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Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 062: Mix & Match Materials



I can say ditto to all the previous comments about loving to see your thought process in action. But also glad to realise I'm not the only one who forgets the people photos every once in a while!

Love your explanations of how you compose your layouts. The new product is fun but you make it functional as well. Thanks for another great video.

Hearing your thinking process as you put materials together is one of my favorite learning experiences. Thank you for sharing. I feel the urge to put a page together now.

Love the papers you chose. They really made the photos pop. Such fun embellishments too!

I just loved this! My favorite video so far. From unpacking the box, to seeing the layouts, it was tips and tricks from start to finish! I hope you do this again! loved it.

I especially enjoyed your explanation about starting with a multicoloured paper and using that as the basis for the other colours. So simple; so genius! Very informative about photo matting too. Thanks, Glitter Girl!

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 062: Mix & Match Materials
About this project

Garden Girl

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 062: Mix & Match Materials
by shimelle
posted 03/20/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week Glitter Girl returns to one of the most popular adventures in 2012 [], all inspired by this discussion [] on the general scrapping message board. This time around, she takes you through her creative process for selecting supplies and mixing and matching items from various manufacturers and collections, but all with brand new products from the Two Peas store.

As today's video covers a lot of discussion on choosing supplies, please note the layout itself starts at 16:30, if you need to refer just to the page construction.

Come along for the adventure, won't you?

And the previous adventure on this topic is still available for further study, of course!

Now Glitter Girl challenges you to create a page that mixes product from several collections or manufacturers. Upload it to the gallery and in the comment box, be sure to tell us about your creative process when choosing supplies from a variety of sources. What makes you happy to mix and match your patterns and choose your embellishments? Be sure to check the box for this challenge in step four of the upload process so we can all see what you've made.

Happy scrapping!
Challenge Submissions
Shopping is the best
posted by StampinMindy
on 03/31/13 at 03:58 PM
Thank You So Much
posted by arohammer
on 03/31/13 at 07:29 AM
Birthday Party Hats
posted by arohammer
on 03/31/13 at 07:23 AM
Birthday Doily
posted by arohammer
on 03/31/13 at 07:17 AM
Easter vintage
posted by laurakates
on 03/30/13 at 06:36 PM
posted by laurakates
on 03/30/13 at 01:12 PM
When 2 Scrappers Meet
posted by WaiSam
on 03/28/13 at 03:50 PM
Hello Summer Bliss
posted by julie weis
on 03/27/13 at 12:57 PM
Put Down the Camera
posted by keddypea
via Two Peas for iPhone
on 03/26/13 at 10:26 PM
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