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7  Comments - What the Peanut Ordered 2.7.2013

The Teresea Collins in real life was a nice suprise, must buy some now.

Nice to see you in front of the camera again Jamie! I miss your very descriptive warehouse walks but I have also always enjoyed Kitty!

I too miss Kitty and Lyndsey, I've been looking forward to their new video this week. Also, it was quite hard to see the products because of the angle of the camera.

I miss Kitty and Lyndsey,not as much fun to watch with out their bubbly personalities....hope they are back next week....

Thanks Jamie. Wow, your hairstyle is very becoming!

Very cool stuff and I love your new hairdo, Jamie! Very cute :-)

Nice order! I am loving the Sundrifter collection too, can't wait to get my hands on some!

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