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272  Comments - CHA Winter '13 Elle's Studio

Really like the entire collection but really like the tabs!

Awesome collection. Love the colors!

Love the color combination, so fun.

Love those chalkboard accents (esp the one with the little hearts!). Great new stuff!

cute stuff, love the chalk board.

always great for PL

You can really have some fun with these!

Adorable and fun!!

so much papery goodness. especially all of the tags.

Lovin' Elle's Studio! Love the snipets(you and me) collection! Love the papers too!

Elle's always great!

Oh how I love Elle's Studio!

Oh how I love Elle's Studio! Penelope is gorgeous!

Elle's Studio 12x12 paper? Love. Must have the entire You & Me collection - patterns and colors are perfect!

I am a big coordinating scrapper so I have always looked over Elle's Studio. Now I want the Day-to-Day collection. There goes my "budget".

oh how I love Elle's Studio! I am SO excited that they are releasing 12x12 paper now. Love the tab die cuts, too!

Hard to choose a favorite! Such fun pieces!

ok, probably my favorite after my all time favorite of MME.. great selections that will help in all parts of scrapbooking and paper crafts. Thanks Elle Studio

Love all the various opportunities for journaling!

The You and Me collection is absolutely gorgeous - from the papers, to the tabs, to the 4x6....the whole collection is a home run!

super cute - perfect for project life, maybe even cards!

I really like the phrases and papers. Another thing to add to my list!

I love the Day to Day collection. It's nice to see 12 x 12 papers from Elle's Studio.

I love Elle's Studio! Beautiful colors! Thanks Jamie for the great video!

Elle's Studio is so great, I love all the little bits and bobs for my Project Life... perfect!

The stitching is great - especially since i don't sew

Ive been wanting to try some of these products out for a while noe!! So cute!!

I love the paper, great patterns. And all the little and cute items, I love the diecuts, great work!

Supercute collections! The Love one is my favourite; so adorable!

Great papers!! And as always, the diecuts are awesome!

So much adorable stuff! Love the new pattern papers to match their lines.

Love the attention to detail from Elle's Studio!

I'm so excited about Elle's adding papers to their collections! I love the pink, grey, and chalkboard in the love collection. x

I love the new release.

love the tabbed journalling cards, and the chalkboard look items!

Elle's has those perfect little touches for any project. Darling tags and how fun to see the new paper lines too.

Great new products! Love the chalkboard elements :)

I love their little snippet labels and their cut-outs. Enjoying their new papers too.

I love all the tags and offerings, and am so happy they've now branched into paper as well!

Love all the bits and pieces! And now the papers, too!

Great new ideas! Love all the new designs.

SO excited for the new papers. I love them all!! More please!!

Love all the new bits and pieces!

Elle's Studio always has such great bits and pieces, tags, mini cards, etc. I want to see some new stamps!

Love the Day to Day collection


This is a great collection! I love all the different tags and all the tidbits too! Thanks for sharing!

These products would be great for project life. Glad they have the matching paper lines.

Awesome collections, love the little elements!

like the chalk look

Love Elle's favorite for Project Life!

i love everything especially the journalling cards and tid-bits

The day to day tid bits are so cute and I really like the note cards with the lists.


Love the new patterned paper! Spectacular addition.

I'm so excited that Elle's Studio is adding patterned paper to their line. Both collections are beautiful! I love that chalkboard paper! Can't wait to order some of the tabs from both collections as well as the tiny tags!

I love the versatility of these journal tags and the new papers are wonderful as well!

Love the you & me collection. The circle, tiny and large journaling tags

So much fun! Love the layered colors! Love the different elements! Love it all!

I like the colors on the first collection. Pink and green look so pretty toegether.

Such very sweet collections

The day to day collection looks like a lot of fun!

Thanks for sharing!

I really like the Day to Day collection!

I love the new patterned paper!

Love that Elle's Studio is doing papers now! That You and Me collection is so cute! And of course, my tag bin may need some more of of their new tags!

