everything!

oh gosh i love everything Dear Lizzy!!!!

I love the multi-color stripe paper! I love all the fun patterns!

these are so cute. Jamie thanks for showing all the goodies:)

I love all of the fun patterns. I always love how carefree the designs are for her lines!

I love the addition of the navy to the Dear Lizzy palette and those die cut crads are wonderful!

Dear Lizzy is always awesome. I just got 5th and Frolic for Christmas and I'm enjoying mixing that with Neopolitan. I can't wait to get my hands on this collection, especially the 4x6 cards - so awesome.

This girl has is so talented! Love this new line.

Oh all these fantastic Thickers! Thanks for sharing. AC gives you so much to share with us.

Love the charm motif!

love love love all of his

I love all of the papers and the 4x6 die cut cards are a must-have!!!

LOVING everything about this collection!

really like the die cut 4x6 pieces. The tags are nice. I really like that they are one-sided because I can use the plain white tag if I don't want to use the printed side. Nice way to keep it versatile.

I really like all the new products!!

I need this line for scrapbooking my daughter it fits her so perfectly!

Love this line:D

My favorite Dear Lizzy release to date! Looks great! Love the touches of navy.

Awesome as always!!

Such an awesome new line! I think I like the new 4x6 stencil cards the best!

Lots of adorable patterns and embellishments. Love this collection

OMG Love this collection! Perfect as always! ;)

I need doubles of a LOT of this paper. LOVE so much.

I didn't think it could get better than Dear Lizzy Neopolitan, but it did! So many cute elements, love it!

I love dear lizzy and this collection is no exception. Those colors are fantastic and the new embellishments are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

My favorite Dear Lizzy's collection, congrats! Papers are gorgeous

Perfect . . . of course. Love her girly style

Seriously LOVE this fun & whimsical collection! Can't wait to get my hands on it!!

I just love dear Lizzy. Love gold thickers!!

so many inspiring designs ^_^

Well done, Lizzie! I'll be watching for those stencils and glitter thickets!

Great collection. Thanks for sharing.

Love the die cut cards, tags, and Yippee for Navy!

I must have all of this! I've been loving Dear Lizzy more and more with each line!

Oh, I love the darker colours.

Navy paper? I'll take 10 of each!

I love the die-cut pieces!

Ooh, another great line from another awesome designer and sweet person! Can't wait for all these awesomeness to be avail at the 2pea store!

Love the colors and all the tags!

Oh for the cute! The whole thing is adorable.

I am really loving the new Dear Lizzy collections. So excited about the new die-cut cards.

Loooooove it!!! Specially the die cuts can't wait to buy it all!!

Love the die cuts and thickers

The die cuts are what I absolutely love the most from this collection- I use die cuts on almost every LO I do.

I think Lizzie outdid herself this time. The colors are fabulous. Loving the navy!

I've loved every single Dear Lizzy collection, and this one is no different. Excited to see the more vibrant colors of this line!

I am loving the navy blue, horses, hot air balloons and sayings in this new line!

Love the navy blue and the motifs being used in these papers.

Oh boy! another awesome line by lizzy!

I love it all!

LOVE LOVE LOVING all those colors and the specialty paper!

thickers, die cuts, date stamp with phrases and tags.... how can you go wrong???

i heart umbrellas!

Love the jar stamp!

I love the paper, stickers and stamps!!!

Eek! Love it all. Great colors, neat embellies. It's going to be so much to create with!

LOVE everything, especially the 4x6 die cuts and the set of smaller die cuts! Thank you for the chance to win!

The colors are wonderful! The letter stickers are the real deal!

I love the sticker booklet. But all of it is going on my wish list!

I like the die cuts will be added to the wishlist

Love those 4x6 die cuts!

Love the navy with red orange! Awesome new collection!

Another great line from Dear Lizzy!

nedd this!!! :)

Love all of the mint green mixed in this collection and I adore that date stamp!

Love me some Dear Lizzy!

I like the brighter colors of this Dear Lizzy line.

