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11  Comments - Project Life 2013 : Pick a Palette of Color

Although I don't do PL, I enjoyed your video Melissa. I'm always interested in how someone chooses their pps and supplies for a project. Thanks for showing us. Maria

Love how you go through your whole process and let us see it. Thank youuu!!

Love the video!! Thanks for including my thread! And helping with my question!

Love how you provide tutorials. Thank you so much for that.

Thanks Melissa, another great PL lesson!

I don't do project life but i enjoy your videos very much because there is always something new to learn! =)

I just started thinking about picking products first and then picking out photos for my Project Life. Picking out a color palette first is a great idea!

I like that you showed papers that didn't fit. Very helpful to see the whole process.

Loved both tutorials, thanks.

Really enjoyed this video. Love the gold letters - so nice. Also appreciate the extra video about printing on the small cards. You do a good job of inspiring on a Saturday morning!

Love the video. What a great idea to keep the papers you pulled for Project Life for another layout, I so need to do this.

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