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Video - Project Life | 2013 Week 7: Mixing photos



mamakven - I do pull a lot of stuff... things in the same colors or things with a theme I see in my photos. I put all these on my desk. I only use some of them. :) It definately narrows it down a bit.

Wow! your videos are awesome! you totally make it look sooo easy! I have a question- i tend to get bogged down by the whole process, i'm a bit ADHD, but particularly the picking supplies part- do you choose your supplies in advance? does that help make it easier? maybe i just have too much stuff but i end up STUCK an awful lot!

Totally love when you do the PL video! You make me want to go faster and not worry about it so much. I tend to over embellish so watching you and the simplicity is awesome. I love your spreads so much. Thanks for the inspiration.

I absolutely love how you emphasized that it doesn't have to be perfect. you cannot even begin to imagine how long I would take just to measure and trim the right size of journaling cards and photos. THank you for this insight!

Love your style Marcy and enjoy watching your process so much!

love watching your videos!! they always motivate me :)

Video - Project Life | 2013 Week 7: Mixing photos
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Video - Project Life | 2013 Week 7: Mixing photos
by Marcy Penner
posted 03/23/13
Galleries: Project Life

Time for another video in the Project Life video series.

This week I wanted to mix up black and white and color photos. I'm trying to get better at including more than just color photos, so I challenged myself to mix it up this week.

In this video I'll take you from start to finish in my Week 7 spread for 2013. We'll mix up our photos and use a lot of premade journaling cards. There's no shortage of those in the shop right now! I love how they sped up my process.

I'll also show you a quick trick to tone down some busy patterned paper.

My challenge for you this week is use a combination of color photos with black and white ones. At the end of the month a winner from all the challenge participants will be drawn and receive a $10 gift certificate announced on the Two Peas blog.
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