Bright colors. I love them and the whimsicalness of them. And I love the handwritten papers.
I love the thicker chipboard sets!!!
Those diecut cards are awesome. I can see me using those a lot for my cards! Love the tags!!! I soooo want that jar stamp!

Love the navy blue mixed in with al the other beautiful colors!

I. Need. It. All.

I love the colors in this collection!

Love all the new items!!

A must have collection.

Feminine, yet strong the collection and themes.

I love how sweet and feminine this line is.

This collection is so sweet, I just love it!

Great collection! I love the color combo!

Always love Dear Lizzy. Such great colors.

I'm pleasant ly surprised to see the darkish colors in this collection

Another great collection. I really like the die cut pieces and the navy that is in the collection.

Love this set too - so many fun patterns!

Another great collection. Thanks for sharing.

Lucky Charm collection is full of great colors. Horses are a nice touch in the embellies. And the phrase roller stamp will be fun. The die cut cards and other die cuts are a great addition. Thanks!

I like the jar that they've used before. It's a pretty collection!

Love this collection! the colors are so pretty.the stamper and stamp set are must haves.

This is my all time favorite Dear Lizzy. I love the colors and patterns. It feels girly without being overwhelmingly pastel. Thanks for the chance to win.

Very bright collection... very fun for spring and summer.I am really gettin into the handwritten prints. ♥

Love these colors and the Navy is my favorite base color. Sticker book is always fun to add on. I'm seeing too much I want here.

Love the chipboard

Love this line, I love that aqua!

Really love the colors and the thicker chipboard. My one daughter rides horses and my other daughter has been to Paris twice, so I can do layouts for bot of them. Yeah, think I am going to have to get the entire line! Never used Dear Lizzy before.

Wow. Elizabeth, (and team) take a bow!!

I love the ponies and the navy.

loving the line!

I love the Lucky Charm collection, it looks so different from everything else I've seen. Definitely planning to pick it up.


did you really say 25 papers? oh!!! I love them all! the colors are so refreshing and the patterns from the elements stickers are so cute! I love this collection!

Beautiful love it all! Thanks for sharing! God bless!

Stunning collection. Love the diecut cards, stickers, and all the paper designs. Brilliant!

The umbrella paper is so cute! and all the stickers.

Love this new Dear Lizzy line. The colour palette is exquisite. Some of my favourites include the die-cut 4 X 6 stencil sheets, jars (love jars LOL) and the tag set. TFS

Great range, so many pretty things, so hard to pick a favourite

Love the glitter alphas!

Love the die cut cards! And the stickers booklet is great!

Love the colours and patterns in this new collection!

Love the colours in Dear Lizzy and so many cute embellishments too.

How can anyone not be in love with this gorgeous collection!

Swoon on the navy blue throughout the collection. That phrase stamp is a must have, too. Love it!

love the saturated colors of this year's Dear Lizzy line!

This line is so pretty, excited about the roller stamp and the die-cut cards.

I love the thickers and the die cuts! Awesome colors.

Wow I love the Dear Lizzy collection. Everything about it is amazing! I want it all! :)

love the papers and those die cut cards!

I love this dear lizzy collection!

I think this is going to be my favorite of the show. I love the color pallette!

Dear Lizzy is just fabulous! I want it all!

oh my!! pure fun & beauty! need it all!

More cute stuff! Love the die cut cards, the jar stamp ... tags... so much!

Love the colors and the patterns for this collection! Definitely need it all!

love the color palette! especially the navy blue!

Super Cute. My favorites are the cardstock diecut set and the stamp set.

I like Dear Lizzy more and more each time she comes out with a new line!

wow. Lizzie did it again. Such a beautiful line. looks like I will be buying a lot of dear lizzy stuff soon!

Such a fun the colors and all the fun tags and cards!

Really love this line!

Love anything from the ever so talented Mrs. Kartchner!! LOVE this collection.


Love anything from the ever so talented Mrs. Kartchner!! LOVE this collection.


