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Awesome collection. Love the colors!

Handbooks look great!!

Love the inserts for the album! I have not used this before!

love the here and there, those handbooks look fantastic and then sun drifter! such great lines

Must get Sundrifter. The cut apart page has my One Little Word quote for this year - MUST HAVE IT! Love those chipboard speech bubbles. Really like the doodles on Here & There too, especially the cityscape pattern.

I NEED Sundrifter! It's so fun! Love the colors and patterns. Studio Calico never fails :)

Studio Calico is always on trend...I can't wait to play with their new goodies!

Sundrifter here I come.

I love everything!!

SC always has super fun stuff. Great lines. Love the transparencies!

I loved all of the lines - the papers are gorgeous - the flair is wonderful! All of the stickers - speech bubbles, arrows, etc. I definitely liked the boxy style thickers too! :) Awesome new collections!

I really liked all the pieces of the sun wander line! I also loved the transparency pieces.

I'm glad to see the doodling look in a collection! The feather paper is awesome too!

I love the colors and patterns in the Sundrifter line.

EVERYTHING is great, but I love the new Here and There collection most!!! SO cute!

EVERYTHING is great, but I love the new Here and There collection most!!! SO cute!

The Snippets collection is my favorite of the CHA release. The colors and designs are ones that fit my style.

I'm in love with the entire release, so much cool stuff :-) I think my favourite is Snippets, I love the colors they are so bright.

Such cute stuff! I am addicted to wood veneers all of a sudden and I love the color schemes in all of these lines!

Lots of cool stuff. I like the new Thickers!

Lots of awesome items... totally loved the Doodling Alpha thickers!

Snippets is my favourite from SC this year! Very versatile!

Snippets line is awesome!

Love the Snippets line. Bright colors are my favorite!

Ijust love their unique PP designs, I can't decide which line is my favorite this year. All are GREAT!

I love all the new stickers from SC and those fun day-of the week journalnig cards. I'm glad woodgrain is still in. No one does it better than SC.

ADORE Studio Calico! They've hit another one out of the park with some GREAT new products!

I love Studio Calico, they are one of my absolute favourites. I love their papers, especially digging the feather motif.

I love the Snippets line and the diecut frames - very cute!

I see lots of stuff I have to have!

Gorgeous, can't wait to see them in real life!

Always love Studio Calico!!

I LOVE all things Studio Calico!! My favorite is the Snippets line and Here and There :)

A winning collection once again...Studio Calico never lets me down!

lots of bright happy colors.

My favorite papers were the one with the states and the vehicle piece.

I love the inserts for the book!

Love all the papers and flares so cute!

Love all of them but the here and there and the sundrifters are my favorite. I am going to have to get that sketch alphabet. how cool is that?!?

Such fun stuff!

Love Studio Calico, thanks for the chance to win!

I always love Studio Calico stuff! :)

Very cool colours in these new lines... love the thickers

Loving the new collections. Snippets is super cool but I love Here and There!

Love to see all the trends in their papers! Embellishments are fun!

Aww the Snippets and the Here + There 6x6 paper pad is awesome.

They are so different from the rest of the brands and they keep doing it, that's so fabulous.

These are all nice--really like their badges and thickers!

I am really, really loving SC's new collections this time around! Thanks for the chance to win!

Thanks for sharing!

Love the matching Thickers!

Great new lines!

I am so in love with the Snippets collection! Looks so versatile!!

SC really did a great job! I'm loving all the hand drawn papers, they're just so fun!

I love the Here & There Collection! Would LOVE to get this one!

Great collections!! Loving those ombre picture frames!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Studio Calico always releases such fun & trendy things!!

I like those sketched Thickers!

Love those cameras and new frames. Always love their chipboard packs and wood veneers. :)

Thank You SC! You do not disappoint!

Oh, I can' t wait to play with the new chipboard shapes!

Love the doodling font for the Thickers letter stickers! So cute!

