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18  Comments - Seeing Double: Photo Booth


This is so much fun, loving all of the camera shapes.

I love the card and the layout! I did some stencil misting the other day and it was NOT pretty! Might have to give it another try.

Also, what a fun experiment!

Love the tips as well. You're the first designer I've seen who uses the masks in a clean style. I like messy as well, but your clean version is just as awesome :).

great tips in the video

It's a photo app on my iMac :)

OK silly question, what is Photo Booth?

I love how you used the pen to add to your misted image. I learned a lot from this video.

That font is Mission Script - but I increased the horizontal width by 50%!

What font is "photo"? I love both of these projects!!!!

Love it! I doubt my misting would ever come off that well!


I love the ideas in this video both for cards and a LO. Thank you so much!!

Love this sooooo much!!! Brilliant layout!

What a great job with the stencils! And using a pizza box! Great ideas. Maria

I love this and the experiment! I want to do this!

Great layout. It would also work nicely with random photos. Thank you for sharing your talents.

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