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234  Comments - CHA Winter '13 - Lily Bee

love the callout paper!

Lily Bee has the best usable small patterns. i love their paper!

Great colours and mix of patterns!

Awesome collection. Love the colors!

Fun! Loved Picnic Basket but all were cute!

Love the B sides of picnic and destination, could be used for so many different things.

picnic basket B sides are awesome!

Love them!

Picnic basket Sweet Shop are my favorite.

love the travel line!!

i love the special effects...

That heart bohka paper is sooo cute!

Some very nice papers.

Love the brown side!

Love that heart bohka paper! Adding that to my list:)

Love the black on the back of the collection!

love the colors

Great papers and patterns!

Such great patterns!!

Sweet Shop is ...well Sweet!

love all the colors

very nice line! I love the travel line!

Wow ~ gorgeous collections! Love the colors and the travel line is especially lovely.

Love all the hearts! Thanks for the chance to win! ;)

Really like the travel collect (both sides)

Love the papers.

Love how some of the papers can be cut up and used as embellishments.

Gorgeous array of papers. Lily Bee always comes up with some great designs :)

Love the heart bokeh paper - it's my fave!

I'm loving the patterns!!

I really like the houndstooth pattern.

Super fun papers! The bokeh is my favorite :)

Totally excited about the LB releases this time. Digging the redesign of the alphas and all the cute embellies.

Love the colors. I was never a big Lily Bee fan but I am really liking Sweet Shop and Destination

very cool patterns :)

LOVE LOVE lilybeee <3 Love the bokeh, and how versatile the patterns are! Can't wait to get my hands on this. :)

I love the versatile color palettes in these new lines!

I really like all their lines this release - with all the yellow blue and red! The touches of black appeal to me too in one of the collections.

I really like the colors in Picnic Basket and am looking forward to seeing all of the extras that Lily Bee does so well.

Such fun patterns. I love the eclectic mix.

super cute patterns

Loving Sweet Shoppe!

I've always been such a huge fan of Lily Bee and am just as delighted with these newly released collections as ever...

I LOVE the colours in Pinwheel, and the bokeh effect paper is my favourite 'A' side - I like all the 'B' sides!!!

Cute! A couple of those papers remind me of one of the travel collections from Girls Paperie!

Pretty collection!

Love the collection with the wood grain backgrounds

Lily Bee knocked it out of the park this time. Love it all!

Love the new collections.

Very cute, love the colors and variety of small patterns.

So cute! Picnic basket is my fave. I love the pinwheel paper!

Great new collections! LOVE Picnic Basket!!

Lily Bee always have great collections and the B sides are a great mix that can be used for so much.

Great new collections - well done Lily Bee!!

I love all three collections! Beautiful A sides, but also very versatile B sides. Well done, Lily Bee!

LOVE the colors!

Love all these collections! So bright and fun!

Bright colors and the destination collection looks great

Great colors! My favorites are the first and last lines.

Wonderful collections! So bright and cheery. Thanks for a chance to win.

Very versatile, soper sweet , usable papers!

I love these collections, esp the fun bokeh patterns. These are all so happy and cheery and the paper names make me smile. Love Lily Bee!

What awesome new papers! thanks for sharing.

Very fun names and such fun colors!!

Love the cut apart sheet and bright colours in the first collection. And very verstaile B sides.

Lily Bee is so unique! I love the travel line.


The best thing about Lily Bee is their incredibly usable small patterns. I love them!

wow..the b side of the vaction line was really inpredictable there----and I love every one of those patterns!

Love all the new designs. Especially love the hearts and strawberries!!!

There is so much I like here - the pinwheels, the colors, the tiny prints!!

I love these lines, especially the blues and yellows, and the pinwheels...

The bicycle paper!

great line, thanks Lily Bee

The sweet shoppe collection is great, I love the strawberrie & cream, cotton candy ad marshmellow paper.
The other collections they have such great elements.

Travel line was intriguing.

Thanks for sharing!

Love the bright, fun colors of the "picnic basket" line as well as the muted "b" sides of the travel line. These are great!

I love the colors in their new collections!

Great new lines! LOVE the orange polka dot paper!

Good variety of papers in each collection. Like the smaller scale prints.

