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So fun!


Absolutly great!

This is my first glimpse of Technique Tuesday Stamps and I am in love! These stamps are going on my shopping list.

This is my first glimpse of Technique Tuesday Stamps and I am in love! These stamps are going on my shopping list.

Awesome collection. Love the colors!

I love Technique Tuesday, so many of their stamps are timeless with a hint of the recent trends.

I LOVE TT stamps!!

Really cool stamps!!

lovely new stamps :)

So happy with the new Technique Tuesday stamps! Can't wait to see them in stores :)

love all the stamps from tt

I so love TT!

Lots of useful stamps here for every day scrapbooking.

Love those stamps.

I always love their stamps!

always like Ali's stamps

My absolute favorite stamps - hands down!

Love Technique Tuesday stamps a very versatile!!

Great journaling and scrapbook sets

yay stamps

I love Technique Tuesday stamps. Ali Edwards is my fave! The travel happyville is wonderful too!

Stamps, Stamps, them love them love them!! Thanks for the chance!

Love Ali Edwards new stamps!

Loving all the new stamps.

great release thanks for sharing!

amazing stamps!! so much fun to use for cards!! thanks for the chance to win!

Absolutely LOVE these stamps :-)

Love Technique Tuesday stamp. They stamp so well.

Amazing stamps!

Love the Hello stamp set. The hearts are fab!

some really versatile stamps there - great for cards and layouts!

Loving the new Technique Tuesday. Really want the Hello Heart Stamps.

Very fun stamps! I really like the word art ones.

Oh, how I love Technique Tuesday stamps! The designs are always clever and versatile, plus they are great quality with top notch customer service. Thanks for the chance to add to my beloved TT stash.

thanks great new stamps

I like the stamp set that has little words written within the big words.

These stamps sets are so versatile and usable! I love them all - from the phrases to the every day stamps to the saying with the hearts! I have seen some of the new "scene" type ones - I think its a cool idea! :)

One this day is now on my list! I like it!!

Technique Tuesday always has the best stamps!!

Ali edwards designs the coolest stamps

Love these stamps!!

More fun stamps.

Love these!

Love the AE The Story of This.

I am ashamed to admit that I don't own any Technique Tuesday stamps, even though, I am totally in love with them.... I have just recently started collecting stamps (still in the more collecting than using them stage). I'm crazy about the new releases!

All of these stamps are so fun! Very clever.

Loving all the new stamps!

The AE stamps are too cute. Can't wait to get my hands on them.

Love the Happyville stamps, fun for travel pages too!

I always need more stamps, yes sir, I do! Love the fonts on these!

LOVE the new AE stamps!!!

Happyville is so cute. Perfect for cards and pages about little kids

Gah! Love these stamps, especially the AE ones! The font on the calendar one is so cute!

Looove all these new candies! :O)

Looks like some fun! I like the party stamps and the big stamps which were the last ones.

Love technique Tuesday's stamps, especially the Ali Edwards ones.

Great new stamps - such cute stuff!!

You had me at Hello. Get it?! Love the Ali stamps.

Wonderful new stamp sets! So many sets are very versatile and could be used for any number of cards and Layouts!

LOVE all these new stamps...especially Ali's new ones. Can't wait to get my hands on some of these and use some in my scrapbooks! :)

Love all of the new Technique Tuesday stamps! Thanks for a chance to win some!

I always love Ali Edwards Stamps for Technique Tuesday, they are just gorgeous.

Absolutely loved the first three stamp sets! "Dear Time Please Slow Down" - I love that saying!

Would love to win. Thanks for the chance. Love Ali's Stamps.

I love stamps and always look forward to seeing what Technique Tuesday is releasing. I love the Happyville stamps.

Oh technique Tuesday, how you tempt me to buy too many stamps! Always.

Love the AE Dear Time and The Story Of stamp sets!

Love Ali Edwards journaling stamps.


Loved all the stamps! my favorite was the circle stamps! great for card making!

Awesome stamps, thanks for the chance to win!

i like something from all those sets but i think my fave is the postcard one.

cute as stamps

I really liked the journaling block with the interchangeable phrases. Anything that helps me write on a straight line is appreciated.


As always TT rocks the stamps. I love Ali's new stamps.

Love Ali's stamps. Handy for cards and scrapbooking.

Love the font used in the On This Day stamp set. I'm always on the look-out for date stamps.

Love the happyville stamps

Cute Stamps! I like cherish and unforgetable and celebrate.

Thanks for sharing!

Love all the new Ali stamps but also the round calendar is very cool too!

The new Ali stamps are so fun!

I love all of the AE designs!

Just LOVE Ali's stamps!! and that round calendar one.

Great new sets by Ali, and some really fun trendy sets in general!

I love the stamps by Ali!

I just love all of the TT stamps! They are so fun & whimsical, and they use good fonts!!

Love all of the new TT stamps. TT has been my new love affair of clear stamps and these are no exception!

TFS the new TT stams, Jamie - love the AE line.

