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46  Comments - 213 in 2013: Freedom is a state of mind

Beautiful layout. Love your techniques.

This is a work of art! I can't wait to see more videos!

Love the layout and video! You did an amazing job. I love the doodling, misting and how you explained your process step by step. I cannot wait for your next video.

Beautiful layout!
Your video really makes it looks easy!! Thanks for sharing so many great tips!

Great video! Thanks!

Love this video! Love your process!!

If this is your first video, you're going to be a star. Wonderful design on your LO and the cleverness of the placement of the spray, label and doodling was really terrific.

I did this project and it is here:

Gorgeous layout and great tutorial!

Beautiful layout! You have a lovely style and I'm looking forward to your videos.

Beautiful layout! I really liked the video. You explained every step very clearly. I would like to do some paper rays on my next layout after seeing yours.

I liked the way you used doodling with a pencil to enhance the page. I will have to try that. I also loved the use of the empty frame stickers. Beautiful page!

Great video, love the recycling of label frames idea. Beautiful layout, thank you for all the tips!

I am so HAPPY that you are on the 2 peas design team, Anna Maria! I have some great pictures of my teenage daughter and her friends from a photo shoot which would suit your style of scrapbooking. I was waiting for inspiration to do the pictures justice. Now i know what to aim for! Thanks so much.

I could listen to you all day! Love every detail! Thank you for sharing!!

Stunningly refreshing. Admire your soft color pallet and design restraint. Your lovely layout allows your beautiful photo to shine as the focal point. Looking forward to seeing your next project. Thanks for sharing your talent and process in this great video!

The doodling feels very fresh and freeing!

love this so much!! xo ;*

Such a pretty layout! I wanna scrap lift it :)

Thanks for sharing! Loved the video.

Beautiful layout...really enjoyed watching your process & looking forward to more. I did however find the background noises distracting & am sure you didn't realize they would be heard.

Love this video!

That layout is fantastic, Anna-Maria! You are a scrappy genius!

Anna-Maria Thanks for sharing and I loved the video!

Amazing! Absolutely beautiful...both you and your layout :)))

OH! and forgot to add how clever the use of used labels is! I had never thought of doing that!

I really really love your style, this LO is very beautiful! The pencil scribbles are so unique, I have never seen this technique used anywhere else, and I have watched thousands of process videos and what not. I love that idea!

I have been an admirer of your work for some time now! So glad to be able to see your process! Can't wait to see more videos from you!

ok this is quite different from what I am use to viewing on you tube. will def try and do a white LO. TFS

Great video! Love your layout! Thank you!

I loved this video and all the helpful ideas to make this beautiful LO. Look forward to seeing more from you!!!

Your video is wonderful! You have such a unique style & I LOVE being able to see how to replicate it. Hope to see more videos from you in the future! :)


Gorgeous layout! Loved the video!

oh my goodness, i loved your video!!
I dont think I would be brave enough to use the pencil so fearlessly. There were so many ideas within your process video, thank you!

I am always admiring your work and wondering how you create your layouts. It was so fun to watch your process. I am so excited you're a garden girl now. I look forward to more videos from you. Your layout is beautiful!

Beautiful layout and your soft color scheme is simply yummy!

Love this so much sweet Anna-Maria. It is so YOU!!! You can be extremely proud! ♥♥♥

You can be proud of you sweetie! I love your gorgeous layout♥

Love it !! I'm So proud of you !!! Great job!!!

Love your free and happy approach to scrapbooking. Wonderful first video.

Beautiful layout! I love your method of pencil doodling and how it turned out on the page! I will have to give that a shot!! Also love how you recycled the label frames! Clever!

Just beautiful! Great job on your first video!!

So pretty. Thanks for showing us. Maria

lovely ideas. thank you.


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