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This is wonderful! Thans for introducing us to Uncle Chester.

I love the look you achieved with the strips of patterned paper. Nice Job!

Fabulous LO using you scrap stash. I love how you shared you Uncle Chester with us. I immediately fell in love with him as you shared pieces of your family history with you Uncle.

I have always loved your work. We have a very special person in our family too and he brings lots of light and love to all of us. Thank you for sharing your Uncle Chester with us and your thought process. Loved to hear why you did and didn't do things.

Fabulous video. Thanks for sharing.

What a great video, Jill! I your explanation of your process, and hearing about your Uncle Chester. Makes me think of my cousin Sonny.

Thanks for sharing your talent and a piece of your life.

Jill, this was so moving. I love your description of the layout, and how meaningful this was. I had tears in my eyes listening to you and relating to your experience.

great video, great tips and the page turned out to be, Oh so awesome!!!

Wow, awesome video!! I love how you cut apart the snowflake, so creative! I found your journaling very touching, and I love your page!

Thank you so much for sharing your project but even more thank you for sharing about your uncle. I love you page and I love how you talked about having this person in your life. We are so lucky to have this incredible hobby, otherwise I would not have had you touch my life today.

Love this video! Everything about it is inspirational to me. You have me wanting to re-purpose ALL my holiday themed stash!

I just love your page... and love the subject! I totally get what you said about having someone special in your life, and how you consider it a gift. I have a brother who is autistic and was born blind. Everybody used to laugh at him at school and I was so hurt by their comments and attitudes. He is a part of who I am today, and I consider it also as a gift in my life! Your journaling touched me beyond words...

This was a great video. I'm a new fan! I especially love your idea of adding those cross lines around the journaling!! Thanks for sharing your talent!

That picture is so great! Love your use of mist. THe hearts are so cute and way to use that Christmas paper!!

Love the layout & it was so funny to hear your voice because you sound exactly like my friend Michelle (your voice twin).

Awesome LO. Beautifully designed and perfectly colored. Playful and sweet, like your uncle.

Oh my goodness...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this layout. You have inspired me beyond any scrapbooker out there. I so enjoyed this video and what a "special" story. Thanks for sharing your talents!

I really enjoyed this video and it gives me lots of ideas about all my left over christmas stash.
I also enjoyed reading about your Uncle he sounds like he is beautiful person who enjoys life and that is really a wonderful quality.

love your layout and I can totally relate to your story as I have someone special really close to me. thanks for sharring and for the inspiration, I'll for sure scrap a page for your challenge!

I love this layout! Great story, too -- your uncle sounds like a wonderful soul. :)

I so enjoyed your entire video from the LO, to the story and how you explain yoiur process. Cant wait to see more of your work!!

I love seeing all the new videos from Garden Girls we didn't hear from! :). Not in voice anyway...That was a wonderful layout, but obviously it meant a lot to you and that is more important to me than a visual triangle. Don't get me wrong, I think graphic placement is very important, but if it doesn't MEAN something, then why bother spending valuable time scrapping it....I love that you shared this and all the symbolism and thought out detail comes out, even without an explanation. I love your work and it is great to hear a voice accompany it!

Great video! I really enjoyed the refreshing way your explained your process creating the layout. Touching content and visually beautiful as well!

thanks Jill, awesome topic choice!

Thanks for sharing!

Such a beautiful tribute to a special family member. Thank you for sharing this part of your life.

I enjoyed your video and especially loved the layout - a wonderful, loving documentation of family. Thank you.

What a great video! I really enjoyed learning how you approached the choices you made as you went along. You've made me want to get to know your family! :-)

love how you used the Christmas supplies on this but especially I love the layout itself! I have a special daughter and found this page extremely touching. thank you.

What fabulous inspiration! I loved seeing your process--and to have the outcome be such an amazing, touching tribute to your uncle was the added bonus! Thank you!

This was just a great class and what a fantastic, meaningful layout! If I could make one layout a year with this much import, I'd consider it a year well spent. Thank you!

Love your video and seeing your process. Thanks for sharing.

Great video! Thank you for sharing your process as well as your Uncle Chester.

This was a terrific video. You did a fantastic job with your explanations. The layout is fabulous.

Great layout, love the all the strips, and yes extra points for Halloween ink.

I loved seeing your process, Jill!! Thank you so much!

Great video, Jill! Love how you talk about the composition as you work!!

This is exactly what I needed to see! I have more Christmas and Halloween product than I know what to do with. Thanks for the inspiration!

I really loved the explanations you gave as to the decisions you made throughout your process of creating this page. Love this page and the message behind it! You did an excellent job on this video! Very inspiring! Thanks, Jill!

I really enjoyed watching along as you created Jill! And I just love the end result :) You are amazing at what you do!!!

I loved this video. It was so interesting watching your process unfold. You included some great tips. Great Layout! Thanks for sharing this with us.

I love this LO - and I love your heartfelt journaling. It is all very special :)

You definately get bonus points for using the Halloween mist! Great layout.

Very inspiring! Loved that you shown the whole process of collecting the indiviual pieces to the finished LO. Love the orange and green together - some of my favs.

Thank you Jill for an amazing l/o - love the orange and green together. And your photo and journaling are perfect. Maria

LOVE watching your process, Jill! This page is not only oozing with inspiration, but is so very moving as well!

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