I just might be drooling over the Ali Edwards stamps!

Always love TT stamps! Especially the Ali Edwards collection!

Such a wide variety of stamp sets for all occasions! Love them!

Oh I’m looking for the perfect airplane for so long and this one is great!

Ali Edwards is amazing! Love them all.

love these stamps, especially the Ali Edwards ones!

Love the journaling heart stamp!

I love stamps!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing!! Loving several of the new designs and already have ideas on how to use them!! Thanks for sharing and Havea fabulous week!! :)

I already ordered some ofthese from the TT site but have more on my wishlist!

Already stalking the store for these!!!

Love these stamps! So many project ideas running through my head!

I think I'll be adding The Story Of... to my wish list!

I'm going to need some of these stamps for my project life!

my stamp collection definitely needs some updating. these are so great!

Love Ali's stamps!

Great stamps, makes me want to go make a bunch of cards!

As always, I love the new Ali stamps. So great for every day.

As always, I love the new Ali stamps. So great for every day.

They all look very versitle but "The Story of" I love, love, love! I can't wait to order that one and use it in my version of Project Life!

Very cool... Really like that last one!

I really like "the story of..." stamps

Oooo, would LOVE to get The Story Of and On This Day stamps!

Ruth Mayberry

TT stamps are fantastic, I only have a few of ALi Edwards, but use them alot. This release will have me adding a couple of sets..Big THings for sure!

I never found Technique Tuesday where I live but they look very nice. Love the calendar end the circles .

love ali's hello stamp!!

On This Day was very nice.

Can't wait to get my hands on some of these.

I like these stamps. I may need to purchase the circles with sayings. Very cute.

So many stamps that will be great for PL and for scrapping my boys' pages!

Oh gosh - sooo many fabulous stamps! TFS =)

Looking forward to seeing example cards made with these stamps. Thanks for sharing!

Every year I say I'm going to spend less on stamps, every year I fail. This year will not be any different. The Story Of is my favorite shown here, so versatile!

I love Technique Tuesdays stamps. So cute!

Great releases, I like the calendar one!

I love Technique Tuesday Stamps!! The new designs as always peek my interest!!!

love the party lights!!!

So many great sets from Technique Tuesday! I can't decide which one I want more.

Technique Tuesday makes some of the best quality stamps on the market. I love their new designs. Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

i love the really versatile ones

Wonderful stamp sets. Technique Tuesday is always fantastic.

I love the word art stamp sets

I've loved technique Tuesday for over ten years Now and they just keep getting better! Can't. Wait for these sets to come out :)

useful for every project/ theme!

Always love their line of stamps. ALOT of must haves here!!!


Love all those cool stamps!!!

Oh my goodness! I am going to have to get a 2nd and 3rd job to buy everything I want.

Many must haves here!

I'm so obsessed with stamps at the moment and these look great, will definitely add them to my wishlist.

I love the quality of their stamps.

More great stamps!

I love TT! Ali Edwards stamps are on my must have list. And Teri's stamps are so much fun & so trendy.

Love all of these stamps. Ali's are always so awesome. And love the Happyville ones too!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Technique Tuesdays stamps.

You can't go wrong with ali edwards them!

Their stamps are always fabulous, but the Happyville stamps are just the cutest. What a fun idea! :)

Love the new stamps, especially Ali Edwards!

Love Ali Edwards stamps!

Gosh.. Loved all the stamps!!! Loved the customizable stamp and the Love This, Love that - great for scrapbooking!

really like the story of stamps. love how we can customize what we want in the box!

Lovin these stamps sets, tons of stuff I can do with it!

I just adore Ali Edwards stamp sets!

Cute stamps!!! :)

These stamps are really nice. I think the calendar stamp is a great idea!

I am loving the Time set. Love the typography and the long and narrow orientation.

Maybe if I sell all of my old TT alphabet stamps I can afford the new ones...hehehe

Love the new Ali Edward stamps as usual. Thanks for sharing them!

Love the stamps! The calendar set is my favorite!

Love Technique Tuesday stamp sets!

Hope I win! :)

Love Ali Edwards...this stamps rock

Love the Ali Edwards stamps!

My favorite was "The story of..." Great stamp set!

Love the new stamp sets. I'm a fan of Ali's stamps and I'm definitely loving the big words style sets by Technique Tuesday.

Ali's stamps are always must haves.

Lots of good new stamps.

I am always willing to make room for more stamps in my collection, and these sets are perfect for scrapbooking!

Cute stamps!

Love the Big Thanks set... so fun! TFS!

Can't wait to see how people view their own Happyville.

I love Ali's new stamps and I also love the big words...the last stamp set that you showed!

I love the happy ville travel set!!

always love AE/TT stamps!

Love the new AE stamps

Really great new stamps! I especially like the AE and big thanks.

I love Technique Tuesday stamps, so glad to see another date stamp set from them.

All these stamps are wonderful! Love the "Cars" stamp set!

Love the stamps so cute

I love Ali's stamps.

