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Lillian_t -- that's a great question! The blade on my x-acto knife actually has the tip broke off, so it's perfect for that job! I have other x-acto knives with sharp tips, but I prefer this broken one for stickers.

Marcy - Basic tool question...Are you using an X-Acto knife to lift up your stickers? It's not too sharp for the stickers? Thanks!

Finally had a chance to watch...loved seeing your process- great job on the video. It was great.

Great video! Thanks for sharing!

Great video! Loved watching your PL process.

Nice video. I love your use of OA label stickers for journalling.

This video is AWESOME!!!! Love your work Marcy and you make it look so easy!!

Ikea DEFINITELY warrants a spot in a Project Life album! Love your approach to PL, Marcy, and your video was fantastic. :)

Great Video - love the adding of all that memorabilia, and the box idea.

Just wondering about the glue dots on the roll that so many of you seem to use, but they don't seem to be in this store (Am I allowed to ask that?)

Dizzy_D - yes they are. The dollar store's finest. ;)

Enjoyed watching your video. I like how you kept it simple. Are those regular school index cards?

i have admired your work for so long and am so excited to see your process!! absolutely amazing!!! two thumbs up!!!

Very inspirational watching you work. Thanks for the great video!

Loved this Marcy!! I have followed your blog for a long time so it's nice to have a voice to go with your online "voice" :)

I love your style. You make PL seem so easy and un-intimidating!

C@L - I'm happy with anything that's .01 thick. :)

Thanks for the great video!

Great vid, thanks Marcy! What pen to you use for your journaling?


I've just downloaded your planner pages and I am pulling out my PL protectors today and take the plunge finally;) Thanks for the video, your approach fits with the way I work!

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