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Pretty and feminine.

I love the Romantic look of this collection.

Awesome collection. Love the colors!

Love the color and composition line

They have such pretty things!!


love the cards!! adorable lines!


Very pretty!

Very pretty cards.

Oohh -- pretty!!

Some really pretty Project Life possibilities.

So pretty!!

love the flowers and the cards

Fun 3x4 cards! Thanks for the chance to win! ;)

The Sweet Note Collection caught my eye! Very nice papers throughout

Very pretty papers in these collections.

some very beautiful papers in those collections

Really like the Allison Kreft collaboration. Love Sweet Notes. :)

I love Websters!!

I love the book papers, I will need several sheets!

I am SO excited that Allison is designing for Webster's now! This line is at the top of my list.

Love the Allison Kreft partnership. A great addition to Websters.

Oh, I am totally drooling over the new Allison Kreft Line.

Allison did an awesome job!

I love Allison's lines very cute!

LOVE the new Allison lines!

I love the new Allison Kreft lines, the colors are perfect!

I love the Allison Kreft lines they are so wonderful!

I'm in love with the Allison Kreft lines!!!

I want it all! Some great stuff. So unique.

The New Beginnings papers are lovely, but it's WP embellishments that really get my heart rate up !

I so love Webster's Pages and love, love, love the Allison Kreft lines!

Stunning release! I've always found Webster's Pages to be so elegant and it's tough to not to want to frame almost every sheet of their gorgeous pattern papers instead of cutting into it... Their embellishmetnts that they design for their collections are some of the most beautiful around! I'm really excited about the new Allison Kreft lines, so whimsical and cute...

I love the Allison Kreft lines, they are so fun and cool. I like the paper with the different coloured woods on it, I hadn't noticed that one before!

Love it! Webster's Pages always has beautiful, quality product.

The Sweet Notes line is my favorite EVER from WP. Great stuff!

Love! So pretty

I can't wait to see the Allison Kreft lines in person. They look fantastic.

Allison Kreft lines are awesome!!!

The Allison Kreft collaboration is really showing! Love that camera and arrow papers.

These are beautiful and I really like the twist WP is taking with the Allison Kreft lines!

So much to like! I do wish you would have included the embellishments in your video though. Websters Pages has such special ones!

I'm most excited about the collaboration with Allison Kreft. The papers are absolutely gorgeous! The journaling cards will definitely be going into my PL album.

Great new collections by Allison Kreft. Love those journaling cards!!

Love the new Alison Kreft collections. Beautiful stuff.

I love the Alison Kreft collection - so bright and beautiful! As always, WP has come out with another beautiful range of products!

I am a huge fan of Alison Kreft's designs so I am very excited about her collaboration with Webster's.

Beautiful colors and style.

Love the Allison Kreft collaboration!

Gorgeous as always, and Allison Kreft is such a perfect fit. Love all four collections!

I love the Alison Kreft lines, the map prints have stolen my heart.

Love both of the Allison Kreft collections!! So colorful and fun!

I really like the Allison Kreft collections.

New Beginnings caught my eye. I love both pages with the eggs, and the floral paper with the blue background.

LOVE the AK Color and Complecision collection

Really beautiful - love the Modern Romance


cant wait for the new collection with Allison Kreft. Really like them alot!!!

LOVE the new Spring lines for Webster's Pages! Especially the first line in collaboration with Allison Kreft!.

Love Webster's pages!

Love Allison Kreft's designs, especially Sweet Note collection. Great job!

So happy for the Alison Kreft designs!

Love all the new papers so neat! Thanks for sharing!

Such beautiful collections! Love the birds, bicycles, and the sweet little elephants. Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the cut apart sheet, really pretty papers!

Love the Alison Kreft lines!

Is that a pastel bookshelf paper? I totally love it!!!! I must have it!


Some wonderful new collections. Can't wait to start using some of them!

nice additions! Thanks Websters,

These little elephants are adorable!!

I like that paper with the pastels in the slots. That is a beautiful collection from Allison Kreft.

Cute collections, love the bright, fun and different collections of Allison Kreft.

Allison's new work is fabulous!!! :)

Not usually a Webster's fan... but love the non-traditional webster's approach in a few of those lines.

Thanks for sharing!

Really like the Allison Kreft lines--very different from Webster's Pages!

Love the new Alison Kreft lines.

I love Allison Kreft's new lines!

I really like the new lines by Allison Kreft!

I like the first 3 collections best. The papers can be cut into strips or boxes. Nice changes for Webster's Pages.

So, SO excited about Allison Kreft's lines!

Allison Kreft's line looks so yummy! - love the books! Also loved the cloud prints in the New Beginnings line.

I love the colors in Allison's new lines!

The new Webster's product is just FABULOUS!! I love Alison's new line, and I also am digging the new baby line as well!!

