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37  Comments - In the Mood to Scrap: H O M E

HOLY COW this is freakin' GORGEOUS!!

Love all your little details!

I did some stamping resist years ago and had forgotten all about it...thanks for bringing it back to my attention. Love the colors - Love the Layout!

I have never painted on a layout before. Now I am inspired to try it out. Thank you! I love this page, too. Very interesting.

This is STUNNING. I can see why you are a scrapbooking rock star. :) Your layouts are so interesting and full of details and so artsy YET they are so well-designed! They are always so balanced and not overdone. I just love this!! I did not know you could just paint that distress ink on like that either. Wow. Gotta try that.

found it available in another shop! yaaay!

Love this!!!! so inspiring and beautiful to create! the "little moments..." you know where I can find it? love it! :)

I think this is one of my favorite scrapbooking pages of yours. Lovely!

Thanks! I use this technique on cards or to make embellishments often, but I never thought to do it right on my background.

That resist technique is awesome! I can't wait to try it out today.

I am super inspired after watching. Thanks!

what color ink did you use? is it the peacock feathers re-inker? ive never played with these inks before, but your video has definitely inspired me to try! :)

Loved this!

that is awesome.

Love how you colored on the embossing!!!

I love that you include why you pick your items or decide not to go with something in your process. Loved the resist!

Love the layout and the fun photo home title you made :)

Awesome layout! Can't wait to try the resist technique.

The video has been corrected and is now up! Thanks for your patience with us.

:( 8:30pm EST, still private.

I still see it as private.

Video says private

The Video is still private...

Liz is currently correcting the audio on this video and we'll have it back up shortly! :)

Love the resist technique and especially that amazing teal color. Can't wait to try this!

Gorgeous layout! I love the colors and the resist technique.

Pretty colors - love the inked area. Maria

I love listening to you explain what you did. Also I like seeing what you tried and then didn't end up liking, I always learn a lot from seeing what other scrappers tried and didn't end up liking for some reason.

Love the technique. Will definitely have to try it. Thanks Lizzy for the video.

Thanks for this video, love the technique. I have to try and play with it.

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to try this technique for SURE! Love the aesthetic details of the page AND also the memory/memories it has captured. Cracked me up hearing your girls in the background..sounded just like my house but I would not have kept my cool & composure like you did!!! Thanks so much for sharing this project!

There's so much background noise in the video. I know life is super busy, but I just thought maybe it was a mistake that needed fixing??? Just curious. I absolutely love your work, Liz! Fabulous page and so inspiring!

very cool! I can't wait to try that!

Hi Peas! Sorry about that - the video has been made public. :)

Video set at private.

Love the layout and the colors are so fab!
But when I click to watch the video it comes up as private! ;)

Can't watch the video. It's set as private???

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