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Video - 213 in 2013: Sweet Summer Friends



This page just screams fun. I'm also an enamel dot addict :).

OMG Im addicted to enamel dots too. Can i quit my day job just to scrap all day?

I'm having trouble linking my layout...

Love how you use a clear ruler to place the title! I must do that from now on!

Thanks Corrie. Fun l/o - love the title block. Maria

Use vellum was a prompt in this series two weeks ago.
But love the layout!

Video - 213 in 2013: Sweet Summer Friends
About this project

Video - 213 in 2013: Sweet Summer Friends
by corej
posted 02/11/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Welcome back to the series 213 in 2013! I am so excited to be back with another video.

This is the next installment of a new video series where myself and three other Garden Girls will provide you with a list of 213 creative prompts by the end of 2013. Already there are so many prompts to get you started and to keep you inspired. See the list of prompts here [].

As a preview, here are my creative prompts for this week.

1. Choose a bright, happy color scheme. I really need this being in the midst of winter. The bright color scheme this week really helps the mood of my layout.
2. Use vellum. A trend I missed the first time it was here, but definitely one I love now.
3. Incorporate stitching, either hand stitching or machine stitching. Either way works wonderfully for adding visual interest and can be really useful for keeping elements in their place.
4. CANDY DOTS!! Oh, how I love these little things. Definitely, a favorite for me.

So watch the video! Be inspired and play along!! I challenge you to use one or more of this week's challenge and then share your page with us!

Have a great week!
Challenge Submissions
My Goofball
posted by Pottle
on 02/28/13 at 09:26 PM
Weed Wacker
posted by Pottle
on 02/28/13 at 09:19 PM
It Spoke To Us
posted by Pottle
on 02/28/13 at 08:54 PM
Homemade Bubbly Fun
posted by margievis
on 02/26/13 at 12:04 PM
Valentine Shoot
posted by Tashak
on 02/25/13 at 10:03 PM
posted by sassiescrapper
on 02/24/13 at 04:29 PM
Year of Style
posted by anitatina
on 02/24/13 at 03:40 PM
Naturhistorisk museum
posted by Paperclips29
on 02/23/13 at 03:10 PM
Future So Bright ...
posted by senoritascrapper
on 02/22/13 at 02:59 PM

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