Gorgeous line!

I love this line. Dear Lizzy never disappoints. Would love to have it ALL!

Another great dear lizzy collection! Love the stencils and so happy the mason jar is back!

Love the hint of the darker colors with the navy and red. Can't wait to see this in person.

I always need another date stamp! YAY! I also love seeing the jars again.

Tags, die cut cards, stamps, umbrellas, & rub-ons....Where do I start first?!

This Dear Lizzy collection just might be the best yet! Loving the charm bracelet theme!

Dear Lizzy never fails to impress! This is an awesome collection!!!

Love the die cut cards, stickers and the pattern papers are beautiful. Very pretty collection.

I really like the umbrellas, not so sure about the pony.

Oohh..I love the navy!

Can't wait! Love the handwritten papers!! I THINK I saw a new vellum, maybe???

Love the pops of navy! Such gorgeous colors and fun patterns!

i bet those die cut cards would make awesome masks. I love this line.

I love that this collection is not totally girlie and could also be used for boys or family pics.

Love it!

dear lizzy, you are amazing i love everything you create! and I too need it all! thanks!

OMG, SWOOON. I love EVERYTHING. Being from Annapolis, Anchors are my favorite! I also LOVE horses, so what's not to love? I got to have EVERyTHING in this collection. Loving the navy. :)

loved everything!! especially the papers and the die-cut cards!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Will need to get the whole collection :)

Oh I just love every part of this line! Especially those new 4x6 notes!!

Lizzy always comes out with the most gorgeous & feminine collections!! This one is no different....LOVE it!!

I love the Navy and the Glitter thickers

Love the navy in this kit. Looking forward to adding it too my collection.



really cute collection. fav so far

Everything is so nice!

Navy? Ombré paper?! LOVE!!!

Love the chipboard... more thinkers can never have enough.

Just gorgeous!! LOVING all the stencil work, and that roller stamp has me DROOLING!

I LOVE the sticker booklet and the phase stamp roller.

Love the line!!!

So cute!

so much cute stuff, thanks JBS mercantile for sponsoring these Dear Lizzy items, love the horses and glitter stickers. but wait! those diecuts are super also.

Super cute stuff! I'm loving those die cut cards, which are perfect for project life!

I love Dear Lizzy. 'nuff said.

Love the new die cut cards..can't wait to order them

I love that they kept the jars in this line. it's so signature Dear Lizzy. =)

Very cute new line. Thanks for sharing!

The die cut cards are my favorite item from this collection. Love the new twist on the jars

Love this new line, especially the horses! My girls both ride so this will be perfect!

I just love the die cut cards and love the tags also. Loving Dear Lizzy. Thanks so much for the chance.

Wow... so many different patterns in this collection... I love the springy look without it screaming JUST SPRING... kwim? pretty colors

Was waiting to see what they were releasing. Love the Thickers, Thicker chipboard set, die cut carts and all the paper!

Love the colors in the Lucky Charm line! Dear Lizzy usually has those lovely pastels, but it is so great to see more depth in colors with the same whimsical qualities that make me love all the Dear Lizzy lines. I'm curious about the "overlays" that look like a thin plastic...

This is the line that I have been looking forward to the most! I love the colors and the theme! Thanks so much for showing us this awesome collection!

i love the tags! probably one of my favorite releases

One of my favorite releases of this whole CHA. I love how different the color palette is, and haven't even found one thing I don't like in the whole line! The star chart paper is my favorite.

Loving this new line, esp the navy blue and brighter colors than in previouse Dear Lizzy collections!

I am LOVING this line, it's one of my faves from CHA. Thanks for the chance to win. PurpleButterfly77

I love with the glitter letter stickers and die cut cards from the first time I saw it, it’s amazing!

I love all the items in yhis collection...the die-cuts are just such a good idea!!

Love the bell jar stamp.

I really love the variety of embellishments. Lots of textures and variety!

I always love the flair!!

The navy in this collection is just perfect. I'll be getting both paper and embellishments!

