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15  Comments - Project Life : Playing Catch Up

Thanks Amy! I'm trying to catch up w/ the PL phenomenon and this is helpful

Love the video, but it seems to me a lot of overkill on the embelleshments for one 2.5 x 2.5 picture. When I started scrapping ten years ago, the picture was supposed to be the main focal point; now it seems to be focused on selling products.

can't wait for those translucent stickers! reminds me of some old favorite mrs. grossman's. :) love the tip on cutting perfect banners, too. thanks!

This was fabulous Amy and you look hot all the time even without make up LOL

Thanks for the inspiration and great tips Amy! I forgot that I have one of those storage to organize it now!

Thanks for the video. Great idea for the wood veneer storage.

Love your new products and your PL album looks amazing!

Can't wait for that new roller stamp. Loved getting a peek into your PL process.

I really need those stickers, too! Love your PL and videos!

I must have those new letter stickers!!!

When can we purchase that new date roller stamp?! I need that!! Great video!

Thank you SO much for the banner tip! Great video, I love your PL, just catching mine up today!

The colors in your spreads are amazing. I love how you organize your wood veneer too!

Thanks for sharing your process! Love it!

I loved the tip about the banner! I love watching you work on your album Amy! :)

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