I cannot tell you how happy I am about the papers and I love that they have added the chalkboard background to their range!

Love Elle's Studio and love that they have expanded to patterned paper, too!! Such fabulous products!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the chalkboard looking paper!

I love that Elle's Studio is expanding their product line with papers & such!! I adore the Project Life feel of the product, but can easily be used for cards too!!

Love the diecut look on the papers and the mustache appearance that seems to be everywhere! :)

TFS, Jamie - Love the journaling boxes

Oh my goodness...I LOVE those papers!

The patterned papers are too cute. Just love them!

Elle(n) is always my favorite! :)

everything is super cute, I just want it all!

Wow these are not only great for Project Life albums, but for layering.

Elle's is always great!

wow. i love both collections. the Day-to-Day has some great pieces to use in Project life! cant wait for them to be available to purchase! :)


love the schedule paper! This could be so fun to use!

So excited!! Loving all of the new designs!! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week!! :)


Fun fun fun

I'm loving the B side of some of the papers. Nice patterns and colors and generic enough to use with a variety of projects.

I'm going to have to add all Elle's new lines to my wish list!

I have admired their little tags and embellies for a while. Now there's paper too? Happy happy!

What a sweet bunch of products, from paper to tags. Great details.

so excited that they've added paper to their collections!!

Just when I thought Elle's Studio couldn't get any better they come out with paper!

Love this release from Elle's Studio. The addition of patterned paper to their lines is such awesome news! Love it all!!!

I have always loved Elles tags, not patterned paper, really like the kraft hearts and the dotted paper and of course all their new tags and such.

yay! Patterned paper! I love Elle's Studio!

I like that they released pattern paper. The chalkboard is nice.

love everything in these lines!

I keep seeing chalkboard elements lately. Is this the Spring trend? I love it!

Oh wow - I want it all! So excited to see paper from this line now!

Wow! So much amazing stuff! Really cool to see 12x12

I love the fun new papers!

So CUTE! Love the To Moon & Back paper and all the tags!

Fun patterns! The cutouts and pennants are nice. Thanks for sharing!

Love the chalkboard trend and so excited to see Elle doing 12x12!

Love the new Collections and I'm so excited for the 12x12 paper!

Some amazing products, I don't have much Elle's Studio but I'm thinking I need some of these new releases!

Oh, I thought she pronounced her name as Ellie? Anyways, I LOVE all of this stuff! I really prefer the white based products to the cream based!

everything is so adorable!!!

very exciting release!

Elle' s studio makes the cutest products. Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

So many Choices...Wonderful! Great Video

Chalkboard added to my wish list

I am in love with the tabs and the tiny tags!!!

I am sold. Both lines are fantastic.

The papers look really cute I cant wait to try them out! The tags are also on my list!

Great products for cards and of course, Project Life!! My shopping list is growing by the minute.


Love the new patterned papers. I can't resist these lines.

Excited to see the new 12x12 paper, love those designs!

Perfect for project life, love the tags

All those tags are adorable!

I love the tags!

Love love love!

The Day to Day papers look great, but especially love the tabs and tags.

I love love love Elle Studio! Can't get enough of the journaling tags that I can use for my Project Life!

I want every single one of Elle Studio's stuff. They're so fabulous!

Love all of these!

Love all the tags and the paper, too!

Love everything Elle does.

I am loving the chalkboard papers and the layered look and colors to their tags! Thanks for sharing!

This new line is one of my favorites. I really like the journaling tags and want to use them in my Project Life this year.

I just love that schedule page and all of the fabulous tags! :)

Love those diecuts and journaling tags. The pink and aqua color colors are so fab!

My two girls are just starting to get into project life and this would be great for them!

Oooooh I love it, can't wait to get my hands on it!

I love their new paper line!

I am in love! Love the tags and journalling tags and the day to day collection looks very cool. he Best part is chalkboard paper!

love elle's studios tags, glad they have expanded to include a paper line too!