This is such a sweet collection, I love the stickers, the die cuts cards, and the ephemera especially. I really like the 'love you to the stars and back' phrase!

Oooh! I really like this. Love the B sides of this collection and the navy blue. Love the sticker sheet booklet. Flags and labels are great too. Thickers chipboard in the brighter colors is definitely something I would use and I always love flair! Those Die cut pieces are really useful too!

Love everything so far. Huge thanks to 2Ps for the peak!

Dear Lizzy is a fav of mine and this collection is so nice with the new elements.

I have to add everything to my wish list! makes me think of Spring on a cold drizzly day!

Loving the navy in the color scheme. Lots of fun motifs too! Great new collection!

Must have the sticker sheet booklet

I adore this collection, so beautiful!

Love Dear Lizzy. Great stuff!

Definitely one of my favourite new releases; love how versatile her stuff is, and how colourful!!!

Oooooh dear lizzys done it again, beautiful products! Exciting!

OH Dear Lizzy - I love the navy as a neutral!!

I am toyally in love with this new Dear Lizzy line! The colors are simply amazing!

I love those tags and jar stamp! I NEED them!,,


I really love that there are so many die cut pieces - I love the silhouette look but can't afford the machine!

This collection is so beautiful...the colors are awesome and I love the return of the jar, all dressed up!

Awesome collection I want it all :))

Loving the mix of navy and pastels!!!

Love the roller stamp, die cut cards and thickers!

Just like the other dear lizzy collections, I love this one!

Another great booklet of stickers and sayings. I am going to stock up on those.

I have loved all the other Dear Lizzy collections and this one is no exception! I'm loving the navy.

lots of versatile patterns/colors and designs.

I have not so patiently been waiting for the revel of the newest Dear Lizzy collection and Luck Charm doesn’t disappoint! I was thrilled to see an anchor and sailboats appear a couple of times throughout the collection (and navy being added to the color scheme). I love the die cut 4x6 cards too. I can’t wait for these to arrive in the store.

I'll take this whole line please.

Oh my, love these colors!!!

Sweet designs! Love the bottom strips on the papers! The horses and umbrellas are super fun! What an amazing collection!

Very nice! Pleasant to see the navy blue as a dark color! Thanks!

WOW, What a great and large collection. It has a little bit of everything in it. Love it.

Dear Lizzy never disappoints. Another fabulous line.

I love the color gradients! I'm already thinking of all the layouts I could do with this collection! Love it!

I love the sticker book

I love the the new product views. Such a fun time of the year.

Very cute! I love that it has navy blue in it.


The color combos are really pretty. Love the bold blue with the bold red.

love love the paper!!!

my favorite of all the collections! Those die cut cards are perfect for those of us that don't have the silouette. Love everything here!

Seriously swooning here over the Dear Lizzy line. WOW!! Hmmm about the die cut cards. Cool!

Wasn't sure about this line until actually "seeing" it now! Love those diecut cards and roller stamp!

Love all the Dear Lizzy products and this is no exception!

I love the flair and 4 x 6 die cut cards!

Cool that the base color is navy. Loving that.

I love the new Lizzy collection; her collections are always so happy!

Great collection will be putting some on my wish list

love the die cut cards!

Love the Lizzy collection!

In love with this collection

I love this new line. Dear Lizzy never fails to impress me. keep up the good work Elizabeth. This is going on my wish list for sure

Completely in love with this collection!!

Can one ever have enough date stamps?

This line is great! Love the navy!

Loving this Dear Lizzy~

That's very versitle I like that.

I want it ALL!

I really love all the navy accents! The navy floral is my fave.

Love all the embellishments AC includes with each collection.

Love those gradient tags and the Jar stamp set!

What a gorgeous collection! So many "must haves": the entire paper collection, the die-cut pack, the large tag pack, and last but not least -- LOVE those 4x6 card stencils!!!

I always love the colors in the Dear Lizzy collections - those gradient tags are stunning!

I can't take it! Can this get anymore awesome OH my goodness is has my heart racing.