Just what I need. Hope to be the lucky winner.

I want it all. I love Studio Calico!

I want it all just about!

i love the stickers from this release! especially the camera and star chipboards and all those arrows!

They have the best options for us.

love everything!!!! Can't wait to play!!!

My fav so far

OMG!! Loving the colors and the fun designs of the collections!! The veneers and the other embellishments rock!! Will be waiting for these to arrive in the store!! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week!! :)

Can't wait to get my hands on the new veneers!

Always love SC stamps/wood veneers so I can't wait to see those!

Loving all the SC new lines! Can't wait for them to show up in the store!

Some really neat products... love the Snippets journaling cards and I must get those doodle alphas in the Here & There collection. I can't wait to see more of these collections.

Cute, bright colors.

All terrific stuff! Why can't they make it easy on me?

Great colors and graphics. So cheerful!

The new diecut frames are so unique and the patterns really had me thinking. I'm really excited about the new lines and how to use them on my LO's!

Wow, they are stunning collections. I love the colors that they used together like the bikes, etc. I love it! I've become such a fan of their products. :)

i can't wait for these to be available in the store!

All three collections are fantastic. Love that piece of cityscape paper.

Last summer Studio Calico made me a convert, now I may be an addict. LOVE IT ALL!

I can't wait to see the new wood veneers. I liked the new badges.

Love all the small scale patterns!

love it all but my faves are the here and there city scape paper, the here and there thickers and the pebble stickers.

All great new lines!

I love the bright colors of the Snippets collection!

Awesome!SC never disappoints!

Love snippets!! My favorite SC collection ever!

Gorgeous products! So many I want to try, loved the bright papers!

Love the snippets colors.

oh my fave is the snippets, but it is all awesome!

Love Studio Calico....Amazing!

I love hand-drawn designs

OMG!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this. LOTS of goodies to use on my Project Life :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!


I love all their new releases and excited to use them :)

Awesome, as always!

Nice collections, looking forward to taking a better look at the Snipppets collection.

I love all of this! SC is one of my favorites!

Great collections, love the mini book inserts and the stars and frames!!!

SC never disappoints.

I like the doodled letter stickers. Can't wait to see the new wood veneers.

Love the snippets. Need to try one of the handbook albums

Awesome usual for Studio Calico!

Some pretty awesome stuff there!

I may have to have all of them! I love them! This is probably my favorite of all the CHA realeases!

Love the handbooks and great papers!

Great collections, can't wait to see the new handbooks and inserts.

Really loving the new handbooks and inserts.

Really love the Here and There collection, but they're all fabulous. :)

Love everything...especially the here an there collection and the thickers!

Love the ombré frames!

love the thickers and the handbook album pages!

The handbook album is amazing!!!

I love snippits!!!! Can't wait to order it.

Love the die cut frames. Also like that we are seeing lots of gradient patterns.

The colours are so bright and lively and I really like all the embellishments, wood veneers and the cute photo frames.

Love the fun vibrant colors of the 3 collections. I'm also in love with the new wood veneers and other embellishments. Studio Calico has some of the best embellishment designs. Can't wait to get my hands on them.

So excited to play with this new collection!

Snippets looks PERFECT. Can't wait to see the new veneer.

Studio Calico is always a favorite. Can't wait to get my hands on it!! :)

The color schemes make me think of camping. I like all of these collections.

Great new stuff! Love all the colorful stuff!

Great new collections- love the colors for all of the lines...

Love EVERYTHING from Studio Calico!

Wonderful new collections. Studio Calico is fast becoming one of my favourite companies!

Their new veneers are sooo cute. Can't wait to get my hands on them. Loving everything they have.

Loving all those bright and happy papers! TFS!

I love their embellishments, especially with the geotags. Thanks for sharing.

I love all the stickers!

I love all of it, love the bright colors!!

Oh, I love the new diecut pieces.

