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Cute white on kraft camera embellishments.

Awesome collection. Love the colors!

Love the kraft and white cameras.


love the white on kraft touch and all the cameras


Jamie you have been working really hard! Thanks for doing this! The cameras are adorable and I can find so many uses for them.

so many nice things

those cameras are so cute, as is the butterflies and pearl flowers

Love the camera transparencies and those itty bitty polka dot envelopes. Those antique music box keys are fantastic!

Lots of stuff I see that I like! The camera diecuts are my fave!

I love antique stuff!!

I have always had an affinity for Maya Road. Especially their mini-albums and trims. With me and my husband moving into a new house soon looks like the house album will be coming home to me.

neat embellishments, thanks Maya Road

I've always liked Maya Road products, especially their mini albums because they're acid-free & so thick. The house album is adorable!

I love the white on kraft die-cuts, the envelopes and of course the new albums - the burlap fabric one is very new and fresh and I think it is VERY cool. The trinkets are awesome too - the wooden spools, pearl flowers, etc. Love Maya Road!

I love love the polka dot pockets!

Always such adorable things from Maya Road.... I'm so excited to see more "camera" embellishments!

Love the house mini. Adorable.

love the cute envelopes and the camera!

I look forward to seeing the new MR goodies every CHA. They always have fun stuff. Loving those envelopes. Total cuteness!

The diecut cameras are adorable in both color options

I'm with the camera transparency crowd - must have.

Great new embellishments. The burlap would make an interesting project!

Like others, love the camera!

love the camera transparencies and the craft ones!

cute envelops.

The camera transparencies look cool. The little envelopes are sweet.

Love the keys and all the canvas!

Love the House mini book and the keys


Love the camera and the canvas stuff. Cant wait!

Love the albums and embellishments, thanks for the chance to win!

Antique music box keys and pearl flowers that could totally go on a winter layout as snowflakes in my must haves.


Love the new albums. Of course I love the canvas stuff too. That is always something I use.

The polka dots envelopes... I'm drooling


Thanks for sharing!

The burlap album is really cool!

I love the small envelopes!

Loving all the camera stuff and the envelopes!

Love the keys & butterflies!

Oh my, those polka dot envelopes are adorable!! LOVE!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love those vintage white on kraft cameras and the vintage butterflies. :) maya road is a great thing to have on hand for any project -so versatile.

The cameras are so cool!

The little envelopes are my fave!

Love those camera die cuts.....can't wait to see the rest of the new line!

Camera transparencies?!! Omg those are awesome!

i really like the kraft camera diecuts! :) and the mini polka dot envelopes are soo cute!

loving the embellishments

Oh!! Loving it all like usual!! Maya road has amazed!! Several of these products will be on my must have list!! Thanks for sharing and behave a fabulous week!! :)

Cameras and butterflies...YES!

I love love love those vintage cameras (both on kraft and on transparencies). These will work so well on some old photos that my camera bug dad used to take.

Man, I always love the cool stuff Maya Road offers. This show's releases are no exception!

Love the keys and butterflies! Cute line!

I love the polka dot envelopes!

I'm drooling. One of my fav from this cha!

really love the little polka dot envelopes!

the camera die cuts are very cool and i love the little envelopes!

I love the home sweet home album and the transparencies. Oh, and the butterflies are adorable! Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

Love both kinds of the camera die cuts!

Maya Road always has such fun new products. Love them!

I thought the white on kraft cameras were genius until I saw the white on transparency cameras. YAY!!! Can't wait!!!!!

love the white on kraft cameras!

Maya Road always has some cute little "just perfect" trinkets I must buy.

always love maya road!

Thanks for sharing. I like to use Maya Road for scrapping.

Cute envelopes! Cameras are always a win.

Oh, i love the home album!

Those envelopes are super cute.

Love those polka dot envelopes! Thanks for the video

The vintage cameras and mini envelopes are too die for. Gotta have them in the stash.


Butterflies and little envelopes are always calling my name so I'm pretty sure these will make it into my stash! :)

I like the camera embellishments and the music box keys.

I'll have to take a closer look at the camera embellishments, especially the white/transparent ones. Certainly could end up on my wish list!

Love those cameras and the metal embellishments!!!

I will have the cameras on my wish list now!

I love the small envelopes and the embellishments

Cute envelopes and the the camera dies look like fun to play with.

Love the transparency cameras and the tiny envelopes!

Those little vintage cameras are fabulous! Their albums are always so cute, and the emellishments are just wonderful (especially the new spools). :)

love all the embellishments especially the envelopes on kraft...cute

always love all of maya road's embellishments!

I always love Maya Road embellishments.

Love it!

Maya Road goodness! Love it all!

The antique music box keys and butterflies are gorgeous!!

love the cameras!

the dotted envelopes scream cute

Love the music box keys and butterflies!

love the dotted envelopes!

