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28  Comments - Trendy Trios: Instant Photo Frames

Great video! What font did you use for love in the photo frame you cut?

What a fabulous class, I loved all the cards, and can't wait to try making the love frame on my Silhouette. Thank you for the inspiration

@Julie stop it! I bought that class the other day because it looked so great. I went back the other day before posting my comment to make sure you didn't have a class. I was so sure I had not seen your name on that class I didn't check it. Lol.

@desflo Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I actually have a workshop (Journey Into Card Making) here at Two Peas that just released last month & I'd love to have you join in! :)

Love every card. Can't wait until you have a paid class. Hope your hosting next months video.

Absolutely awesome class! I can even see myself using these techniques on a page - making a place for a photo to sit! Can't wait for the next episode! Thanks.

great cards, I love all the ways you can use a Polaroid frame. and your teaching style is great, can't wait to see more.

This video is great! Thanks so much for showing how to make the frames on the Cameo. Can't wait to try this.

WOW! So much info packed into one video. Thanks for the tutorial on making the polaroid frames. I can't wait to go try one!!

fantastic video, off to make a polaroid card or two from this video, the fact that you did such different things has my mind racing at possibilities, thanks so much

Fabulous! I love how you showed three different ways to use the polaroid frame trend! Thanks for showing how to make my own! So much fun!!!

Love all the silhouette info. Great ideas. Thanks!

Loved, loved, loved it! Can't wait to watch next time!

INCREDIBLE! I enjoyed every moment of it. Love the cards. You did a great job being really thorough and explaining everything. Thanks so much! I own a Cameo and hadn't thought of making a frame like that. Can't wait to now!

Love this new series of video! It's really inspiring and I can't wait to try those ideas out!

Thank you .... I want a Silhouette more and more now!
Sandra ltb

What a great new series & thanks for the inspiration.

Very fun video! I really love the first card how you made the cute envelope and decorated it. I like how you mixed and matched products in the second card and used a real photo in the third. Looking forward to this class each month!

What a great class !!! Thanks so much.

Cool and nice little Silhouette tutorial too!

Thanks Julie now I can see it :) so excited for this cardmaking series.

Sorry guys! It should be working now.

Right there with you ladies :( Can't see it either.

me too, says its private

I can't see the video too.

I can't view the video either.

I'm in the US and I can't see it either. It's marked "private". Interesting . . .

I can't view the video - it says it is private? Can you only view it from the US - as I see that others have viewed it in the stats...

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