I Love everything!!!! So in love with the bright colors!

I love all of these collections. I think Snippets is beautiful!

I love all 3 lines! SC is amazing, as always! Sundrifter is my fave,though! Love the new masks and wood veneers!

I love the papers in all of Studio Calico's new collections! The doodled Thickers, flair badges, and camera stickers are my favorite embellishments.

Love the colors in the everyday Snippets collection and those little transparency frames! :)

Love all the new SC. Smippets is my favorite and I love all that new wood veneer

The snippets collection is very nice.

LOVE Snippets - such bright bold colors. The frames are so cool. and I can't wait for more veneers!

Studio Calico is amazing as always. So many different pieces to covet.

so many cool things in these SC collections.

Snippets – love the bright colors. Always love their badges! Love those bright stickers and the chipboard stickers.
Here and There – Love the color palette and even though I don’t travel much I would use a lot of it. Love those die cut shapes! Sundrifter – The accent stickers are interesting…Can’t wait to see their new wood veneers! Love all their thickers!

Love snippets & the ombre polaroid frames!

I love the color of sundrifter -- so soft and light! I also love chipboard stickers (camera, star, etc.) Thank you for the chance to win!

I really like the arrow stickers... Still one of my favorite boy embellies. Much brighter SC paper than I am used to seeing.

SO much cool stuff!! I love those new stickers with the imperfect circles!!! LOVE!

So in love with Studio Calico! Reallyloving the handbook album.

Really like the sundrifter collection! Can't wait to see the new wood veneers!

All those collections look fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Genius! Same same but still very different! Does that make sense? Love the colors for the first collection. Must have!

Awesome new lines!!!

I need these frames and wood pieces! thanks for showing

What a great collections! My favorite is the first one

Love the new lines.

A favorite SC! Thank you for the video.

A favorite SC! Thank you for the video.

These collections are great. I love the travel line and all embellishments

I love all the new wood veneers. Great papers too! I can't wait for these collections to hit the store!

Love all three new collections!

studio calico has THE BEST patterned papers!

Love all the new SC collections!

When can I have it all?

Love all 3 collections - can't wait!

I think Studio Calico is my favourite release. Also thank you Jamie for your great dialouge on the video you don't just rely on one adverb!

Wow! So many great new collections. My wish list is growing!


Love the speech bubbles!


Love it all but my favorite things are the Polaroid frames.

Love the handbook stuff!

Love all these new SC collections. Great pattern papers, arrows, alphas and the die cut frames are really cool.

As always love studio calico

love these collections - love Studio Calico!!

The first line looks fabulous!

Love Studio Calico!!!

LOVE the new masks!!!

Love the reds and bright colors in Snippits!

SC has always been a number 1 favorite. I love the papers and fun embellishments.

Studio Calico always knocks it out the park!

Studio Calico is one of my favorite brands. The new lines are amazing!

Love the new collections :)

everything looks amazing!

I am very excited to see the wood veneers!!!

Great releases from Studio Calico! I can't wait to get my hands on Sundrifter!

eek i adore all these items!!!

I am in LOVE with Studio Calico's new lines!! I love the colors, the ARROWS (whoo hoo), and all the embellishments (esp the masks and wood veneers!)!!

Gorgeous new lines. Love the sundrifter colors & the patterns in the travel line. Can't wait to see the veneer pieces!

I love all of the fun colors! Awesome as usual!

Studio Calico is always ROCKIN & here they are showcasing JUST that!

Love the bright colors! I like the bicycle papers and US State pattern paper. Adore the Handbook inserts. Love the sun drifter frames!

ooooo look at the bright and lively colors! So cute !!! love the cute doodling!

Wow! Love the happy colors :)

A couple of cute things there :)

Love it all!

Love the fun collors! Gorgeous!

gorgeous papers!! can't wait to buy'em all :)

Love Snippets!

This is the line that I am MOST excited for this season! Can't wait to get my hands on all the new goodness!!

