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18  Comments - Glitter Girl Adventure 054: The Written Record

I love when you answer a questions I'd been struggling with but never asked out loud!!

thanks for recording something per my request! :) great tips

I think all of the tips at the end were GREAT and your design reminders throughout are so helpful.

really useful - thank you!

Great episode. You're always so good at telling the story.

This video was so helpful both because of the journaling tips but also because of your use of 4x6 photos!

Thank you so much for making this video. I learned so much.

I really enjoyed the last 8-10 minutes of this video! It was very helpful!

Thank you for another great episode! I have just recently found the video section of the website and am loving it! Thank you for your inspriation! I am going to use this layout as a starting point for a layout I am working on today :)

I love the story to your photo. This is a great video. As for journaling, what I was told one time was to pretend you are explaining it to a stranger. What would you tell a stranger? I like your idea of saying it out loud too. You always have great journaling on your LO's. You and your DH have had some great adventures!! :)

Thanks for another great video. I love these journalling tips. And although I usually do have a story in mind (not always), I still often leave it till last - I must learn not to.
PS - Yay for Melbourne's side streets and arcades - they are treasure troves.

I really like this video! I have never really felt comfortable with layouts that just have basic information. I love the story!!! This really helps put into words what I have been thinking. Thanks.

Great video! I hate titles and journaling and this gave me some very good ideas. Thank you!

I agree with the other Peas - your titles are always interesting. It makes me want to know the "rest of the story". This is something I really struggle with; sometimes I think that I just don't want to use up my alpha stickers! Thanks for another great episode. Maria

I love, love, love your tip about using making the first line of your journaling bigger and use it as the title! I have such a hard time with titles and this will just make my scrapbooking life easier. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Love you Glitter Girl. I just got back into scrapbooking after a few years and you've given me so much inspiration and ideas I can't think straight at work, yikes! I MUST know where you bought your STAMPER THAT YOU USE TO DISTRESS EDGES OF YOUR PAPER?

Great video as always, I like the idea of using the title as a sentence to lead into the journaling, I might try that next time :)

Loved this video, so much great journaling advice! I really like the idea of having my title work with the journaling. My titles are usually pretty boring and factual. Yours are much more creative and intriguing, they make you want to read the journaling!

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