Love all of the pastel colors!

Very pretty lines. Love the cards!

Love the colors in Allison Kreft's new lines!

Love the new collections! TY WPs

loving the lines by allison! with maps, chevron, cameras, etc whats not to love??

I love allison's line it's so beautiful!

Love Webster's Pages and their new lines.

I love the cut-apart cards!

Beautiful new lines. I can't wait to browse them in the Two Peas Store.

seriously in love with the 3x4 cards!!!

So glad to see Allison's designs with Websters pages. Can't wait to see them in person.

Just beautiful!

The Allison Kreft papers are a MUST have!

very nice! Now to plant my garden

Love the new lines.

Awesome!! Loving it all like usual!! Webster's has amazed with both the embellishments and the designs!! Have a fabulous week!! :)

The journaling tag pages would becgreat for project life

Allison Kreft and WP make a great team! I love these collections!!

So pretty! Looking forward to the camera washi and transparencies!

Nice collections!

LOVE all the Allison Kreft papers!

Seriously?!!! Allison Kreft is my new crush!! I am IN LOVE with all her designs :) Beautiful!!

I really like there more traditional floral patterns and images but and interested in seeing it all in person. Love WP!

Love Webster's Pages. Allison Kreft collaboration is a winner.

The Allison Kreft collaborations are gorgeous.

Sweet notes looks great!

Really like sweet notes and new beginnings.

I always love Websters Pages products! I especially like the traditional lines from this go round. Not so sure about the photo realistic papers.

I must have the lines by Allison Kreft!

<3 that bookshelf paper

Love anything Allison Kreft touches. What a great collaboration.

Love what Allison Kreft has done!

I'm completely in love with color & composition!

I agree with another comment; I did not use to be a fan of WP, but these collections are very beautiful and usable.

I like that WP are more "user friendly" now, so I could use their paper!

OMG, usually not a huge Web. Pages fan but LOVE this release...every collection is wonderful! Definitely will be singing their praises!

The papers are so amazing! It's gorgeous

Beautiful job by Allison Kreft! Thanks for a chance to win!

I can't wait for this line! Love the awesome color combos!

love it all!! my faves are the allison kreft lines!

While I have always thought Websters had beautiful papers, they were not my style, The new Allison Kreft designs have changed that!

Ooooo very nice!

I am totally in love with the Sweet Notes collection. Cannot wait until it releases.


I love the new Allison Kreft papers. The colors and patterns are beautiful!

oooh, those first papers reminded me of watercolor paintings. I really like them. What a nice change.

Oh my goodness! I always thought Webster's Pages were too frilly for me, but the two Allison Kreft ones have totally won me over! Can't decide which I like better - guess I'll just have to get both! (:

Love the sweet notes collection!

Love love love! the 2 collections by Allison Kreft. Have never used Webster's pages before, will have to get some now!

Very Cool the books. Thanks for the video

I don't normally buy Webster's Pages but, I really like Color and Composition.

LOVE color and composition! Fun images and great colors-go figure!

Love Webster's Pages! The new collections are awesome and as usual I want it all...

Sweet Notes and Color and Composition are both fabulous! The woodgrain bags are my absolute favorite thing from them!

Color and composition is a really fun collection. Sweet notes has quite a variety of summer motifs. New beginnings is just wonderful and I love the spring colors and the motifs. Thanks.

wonderful new products - can't wait to see what everyone does with it!!

Sweet Notes is my fave, love it! Been waiting to see it properly :)

Love the papers with journal cards! Useful for PL too!

I love Allison Krefts line! The little bags and transparencies are wonderful

I love the cute pink birds on a wire in Allison Kreft's 'Sweet Notes' Collection. So cute!

Thank you for sharing the new collections! It is fun to watch all the new stuff being shown!

WP has never been my style, but these collections are changing that!

love allison krefts collections the best, so glad that what i loved from hambly isnt gone forever

I love the watercolor pretty. Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

I really like the sweet notes collection-the colours, designs,...can't wait to play with them!

Really useable A and B sides here, and all the latest trends. Can't wait for this.

I like the new Allison Kreft designs.

So excited by the Alison Kreft lines, love the new direction.

The papers are beautiful and have a delicate feeling to them.


Love the first Allison Kreft line - it will be perfect for my Hawaii photos!

These paper collections are amazing.
Love them all

The Allison Kreft lines are wonderful!

Love the collection with the elephants!!

Beautiful, what else is there to say.

Love the collaboration between Allkyson Kraft and Webster's beautiful!!!

I have never bought their papers but I think this has me ready to purchase

Yeah elephants!


Love the new Allison Kreft lines and that collection with the elephants is to die for. Thanks for the chance to win.

Allison Kreft is so talented. Love all of these collections.

super pretty papers.