Love the brighter color palette in this line. Happy to see new jar patterns too.

I'm liking the die cut cards. I can see those as being great masks.

Love this collection, one of my favorites this CHA

I don't know where to start, I love so much of this collection! The die cut cards and tags are some of my faves! And of course the papers!

I love love love the navy accents. Dear lizzy has done it again!

I am loving the colors this time around! :) :)

By far one of my fave lines this year!

So clever that the theme for this collection comes from the idea of a charm bracelet. I really want the wonderful tags, but who am I kidding? I would love to get my hands on everything shown! A great collection!

I like this collection a lot, don't care much for the anchors but all the navy is awesome!

I wasn't sure about this collection at first but I have fallen in love with it. I love the colors!

oh how I wish I could afford all of this. Love every single piece of this collection!

Love the new Dear Lizzy line ! Great colors and designs .. the thickers are awesome!

Love the navy blue.

Yay, another Dear Lizzy the die-cut cards! ;)

Love this new line. Thanks for sharing.

love dear lizzy! love the cardstock diecuts and tags!

so gorgeous, can't wait to get some.

I love Dear Lizzy and this is my favorite of the show so far. You can do so much with these colors and patterns. GORGEOUS!!!

This collection is so pretty, love the softness of it. Love the big block stickers in the booklets and these are some of my fav thickers of this release

I love everything! MY favorite collection.

Love the colors in this collection!

The color combinations are beautiful.

Love the navy! Such beautiful papers and patterns.

I really like the triangles and the navy! not so sure about the horses and anchors though.

Love that navy is making a come back!

Love those colors in the patterned papers!

The Dear Lizzy Collections are always my favorite! I love the colors and the new stencils, tags, and stamps are so adorable!

Can't wait to have this in my hot little hands!

Great stencils and embelishments. I really like this collection

This is easily the collection I am MOST excited about. I love that it's inspired by charms on a charm bracelet! So creative!

Love dear Lizzie as always! :)

I bought the previous collections and simply loved!
Definitely i am going to buy this one also! ;-)
Loved de colors and motifs!

I like the jar stamp the best

And the release date is?? Can't wait :o)

The 4x6 stencils are AWESOME!! So Dear Lizzy!

I am so loving the jar stamp!!

This is my favorite so far. I could use anything on this video.
Yeah for including navy, it is so hard to find a nice blue in a collection.

Love the paper pieces and the cute patterns on the papers!

I can't wait to get my hands on this love this line. The star paper is great!

This is my favorite by far!!! I love everything- the colors, the shapes...the die cut cards!!

Dear Lizzy has always been one of my favorites!! MORE THICKERS!

I need this whole line! The little town I live in has a hot air balloon festival and and horse festival every year so this is perfect!

I love this one too

I love the jars and the die cuts and the paper
In this collection, I can't wait to make something! Thanks for a chance to win!

Love that there is navy blue in this line. Hard to find. Also am super excited about the cute jar stamp!

In love with this whole line. TFS

I am a huge Dear Lizzy fan because of the color schemes they tend to use and this collection is no different - along with awesome, easy to use small patterns. I love the sticker booklet - I think they are too cute, especially when they are good quality and easy to use stickers. I also love the flag and label stickers - would be awesome for stamping on. I love the whole collection - who am I kidding? Wow, the thickers are gorgeous - font and color and I LOVE the thickers chipboard collections. Between the rub-ons, the stamp, the paper, the die-cut cards, etc...I will for sure be trying to get this collection! I don't "do" PL, but I think the little cards work great for card making. The flair and die-cuts are so cute too! Sorry, I just run on and on about what I like as I watch it - oh well! Oooo, tags too - I LOVE tags and I love that they match the paper! By the way, so far as colors, I LOVE the gradient!

looking to win this fantastic line since I am on a spending diet!! Crossing my fingers

Love it! Love everything in this line! I think I could scrap everyday for a month with just this line.

this is such a cuteee collection. there's nothing to dislike here. lovee

What a fun collection! Love the colours and the fun embellies to go with it.