I always found their tags and jounaling spots really neat. It looks like the new pp has the same unique look! Really cool!

a bunch of beautifull products. the papers are beautyfull

Love the day to day collection!

LOVE the papers!!! The You and Me range is just perfect for Project Life!!

Love it all!!!!

Chalkboard paper tags are cute!

Love the mix of papers and embellishments.

This is probably my favorite product line that I have seen so far. That chalkboard paper is going to sprout wings and FLY out the door!!! Swoon...

Interesting mix of patterns and colors in these lines. I like!

Love it!

I love all of the new products. Elle's Studio is so versatile. You can use it on it's own or mix easily with existing papers in your stash. I only have a few things from my kit club. I would love to have more! thank you for the chance to win.

OMG That chalkboard paper! Beautiful.

Their paper looks so unique. I loved everything but especially the paper. Very different from most. So cool!

Can't wait to see their new lines in person! Love the new papers!

Loving all the new products from Elle's Studio!

What a super collection! I have not tried any Elle's Studio but I plan to!

Wow! I love everything in these collections. I can see using most of it in my Project Life. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Loving the Day to Day collection.

I am so so happy elle's studio is making paper now!!! woohoo!!!!

Great new products. Love the new paper.

So cute! Never had Elles studio... putting it on the wishlist!

love the new papers!!!

Love Elle's Studio these will be on my wish list

Love all the new items from Elle's Studio. Very versatile.

I'm loving all the new valentine's-love stuff!

Love the addition of papers to the line! Gorgeos stuff!

Love everything! And love that they now have 12x12 papers!

Love the little tabbed cards and the addition of patterned papers to match! :)

The You and Me collection is definitely one of my favorites from this season. The papers are so beautiful! I'm so happy they're expanding their product line.

I adore the new day to day collection. So excited to see Elle studio patterned papers! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Love Elle's and the new lines. Love that they have 12x12 paper!

I just bought some of their die cuts and I am so excited to use them. I love their style and the small tidbits they create.

I'm so happy to see Elle's new papers!! They are gorgeous! Love all the tags and snippets!

So glad they've added paper! Love You & Me!

The you and me collection is so cute. I love the snippets!

So exciting to see pp from this company! You and Me – great chalkboard paper. Love the cut off strips! All my heart is so sweet! The tabs are so great for journaling! Tid bits are very cute and useful. I like the mixed journaling tags. Snippet labels!! Pennants and cutouts.
Day to Day – Treasured moments, so cute! Great tid bits and tiny tags.

I love Elle's Studio! I am so excited about the addition of patterned paper and I just LOVE their labels and tags as always-- they are so VERSATILE!

So great to see this company growing. I all three of their new lines and I LOVE the paper!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Elle's Studio!!!! Great new collections :) I must get my hands on them!!

I love the layers and colors of Elle's Studio, so I was thrilled to see the new PPs! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Patterned paper have surprised me, I love it! And all those labels and cards are so cute

Oh, I love the you and me collection.

The Everyday collection is my fav. I alcove love the chalkboard 12 x 12 papers

Cute paper with tiny hearts inside dots! and their tabs and snippets are perfect.

Love those journaling cards/spots...

OMG! I love it all! Thank you Two Peas for introducing me to Elle's Studio!

Some great stuff for PL. The 12x12 papers are great.

Love it all. Thank you for the video.

Lots of little bits that are perfect for PL and traditional scrapbooking.

I love Elle's studio. I live all the new tags!

Lots of little bits perfect for PL!

Love the new paper!

so many items perfect for PL!

I want it all!!!

I always love Elle's Studio! Excited that they now have paper. So cool!

I just heard of Elle's Studio recently, love all these little bits and pieces! Great for PL and layouts!

I just love Elle's Studio and I am so excited that they now have papers.

So much goodness here!!

such classic looks. love it!

Great new lines! Glad to see they are doing papers now.

Super cute new lines! Love the heart icons
& chalkboard paper.

Love these lines, ESP. The new paper.