The designs by Allison Kreft are absolutely gorgeous. These might be the first collections I buy from Webster's!

Allison Kreft is amazing. Love the collection.

I am in love with the Alison Kreft designed lines. Love the photo like papers and and the hot colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

I have never used Websters Pages, but i would like to try it.

Gorgeous new collections. Love the Color and Composition, and the New Beginnings is so sweet! :)

Such a beautiful collection of paper - thanks for a chance to win!

REALLY cute collections!!!

That color and composition line is just beautiful! I can't wait to see it IRL.

Really like Allison's designs!

One word "Beautiful", love it!

Cannot wait to order some of this!

LOVE Allison's designs, Those hot pink birds are to die for!

Love the new beginnings line. Gorgeous colors.

What fun collections! Love the colors!

Love Allison Kreft's two lines! The colours are fabulous!

Love Allison's two lines, esp. sweet notes!

love the sweet notes collection

Love the Modern Romance collection!

Gorgeous stuff as always from Websters--love their new additions!

Beautiful collections :)

I love the Alison Kreft lines!!

I love the Alison Kreft collections - especially the B sides!

It's all gorgeous!

Love the Allison Kreft collections,beautiful colors!

Hope I win! :)

I also like the Allison Kreft papers, I bet the embelishments are fabulous.

So gorgeous! I especially love the collections by Alison Kreft. The colors were lovely and I just adore the little cameras.

SO EXCITED about Alison Kreft joining WP!! Check out websters for the embellies, ribbons etc, and OVERLAYS!!! Be still my beating heart!!

Love the Allison Kreft collections especially Color and Composition. Very nice pattern papers.

Color in Composition is full of the happiest colors on earth. I will be getting this!
Sweet Notes is fantastic also! Love the birdies on the line!
In Modern Romance, I love the b-sides even more than the a-sides.
New Beginnings is so elegant. Love the tree sheet and the cloud sheet.

Love collections from Alison Kreft! Especially the bright prints & patterns!

love sweet notes!

Color and composition! Loved the book sheet with the pastel colors!

I see lots to love from these lines.

I really want those Alison Kreft lines.

Beautiful new design directions, but for me nothing trumps traditional Websters roses and romance. Love the Modern Romance collection!

Love the b sides and the egg papers for Easter.

I found it funny I always seem to like the b side on all paper LOL

I really like the New Beginnings collection. Even before you showed the Easter Egg paper, I was thinking it would be lovely for Easter.

Really looking forward to these! Thanks for the video.

I am so in love with the new webster pages collections! thanks for showing them, it is so difficult to decide what to purchase! I want them all!

Beautiful collections! Love thiem!

I love the cameras and the vintage/artsy (realistic photo, wood elements, etc.) looking designs - I also love the 12x12 sheets with the journaling cards! I also love the whole sweet notes collection! The romantic collections has some gorgeous colors! Wow 4 lines - good for Webster's!!

that allison kreft collection is amazing!

very cute papers!

Really like the Sweet Notes collection. I love everything from Webster's Pages!

LOVING Sweet Notes, especially that lovely peacock feather print! TFS!

Love the Sweet Notes collection. It's a different look for Webster's but I love it! :)

I LOVE both Allison Kreft collections. So cute!

These collections are beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

Allison Kreft's collection looks incredible! So excited to get my hands on her designs. Thanks for the chance to win :)

Sweet notes is really cute. The colors are very summery. Also like the New Beginings collection.

Can totally see using these on PL! Looking forward to Allison Kreft's new collections as usual!

Allison two new lines are must have!

Beautiful papers! So excited for the new Allison Kreft lines...

love love love allisons collections with websters pages!!!!

Allison's collections are my absolutely favorites! I love the colors and designs! Need it! Need it! Need it!

SO excited about alison's designs - everything looks great! :)

Love Alison's designs. I need to save up sooo much money to pay for all of the stuff I want from the CHA! :)

I LOVE Allison Kreft's lines!! Some of my faves ever!

The new collections are beautiful. Good job Webster's Pages.

LOVE all things Wesbter's Pages!!

Lovely paper, i specialy like the first 2 lines, very unusual of WP

Different look nice line

Love the collab with Allison-gorgeous!

Allison Kreft is my favorite! Love both of her lines.

The Color & Composition line looks really neat!! Great colors and artwork!

The Webster Line is exciting! Of course my favorite prints are the florals and the papers that accent them. Good job Jamie.

Love Allison Kreft!

Of course I love Alison Kreft's line, but I love Webster's regular line with the Easter eggs, etc.

I love the paper with the red white and blue popsicles!

Oh my! LOVE the Alison Kreft lines - the realistic pattern paper is awesome. Adore the books and bicycles.

I love the two Alison Kreft lines!!

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