I think Lily Bee did an amazing job with their release this time around, great color combos and patterns and I love that they always have great smaller prints that almost translate as solids.

Beautiful!! Love the different collections and the colors for each!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Loved those pinwheels in the Pic Nic Basket line and those b-sides of the travel line!!

I always love Lily Bee colors!

Love lily bee letter stickers.

Lily Bee is my new find!

as always love Lily Bee papers

Great new papers

Love the colors!

Love the travel themed papers with the globes!

loving the b-sides with all that brown and offwhite! can't wait to get my hands on that polaroid paper!

The lines are so cute and sweet too.

These papers are very pretty!

Love the cream backgrounds of Lily Bee papers. The names are so fun this time and the prints seem very versatile.

Love it!

I like all of them, can't wait to see them in person!

I love the second line, great colors and patterns, I like both the A and B sides.

Another beautiful collection.


I am so loving these new lines! I have so many ideas for them. I will have to go places so I can use some of them!

Great b sides on Picnic Basket!

I am loving the awesome colors and patterns!! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week!! ;)

More great lines from Lily Bee. And they look like they will go along with a lot of past lines also.

Great b side papers

Love the bright colors of the first two lines! So pretty!!

I love everything about their new lines! Bring it on!

So many fun colors!

Love the A and B side of the Destination paper. I hope some of it makes it into my cart! I do a lot of travel layouts so it looks perfect to explore with.

LOVE the Destinations Collection!

Oh wow!!! That B side of the Destination line is AMAZING!!! Love the polaoroid and the camera print on them :) Thanks for sharing

I love the travel collection.

The B sides of both the Picnic Basket and Destinations collections are fabulous.

Love the B sides of the travel line. Very versatile.

very hard to pick a favorite

I especially like the 3rd line, the travel related one. And the monochrome b side papers are really cool!

I especially love the B sides of the Destination line!

Love Lily Bee, all of them!

Lily Bee is one of my favorite manufacturers and I love how they've integrated the bokeh trend into threat lines.

love those smokey blues and woodgrain

I really like Destination, very different from other collections in this theme and the B sides are so cool!

The B sides are really nice, and Destination is a great collection!

These are really nice usable color and pattern combinations. Thanks for showing us Jamie. Maria

The idea of the same color combo on the B sides of the Destination collection is great.

Great papers, adore the B sides too!

I really love the b-sides to these new collections!

Love these great new collections!

always love what lily bee puts out!

loving the new products!

I love the small patterns on the bside, perfect for cards, then you dont have to buy the 6 x6 pads, you can use the 12 x12 for both scrapping and cards. All the Lilly Bee is adorable.

Super cute.

Love the bokah with hearts page and the B sides of the travel collection!

Love the bokah with hearts page and the B sides of the travel collection!

I am getting all of those brown papers. I need more fun/masculine papers.

These collections were reminding me a bit of the strong pattern styles in Jillibean soup patterns (which I love) until we got to the B side of the travel papers. WOWZA, that really got my attention. Amazing idea. Love it all but especially that cool, printed woodgrain B-side paper set. SO FUN!

Love them all! Especially the last pages shown in this video!

Wow..very cool travel line! Thanks for the video.

Love the new collections, especially the monochrome side B. TFS

LOVE sweet shoppe and the B sides of the third collection!! Too cute!

Lilly Bee has taken me by surprise the past two CHA's, they are now in my top 5 companies! Love all of these releases!

Love the wonderful colors!! I'm so excited for the new collections.

Picnic basket b side are wonderful.

wow, love it all!!

Those woodgrain/pen drawn papers are fab!

Love the soft colours! Amazing collections!

I am loving these collections. I don't own any lily bee, but that will be changing! Thanks for sharing

WOW! Love it! Tfs

I'm very partial to the B sides, myself. I do like a few of the A sides though, especially in the last 2 collections shown.

Their designs are stunning! Thank you for sharing. Take care. :)

I love the travel one, and the bokeh.

I think these latest collections are pretty fun especially the polaroid paper!

i love the delicate patterns

I'm a B side fan with these papers.

I must admit I am in love with all three of the lines, the B sides are fantastic.

Love the picnic collection. Love the papers!


