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8  Comments - Glitter Girl Adventure 064: No Pictures No Problem

Another big thank you for this video! I have very few photos from my childhood,but I have lots of stories and memories,so your ideas and layout tips will really be helpful.

Thank you for this video. I had an unfortunate incident happen with my computer a couple of years ago and it erased the only photos I had of a special day with my daughter. This is the perfect idea to put the story (which is just as important to me as the photo) into her album and still feel good about it!
Also just a note of hand writing. I hand write all my journalling and often get compliments on the neatness. My trick is to write it out on a scrap piece of paper first and then I seem to be able to check for sizing and where it needs to be edited. For some reason when I am not having to think about the story, the second draft is always neater!

Such a great way to add journaling!

Very cool.

Thank you, Glitter Girl for answering my dilemma! Lots of helpful tips and ideas on how to approach a design or adapt a LO to my particular needs. And, yes, I'm sure, as you say: with practice it WILL get easier! Much appreciated

I love the idea of thinking of the journaling in blocks like the photos. That really makes the text more interesting on the page. Love how this layout worked out. It will be fun to try this. So many possibilities. Thanks Glitter Girl! Nancy Jo

Thanks Glitter Girl for showing us this l/o. This will help me with some of my childhood stories since I have so few photos from that time. Maria

This is awesome!!! I have never made a LO without pics but now I SO want to.

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