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Video - Project Life | 2013 Week 2: Focus on Memorabilia



Lillian_t -- that's a great question! The blade on my x-acto knife actually has the tip broke off, so it's perfect for that job! I have other x-acto knives with sharp tips, but I prefer this broken one for stickers.

Marcy - Basic tool question...Are you using an X-Acto knife to lift up your stickers? It's not too sharp for the stickers? Thanks!

Finally had a chance to watch...loved seeing your process- great job on the video. It was great.

Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Great video! Loved watching your PL process.

Nice video. I love your use of OA label stickers for journalling.

Video - Project Life | 2013 Week 2: Focus on Memorabilia
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Video - Project Life | 2013 Week 2: Focus on Memorabilia
by Marcy Penner
posted 01/26/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Project Life

Oh my goodness. First of all, hats off to all you peas who make videos! That is tough work. :)

For this this week's Project Life video I'm focusing a little on memorabilia. I'll be sharing with you how I store it and use it on my spreads.

This week is pretty photo heavy and has a bit of memorabilia. Some of my weeks are full, like this one, and others have more room for me to embellish and play around in.
I started by pulling out some things I could journal on (like note paper and library cards) and some embellishments. I chose a lot of blues, greens and yellows to keep a little uniformity between the two pages. It is getting easier and easier to find supplies that are geared towards Project Life.

Click here [] to download the planner pages I mention in the video.

My challenge for you this Saturday is to use memorabilia on your pages. Find little notes, tags, lists, drawings… anything that is a part of your week. Upload your spread for the challenge and at the end of the month a winner from all the challenge participants will be drawn and receive a $10 gift certificate announced on the Two Peas blog.
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