Picnic Basket is my favorite!

I love the destination collection with the dark brown wood grain/white patterns on the B sides! Can't wait for those!

Love the first collection!!!

These papers are great. Hope to be a winner!

Love the Picnic Basket Collection.

Love the picnic collection!!!!!

All three collections have fabulous designs. I like the unique b sides.

Love the first collection very well balanced sides a and b!!

I LOVE these papers!

Again love it!

Great collections - love those little hearts

I love all three of these collections!

Love the Destination collection!

Fun papers. Lily Bee is my go to for pretty B sides.

Love the colors, and that heart paper, yum!!

I never buy travel paper but I think I might have to have the destination line! Love it.

Love the patterns in these collections, very easy to use. :)

Love Lily Bee.

Love the Picnic Basket!!! So adorable!

Great mix of patterns. Nice subtle colors.

Great patterns! Love the "Destination" collection!

Great collections! Love that gray paper with the speech bubbles.

Cute line, love the spring colours!

Great new collections!!

Love the colors of the "b" sides of the picnic basket line. A beautiful rainbow!

Lovin the colors, fun!

I'm with you, love that air mail chevron in the travel line!

Love the Bokeh papers & the pinwheel line.

I don't have any lily bee products but would love to try some of these. Thank you for the chance to win.

Love the great colors!

Love the bokeh papers!

Love the bokeh and the B sides in the travel lines!

Love it!

Great papers! I especially love the B side of the travel line!

Some great new patterns and fun colors here--love Lily Bee!

Great colors and patterns :)

Great paper collections!

Love the colors and prints!

Wow, I LOVE the B-sides of 'Destinations'. Would love to win some of that!

Very cute collections, I also like the B side of the travel papers. Something different and unique than the rest.

Gorgeous! I love the bokeh patterns.
The b-sides of the travel collection are great. Very unique!

Love the picnic basket colour palette as well as the patterns, both A and B, which is a rare occurrence for me :)

Love the B-sides of the travel collection - very smart. But I think my heart belongs with Sweet Shop!

Great papers. Thank you for the video.

Love the new collections :)

Love it all! :D

I think I love the small scale of the b-sides of the Picnic Basket set.
Very nice collection over all.

sweet shop is soo cute!

Love Sweet Shop and Picnic Basket!!

Love Sweet Shop and Picnic Basket best but the B sides are great on all of them.

Lily Bee has become one of my favorite manufacturers and I will say it again, I love the b - sides.

Oh, the design on the b side of the travel collection! Love it!

I love that camera pattern.

Love the poloroids!!

Love the marshmallow paper from the Sweet Shop collection!

I am still liking the b side of the paper.
not that I dont like A side:)

Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

Oops, I'm embarrassed. What is a BOCA (?) treatment?

I see a LOT of usable patterns here. I was on the fence, but now that I've had a closer look ...

I didn't think I "needed" the new Lily Bee-until I saw this video! I love the names for the Sweet Shoppe collection, and I can't wait for the heart bokeh paper!

Cool stuff! Love it all.

Picnic Basket and Sweet Shoppe are my favorites! :)

Love the new collections from Lily Bee

I love the picnic basket line and all the B sides are versatile too.

The bright colors and speech bubbles are awesome! I love the versatility of the B Sides!!

I like the B side of the Destinations collection. Could work really good on a lot of layouts for the neutral tone in the page.

I've never used a lot of Lilly Bee but the Bokeh paper you pointed out looks cool.

oooo love that blue and green pattern paper! so many cool prints! love them all!

Lily Bee has done it again! Love all the new designs :) Thanks for the chance to win :)

LOVING Sweet Shoppe! TFS!

I really like the last paper line.

Love the destination line. Interesting idea with the B sides.

love the papers! would be so happy to win! :)

Very pretty papers and, I agree, the names are great!

I LOVE that brown globe print. I need lotsof these sheets for my travel scrapping!

Fantastic patterns and colors! I can't wait to see it in the store!

Love this. Especially the brown in the last collection.

Oh, I really like sweet shop, love the names of the paper to so cute.

Great colors and patterns!!

I really like all of these, especially the "B" sides. Okay, I'm now ready for a picnic!

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