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I have watched this video a couple of times now... really love the layout and your teaching style! Thanks!

Very nice!

Beautiful layout. You have taught me not to permanently place items on the page but allow movability so that you can get things just right.

That was wonderful. I liked you showing all of your choices. I love the layout.

Such a great peek into your process! Thank you for the great tips, especially how you compare your options and move things around the page. Always looks amazing!

Thanks Heather :) We go to a little town south of Playa called Akumal!

Super cute Lisa! Where do you go in Mexico?

the font for "hello" is mission script. I increased the width of the letters just a bit to extend them horizontally before welding & cutting :)

Love the font you used with your Silhouette for the word ocean! What font is it?

Really love the 2 projects and the technical aspect of the video itself. The view of Lisa sewing was great!

I use page protectors, too, and if I have interactive elements on my page that aren't close to the top opening, i just cut them open to allow the element to be viewed. For the booklet, just cut three slits into your page sleeve along the top, bottom and right edge of the booklet and then you can view it without taking the page out. :)

Love both projects!

Since I have so many beach photos, I was happy to see how many you used on your layout. However, I use page protectors in my albums, so am wondering what suggestions you may have for incorporating the same look of the file folder with the title overlapping, when using page protectors. Loved watching your process for pulling the LO together.

I use AC Slick Writers and Staedtler fine tip pens for my journaling. They are both acid-free, so once dry are fine near photos. :)

Love today's Seeing Double. I have a question - what type of pen did you use to do your journaling? And are you not worried that it will affect the picture it comes in contact with on the opposing page? I can't wait to try this layout as I have tons of beach photos to scrap. Thanks for the inspiration.

What a beautiful color combo & Love the LO. I like how you incorporatated more pics into your LO. the card is awesome & would be perfect when you are giving gift certificates.

This is wonderful. I like how the background paper and the circles play off the movement of the water in your photos. I love the color scheme too.. one of my favorites. :)

I am so glad you changed the background page LOL. It is a great layout. The mini booklet and card were awesome. Just love the idea of sending that off to someone special. TFS

Love the colors and the circles. Thanks for showing us how you made the little booklet. Maria

This is such a fun happy layout

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