The Snippets collection is fantastic as are the frames with the gradient coloring.

alot of bright colors this year:)

Awesome new lines , very versatile

Looking forward to seeing all of this in person~lots of Studio Calico on my wishlist!

Very excited about the Here & There, love the colours but even better than that the little cat shapes.

Looks so inviting and inspiring. Can't wait!

I love studio calico, I subscribe to their kits and they are so much fun to play with. Great new lines.

I love the chipboard accents and the gradient papers and frames!

love everything, going to use the handbook for project life this year!

Some fun papers here. lots of bright colors and good B sides that go with everything.

Love the colors and embellishments! Want it all!

Love it. SC never disappoints.

thanks for opening some of the packages up. i am excited about this line and it so fun to get a closer look at the products.

I want every single embellishment!! love them ALL!!!

I adore Sundrifter and Snippets - beautiful!

I love their new products, especially Sundrifter! That collection is beautiful!

I need it all! Be ready for. My order!

No audio but still looked at the eye candy. Great paper lines! I love those stars!

I like the die cut frames

Luv it awesome collection

I love all the new lines, esp the Here and There collection!

I love Studio Calico!

Swoon! Love the lines, and I know I need two of each of the thickers and badges!

I am seriously in love with the sundrifter collection! Such pretty colors.

Love it all, they always have great stuff

Love all the new embellishments. i can see myself using lots of them.

I really love the here & there line. I love the colors.

I love all the flair and thickers!

I love all of the geotags! Can't wait for the new wood veneers, too!

All of it's gorgeous! My favorite has to be the "here and there" collection. The bold colors are so fun. I am in love with the sketchy-doodled looking thickers!

Lots of fun goodies here. Love the colours too!

Studio Calico always has some fun stuff!

I love them all! Especially Here & There!

I love so much of this! But especially the here and there line! :)

These all look so wonderful!

I love the snippets collection. (Not sure if that's the right name.) I really like the gradient paper. So on trend right now.

I love the Snippets collection! Such bright, fun colors!

Love it all! Thanks for the chance!

absolutely gorgeous! loving Snippets!!

love the collections

love the hand drawn feel of these collections - love the veneers!

Love Studio Calico. Looks like fun collections.

love the third collection!

I really love Snippets & Sundrifter. Aren't those ombre Thickers great?

*heart* their first collection! TFS

love the handbook and the frames

Love the Here and There line. What am I saying? I love it all.

LOVE snippets and Here & There!

Here and There is definitely my favorite! I also like the new thickers!


Love the dogs in the Here and there collection

I like the arrow motif, and the bubbles are fun. And I will always use stars too. The here and there is very useful. Love the city scape and clouds, And those transparent shapes are different. Same with the die cut frames. Thanks.

The Here and There line is my favorite. Also like the velum frames.

Love, love, love Snippets! Those ombre frames are fab too!

Love the sundrifter collection!!!

I love them, especially sundrifter and those ombre vellum frames!

I really like the look of the handbook album. That would be so fun to work with.

Lots of goodness from SC! Love the Snippets line!

Great embellishments. Loving the bright colors and the prints. Very modern.

Love the travel collection

They have some great embellishments in these lines.

Love the everyday and travel collections. Cool colors and embellies:)

The die cut frames are my favourite. Such beautiful colours!


I really like all the new products!!

I love all 3 of their new lines. I'm going to need bits and pieces of all 3!

Love these videos, I just wish the comments box didn't pop-up behind the video. I have to move things all around just to find a way to grab it and pull it out so I can comment.

Great die cut frames!! Love the colors and fun of this!

There's a lot to love in these lines.

Many cool products. I think my favorite collection is the third one in the video. I love the paper with the colored feathers and all the colors of that collection. The die-cut frames are also really nice.

I love these releases. I want them all.

The feathers are so cool. So many great patterns.

I honestly think Studio Calico is my favorite brand...

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