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Video - Project Life 2013 : Pull It All Together



Thanks for the video, I do love your process thoughts you put in. Thanks to for the comparison of the different brands.

Just I love this video!! So well made and it's beginner-friendly. Thank you! :)

You really made it real by saying this would not be one of your most embellished pages, and this does happen. Thanks.

I Love your layouts! I also love listening to you explain your process, you have such a cute personality, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for yet another great video. You make it look so easy :)

Video - Project Life 2013 : Pull It All Together
About this project

Video - Project Life 2013 : Pull It All Together
by scrappyJedi
posted 04/13/13
Galleries: Project Life

This week's Project Life lesson was inspired by a thread from the message boards last month [] asking how to pull together a Project Life layout that includes both seasonal/themed and everyday photos.

My favorite way to do this is to use colors that are common to both the holiday/theme and the rest of the photos, and that's the focus of today's video lesson.

This week's creative challenge is to complete a layout (it doesn't have to be Project Life!) that you've been procrastinating over, whether it's because it's a difficult subject, the photos have difficult colors- whatever is holding you back, let it go, have fun, and get it done!
Challenge Submissions
Project LIfe week 15
posted by BenedicteRaphalen
on 04/29/13 at 03:11 AM
Project LIfe Week 16
posted by BenedicteRaphalen
on 04/29/13 at 02:51 AM
Tissue Paper Fight
posted by Pottle
on 04/28/13 at 10:30 AM
Bulli pg 1
posted by gracesmum
on 04/27/13 at 10:26 PM
Project Life 2013 - Week 18
posted by vanlikethecar
on 04/26/13 at 04:44 AM
Project Life 2013 | Week 13
posted by Megan_NerdNest
on 04/25/13 at 09:21 AM
Project Life: Week 13
posted by rukristin
on 04/25/13 at 12:39 AM
easter PL
posted by kitteykaty
on 04/23/13 at 06:24 PM
project life: week 16
posted by stephaniebryan
on 04/23/13 at 10:04 AM

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