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17  Comments - Glitter Girl Adventure 060: Memoir Makeovers

Great make-overs. I loved looking at all the challenge make-overs as well. We've come a long way.

You did a fantastic job on both of those layouts! Although I don't have old layouts I really loved this video.

What a great episode. Loved the title work on the dorm room page. It looked perfect!

Just had a chance to watch this last night. Love it! I have some pretty bad pages from back in the '90's. I have some hope now! ;-)

This episode is awesome. Such excellent ideas...some easy some more intricate but you provided great solutions.

Very fun video! Wonderful tips for working with older photos. I am anxious to get scrapping a few of them now and also to look through my older layouts to see what might need mroe story telling.

I LOVE some of my old LO's, others are just embarrassing.LOL I love this episode because you give so many helpful hints to Inspire. thank you so much!

oh i felt so edgy when i tore my edges
and wow, when i used pp, i was totally off the cliff on that one! ;^)
loved this video, shimelle!
thanks for the smile and the tutorial.

I have a page on a similar topic, but I don't think I could redo it, it would look wierd with the others from that era. I'll show you new photos with some old supplies soon.

One of the biggest regrets I have of my early scrapping is the way I butchered my photos. Three moves later and I can't find any of the negatives. So this has given me some great ideas on how to rework so of the older pages.

I really loved this episode! Although I am the one who commented that I won't redo LOs because my daughter likes to see how my style has changed, I really like the ideas you showed. Who knows? A scrapper should never say never!

Great ideas! Next time I go to my Mum's place I'm going to dig out my uni photos for a flashback!

Great ideas!!

What a transformation you made on these 2 l/o's! Even though the first double page was kept intact, it looked totally up-to-date when you finished. And the 2nd "Dorm life" looks amazing. You made it all look so easy! Maria

I re do layouts all the time. I am so much happier with my Albums since I started to re do what I did not like. so glad to see that I am not alone!

It was like you read my mind. I was looking through old albums trying to decide if i should or not redo. I had cut up some photos in in stars and hearts lol used lots of stickers its fun to see the style change as far as scrapbooking but some just bothered my eye think will do pages that i missed at the time and add in and maybe redo some of the precious pages. Thank you for this project and as always inspiring

I may have to challenge myself to do this. I like keeping things original because it shows how I have grown and how styles change but sometimes you just want to have fun updating a LO.

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