I love Ali's handwritten sentiments in stamp form, since I am not a digital scrapper.

Love Ali's new stamps and the happyville ones are so cute!

I've always loved ali edwards and technique tuesday-it always makes me want to stamp more!

Great new stamps! I especially like Happyville. I think those would be great to use for little boy projects, too.

I'm not an avid stamper, but love the stamps by Ali Edwards! They're so versatile and easy to use. all of these. can't wait to see what other fabulous stamps they have coming out. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Those last stamps are so clever!

I always love Ali's stamps. Very nice.

I love the Ali Edwards stamps. The journaling stamps are my fav.

love technique tuesday! Love especially the new Ali Edwards stamps and that date one.

Amazing company! I've never really used or seen their products before but will have to change that b/c I loved some of their new items. Especially the journaling and heart stamps and the date set. Also thought say it with circles was cute!

These are my very favorites stamps!! I like the Hello set! Happyville stamps are so cute!

Always love Technique Tuesday

Again, great stamps from Ali Edwards... can't wait to shop!

Like the Happyville concept. Can't wait

Great stamps. Of course Ali's stamps are my fav

Nice arrow and heart stamps!

Really great stamp! Need to get some of these!

I always love some many of Technique Tuesday's stamps! I have to get some of those!

Great stamps! I especially love the new AE stamps!

I can always add TT and AE stamps to my collection. Thank you for the video.

So many stamps, so little time.

There are so many wonderful new stamps being released. I think I know what ones I will be buying!

Love the new AE stamps!

great new stamps. I love the AE designs.

i love that ali's stamps kind of look like subway art.

love the ae stamps and the happyville line

Not a bad one in the bunch. Really liked "Hello".

Love all the new AE stamps!

I do need those month stamps!

The Ali Edwards stamps are on my must have list.

I always like what Ali has to release. The Happy Town stamps are a cute concept too.

I like the big thanks and the circle stamps!! Must haves!!

"Hello" is on my MUST have list!!

these are all so adorable.

I love the "This is the story set!" I'could use it on every page!

ali edwards products are always soooo good!

Lovely as always!

Love these, and yes time flies!

I especially like Ali Edward's stamps, but all TT's stamps are nice!

Love TT stamps. Especially love the one with the hearts.

OMG I so need all of these!!

I only buy TT stamps and these are sooo cute!!

Awesome stamps!!

I'm excited for the all the stamps with the handwriting on them!

So awesome! Love the Hello stamp set.

Very cute stamps would love to add these to my collection!

Very nice stamps. Looking forward to these being released so that I can get busy stamping:)

Cute stamps :)

CANNOT WAIT for these! :)

Love the hello set! Must buy that lol

Such fun stamps - love the little vehicles!

Eeeeek! Absolutely love TT stamps!

So many I could use!!

Wow, I love the Ali Edwards ones and how sweet is 'Happyville'??? so cute!

Love the Ali Time and Story Of sets!

just in love!

I have to have these stamps! LOVE!

Love all the Ali Edwards stamps.

so cute, got to have the calendar one

I really like the stamps designed by Ali Edwards, very versatile and cute sayings.

L♥ve them! Can't wait to buy a few of these!

awesome stamps cant wait to add some to my collection:)

Love the Ali Edward`s stamp with the hearts.

I've never been a stamper before but I need to get some of these.

Love the Ali Edwards stamps!! They would be a great addition to use in my projects.

This is one of the companies that I always MOST look forward to seeing! Once again, they do not disappoint!!

Love the Ali E stamps, as usual! I also like the one that said things like You Rock and Cool - very interesting designs, and unique.

My favorite is the Hello stamps!

LOVE those Ali Hello stamps! But they are all sooooo cool! TFS!

I like the set with the different year stamps.

Really loving the new Ali E stamps, esp the subway art style text stamps and the "Story Of..." stamp set!

Adore the blocky style of Ali's new stamps

Love these cute stamps

Fun stamps.

So many great ones! Can't wait to get all the happyville sets! :)

Great new stamps!

Love their stamps! They stamp beautifully and they always have some fun sets.

Take me to Happyville!

Love the Ali E stamps!

Ali's stamps are always great and I just love the party lights stamp.

Love TT stamps!

I'm excited to get those. I really love the Ali Edwards stamps.

Great stamps! Especially the AE ones!

I especially like the Say it with Circles and Big Thanks! Must love the "Howdy" stamp with the "hi" in it!

Love the stamps by Ali Edwards. She does it again.

Love TT stamps.

Great new sets!! I love the Ali Edwards ones.

Technique Tuesday is one of my favorites!

I love TT stamps. They always stamp so cleanly.

I love the Ali Edwards stamps!

I always look forward to the TT releases!

Love Technique Tuesday's stamps!

TT always has something I like. The clear stamps make getting them in just the right place so easy.

love TT stamps :)

I really need some of these!!!

These are great! I don't do any PL type of scrapping but can so imagine using these on tags, cards and elements for layouts

Just ordered my first set of TT stamps and I love them.

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