I love the cameras, both the white on Kraft and the transparencies! The little envelopes are really cute too. Thanks for the chance to win!

The craft items and trinkets are really cute. Perfect for mini books!

Love those little envelopes and the keys.

I love those filigree butterflies! I hope their other embellishments are similar, it's just what I'm looking for.

Wow, I really like that linen album! That would fun to play with! Fun new goodies!

Thanks for the video! I've been wondering what Maya Road had in store for us, their embellishments are probably 1/4 of my collection.

Cute new die cuts. Really love the camera!

Those cameras are adorable.

I do love the chipboard house and the camera die cuts, too cute!

The camera die cuts and transparencies are great! I also really like the antique butterflies.

Love the transparencies and polka dot envelopes!

The chipboard home mini album is my favorite--I can already picture so many cute uses for it! :)

those camera die cuts are adorable!! love maya road. thanks for the chance to win!

Love the camera die cuts and the little envelopes! Great to add to any page.

Maya Road extras always add so much to a page.

Cute die cuts. Love both the kraft and transparencies. Hope they have more patterns! Love the envelopes too. Some of their embellies are too big for me, but I really liked the filigree butterflies.

Always love maya's little extras, they work into pages in unexpected ways.

Oh my goodness! The kraft camera die cuts are just adorable!!!

Super cute camera die cuts... love the transparencies. Love Maya Road for all the little extras.

Cool new camera die cuts and the burlap mini :)

Love the camera die cuts, the pearl flowers, the keys and butterflies!

Cute cameras and kraft envelopes.

love love love the transparent cameras

I love the camera stamps. It looks like the have a bunch of new things to play with

The cameras are awesome, can't wait to get my hands on them!

Camera images are great.

The craft and white camera's LOVE!

the filigree butterflies are adorable! lots of goodies that would be perfect for mixed media projects.

Ok I MUST own those white on kraft and transparent vintage camera die cuts!

how cute are the spotty envelopes :)

oooh the keys and butterflies!!!

Love vintage! Love Kraft! Love envelopes and cameras! LOVE Maya Road!!!


Love the cameras!

love the transparencies and little envelopes!! Maya Road always has great stuff!

Love the pearl flowers & Kraft cameras!

Love the filigree butterflies and the mini envelopes.

Love the transperncies and albums!!

Their Kraft items are to die for!

Cute cameras!

I am so glad to see these up close. Heard so much about them! LOVE!

So very cute!!

Love the albums :)

Cute butterflies!

I love the cameras they are so cute. They would be so cute to use for some artwork for my room!

Another fan of the cameras! especially the transparent ones, really cute

White on kraft is so yummy! love the camera die!

LOVE the camera die cuts in transparency.

white on kraft is so pretty! Love the vintage cameras!

Love the camera die cuts.

So want those envelopes♥

Love the fun collors! Just cute.

loving everything!

Those kraft camera die cuts are great so are the polka dot envelopes.

Great new embellishments!

I am loving the cameras!!!

I love all Maya Road products

I also love the camera transparencies and the keys are neat too.

love those camera die cuts, cant wait to see what all you are going to carry from this release

The camera trasparencies are on my shopping list for sure!

Love the mini house album and the cameras!

The polka dot envelops are so lovely!

Love the house mini album.

I really like the antique filagree butterflies!

Really like the transparency camera die cuts!

Yeah those chipboard pieces lOok like fun

Maya Road is my favorite SB brand! Love to paint their chipboard.

Cute cameras!

what's not to love with maya road. the camera's are super cute too.

Love the butterflies at the end.

I love the envelopes:)

Love Maya Road..they always come out with fun products. Love the cameras, and evelopes. So cute!

I love those cameras! So pretty!

I love the cameras. Can't wait to get my hands on those.

love the chipboard

Love the camera diecuts and transparencys!

Love the cameras :)

Lovely envelopes :)

I really like the white or brown on kraft look.

Love the chipboard album!! Some great stuff!

The burlap album looks really cool...can't wait to see it for real!

Always love to see what Maya Road comes out with. They have the best little doo-dads that add an extra something to a project.

love the camera diecuts and envelopes

Love the cameras and spools.

Love the camera transparencies and die cuts!

Envelopes are adorable.

Love them all Maya Road has awesome embellishments for altered projects thx

Love the envelopes. Lots of cute stuff.

Love the envelopes and the butterflies. The house album is so great!

I really like all the new products!!

I won a Maya Road collection last year. Would lov to win another.

The bitty envelopes are sooo cute:)

Love all things Maya Road! Gotta have the cameras!!!

Love the camera die cuts.

the mini enveloppes are really cute...

Love the butterflies.

I love the envelopes but I can't wait to see what people will do with the transparency cameras.

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