I absolutely adore this new collection! It's perfect for layouts of my little girls!

I love everything Dear Lizzy! It is such a great collection!

I'm always a big fan of Dear Lizzy products! This new collection is great!!

Great new collections, love the colors and the new die-cut cards are so FUN!!!

Love it......this will be a must have for my stash.

Adorable and versatile! Love it!

I always love the DL collections-so fun and girly!!

What a great the colors!

Dear Lizzy is a fave of mine and I love all of this!!!

This is my favorite release this year! I love it all!

love the 4x6 things.. so cute!! the whole collection is awesome!!! :)

Very cute and whimsical. Love the added navy!

I'm very excited for this collection! The colors are wonderful. I like the 4x6 pieces, those will be perfect for layouts. I usually make my own, but it's easier to open the package and go!

Well there goes ALL my budget on scrap goodies!

Love the colors of this collection!

Great collection. I have plenty of photos where I can use the horses.

This is great my favorite collection so far!

All my favourite colours! Such beautiful papers! Like the idea of the die cut cards and am loving the sentiments on them. The jar stamp is amazing too!

my favorite new collection so far! love love those die cuts, great idea!!

Love those die cut cards! Awesome collection from Dear Lizzy.

I cant even tell you how much I LOVE this collection , I got to have it NOW

I love Lucky Charms!!! Must have!

love the bright colors and whimsical motifs



Very cute! I love the brighter colours this time around :)

Dear Lizzy delivers as always, very pretty collection!

I've got to get busy crafting to make room for this collection. Loving the navy blue!!! I might even be able to slip some flowers onto pages of my Gus.

Dear Lizzy is a great line, I can't wait to get this one!

I love the script papers and the anchor paper. I like the die cut cards. I want to see more of the phrase stamp.

Great variety in this collection.

I love the bolder colors from Dear Lizzy this time. All of the papers are so great! Can't wait to get it.

Very nice collection! I love the colors and differents patterns.

Very excited for this collection!

So very many reasons to love this line!

I love Dear Lizzy!! I can't wait to order it!!


Love love love it ALL!

Pretty! Love the die cut cards!

Love the entire line! I like how the stenciled cut-outs are used throughout the collection :)

Wow, this collection will be so easy to use.

Another great series of collections sure to get creative juices flowing!!!

Dear Lizzy is one of my favorite.

I adore the colours in this collection

Kudos for the additional design on the paper! Great collection!

Love the pops of navy blue in this line.

i like all the title cut outs in the premade products, so easy to use!

I love all the Dear Lizzy collections; seeing the new line is inspiring me to use some of the older collections that I have been saving.

Oh so yummy! I love the colors and all the new items in this line :)

OMG!!! so in love with the line

I can't wait to see those glitter thickers in person, they look so elegant!

Love the papers and the Thickers.

The navy color on all the collection really make it pop out!

I like a lot of this collection! I LOVE the new stamp set!

LOVE everything about this line--beautiful!

phrase stamp is cool!

Love the colours especially the navy and those die cut cards are to die for!

Love it!

Love the thickers and the tags! And like the navy!

Love the thickers and the die cuts!!

Oh wow those cardstock die cuts are so adorable!! LOVE them!!!

Love the navy in this collection!

Cool die cut sheets!

i love everything about this collection and is probably the one i am most looking forward to using!!!

I wasn't sure when I first saw it but now I love it and want it all!

Love the addition of the navy to the color grouping and all the sweet floral prints!

My favorite papers are the ones with the smaller patterns, perfect for my cardmaking. The stencil-type cut-outs for cards or project life are certainly different, love the striped one. And that jar, who tires of that darling shape?!

The Dear Lizzy is gorgeous. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

I really like this color combo. Never thought i would like anyhting using navy blue, but this is nice! Always love Auqa!!!


Since I don't own a Cameo, I am most excited about the die cut cards. Those chunky glittered thickers are fabulous, too.

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