WOW!! This is the first time I've seen these and I have to say that I am I in LOVE with the You & Me collection!! It's a MUST HAVE!!

I'm so happy to see that a paper line has been added - I love this line!

Perfect for PL! Love all these little cards, tidbits and cutouts. Both collections are really nice.

Very nice!!!

Loving all Elle's Studio products showcasing this CHA-Winter

I love their new snippets

I love love love Elle's Studio!


Love it! It is on my list of things I must have!

Cute Journal Cards!!

Everything is super cute! The papers are adorable.

I love all of their fun tags. They are way too cute!

Love that they added paper, very cute :)

Love, love, love Elle's Studio! Those tiny tags are adorable!

Always love stuff from Elle's

Elle's studio does such a great job creating fun tags!

Just getting a huge order of Elle's Studio from you guys! I usually combine with a friend and order! And now looking forward to getting these as soon as it comes to your store!

I love all things Elle's Studio. They never disappoint.

Adore all the chalkboard pieces! As always perfect items for Project Life.

Great papers!!

Love the cards, tags, collors...

Love their tags and the papers are great.

Love the new tags!! loving the new stuff!

I love their tags, but I didn't know they made papers too. Awesome!

I really like the cards and little pieces to add layers to pages

Love the new 12X12 papers!! Day to Day is my fav.

Love it all!! So excited about the new 12x12 papers!

I'm a I love that they came out with 2 paper lines♥

Such great pieces for layering or adding that extra something the page needs. I don't have much Elle's Studio in my stash, on my list.

this is very nice of you to show it all. love them all.:)

Happy to see the new paper line and I love all the tags and cards too!

I've never bought any Elle's Studio, that is soon to change! Super cute tags and cards!

Love all the cute tags & circles!

Like those everyday papers. The stitching on the cards is also a nice touch.

Love the You and Me collection. Its adorable!

I love everything !!! Perfect for my scrapbooks,

So VERY cute! :D

Love the tags and labels.

I think I`ve just became an Elle Studio`s fan! My favorite so far

Loving the you and me tabs!

I really like the journaling cards. The new papers are great too.

oh wow love everything! adore the matching papers

I like the way Elle's Studio products encourage journaling!

*Really* love the Day to Day collection, most of that will be in a future shopping bucket I am sure...

Seriously LOVE that Elle's is coming out with papers!

So excited love all these new papers

Super excited about the new papers from Elle's studio---and the embellishments are fast becoming a staple for my pages! Love it!

Love the journaling cards.

I like the chalkboard paper!

Such beautiful sentiments@!

Love the snippits/cutouts as always; can never have enough!

Fun new lines! Love them!

Wow, Elle's tudio has really done a great job on these new lines! And here I thought my wish list for CHA was done *hurries off to add these*

I love the new lines! So happy they added papers, their journaling cards are my favorite!

Love it all! Especially the day to day collection. Perfect for project life. The papers they've added are wonderful. I'm so happy to see that they've started making them.

The paper is a great addition! I really like both lines!

Love the chalk board look

Love the papers and all of the journaling cards.

love the lines!

So pretty! I love the You and Me collection!

Love the addition of paper to the range. The colours are fab.

Love the Day to Day collection! Thanks for the chance to win!

I am loving all the new stuff!

I am loving the fact that Elle's Studio is now making paper. The patterns are so different than what's out there right now. Cool.

Love that Day to Day collection. Elle's Studio always has such great tidbits.

Really love Elle's Studio.

love both usable yet cutesy too...can't get enough of these videos...thanks for posting.

Perfect for my project life.

I am loving their papers!

so much lovely bits and pieces!

I love Elle's studio even thought I haven't been able to get any yet :(

Love the fact that are including paper now! The "love" collection is wonderful!

Wow that is a ton of new stuff. I really like the look of their new patterned papers and the tabbed journaling cards.

super excited about these collections! love all the different tags :)

Love these.

Both of these collections are geat!!! So many options

Elles Studio has the cutest little tags and die cuts. Drooling over the pretty colors, too.

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