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Thank you for this! I Always choose my photos first but i gave this a try and it worked beautifully!! Defently going to use this method and the sketches moore times:)

You are a genius! You have totally changed my life. I attempted this approach today with 6 layouts and breezed through the decisions like it was nothing. My pages look great, and I need more supplies!!!!

love the layouts but i doubt my ability to use this strategy... i'll give it a try!

Love both of these layouts!!

Thank you for letting me learn from you.
I intend to use this process for "title pages" and use multiple photo page protectors for remaining photos

I think a I learnt a lot from this, but I still really hesitate to not look at photos first to think about colours!

Love this process!

I liked this tutorial a lot. I sort of think this way normally. But this was explained in a way that helped me put my thoughts in a more orderly way. Although I usually start with the pictures first to determine colors and how many pages I will need to correlate.

This was awesome!

Love this idea, I will definetly try this!

Thank you so so much! I love this strategy and can't wait to try it!!

This particular GG episode was extremely beneficial!! I took the principals you taught, especially pick the PP background page and 3 coordinating PP and MOVE ON!!! I made 4 LOs (3 based on your sketch of the week) and ONE COMPLETELY on my own!!! NO SKetch!!! This is huge for me!!! I mixed new product with old and feel productive and inspired!! Thanks!!!

Didn't realize how I struggled with this, but now I am ready to be more firm and only use what I have pulled for a kit!

Awesome tips as always...thank you!!!

I have this same problem and I LOVE the strategy that you shared to help with this situation! I will definitely try it out! Thanks!

You ROCK Shimelle!!

Shimelle, you are just AMAZING!

Love this episode! Thanks so much for the PDF. I'm off to try this tonight :)

Thank you so much. I have so many ideas but don't know where to start. Your tips make my project much more easier.

Oh thank you Shimelle, I have had creative block for weeks due to too many ideas and supplies swimming around in my head. Phew! Thanks for making things much clearer. x

Thanks so much for the pdf! Going to a crop tomorrow, and this will help immensely!!

Excellent job on all three of these layouts! You make it looks so easy! I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing!

Wow, great tips! Thank you!! :)

SOOO worth the wait! Wonderful topic! I can relate to this issue. I can't wait to try out your techniques!

I cannot wait to try these ideas! My granddaughter (who looks forward to our scrap time together) says: This is "Grandma's scrap store" This is my first "hobby" and I've gone all out.... out so far I'm overwhelmed....Thanks for your help!

One of my very favorite episodes!

This video is GREAT and so HELPFUL! Thanks GG

Fabulous inspiration - thank you!

Well worth the wait for this one!

WOW! I really must give this a try. I could see this process really helping me prepare for a crop as well. It would make it much easier to select which supplies to pack.

I love your process with these layouts and I can't wait to try it. Thank you so much for all the inspiration!!

Thank you! I've completely overwhelmed myself by becoming a compulsive shopper and not knowing how to use my massive supply! I'm going to give this a try and hope that I can scrapbook with ease, again!

This is truly awesome! This is something that you can go back to time and time again. Thank you GG!

I know what I'm doing this afternoon. Appreciate the checklist. What fun and I'll have 3 pages done! Thanks, Shimelle.

this was great. so helpful. I go thru phases of too much shopping and then wonder where to start. thank you for sharing this!

So happy to see this late last night. Made sure to get up early so I could view it before starting my busy day. You've already inspired me to pull papers for 4 layouts that are on my to-do list. No photos yet, just papers and a general theme! Thanks for your continued inspiration Glitter girl!!

thanks for sharing your process! love how well you're able to explain your decisions when creating a page. and this is random but every time you said nine and three quarters, all i could think was "hogwarts!"

Worth the wait! Made sure this was the way I started my day. Hope to finally get something done inspired by you.

I've tried adding a journaling block above photos before but it always looked goofy. I loved the addition of the rectangles of paper behind the stamped block. It just pulled it all together. I always learn something from your videos that I seem to be struggling with at the moment. Thank you!

These l/o's are amazing as always - esp. with so few pieces of pp. And thank you for the pdf. Maria

Glitter Girl, you are just brilliant.

definitely trying this technique this weekend! Thanks Glitter Girl!

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