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17  Comments - Project Life: Mixing Manufacturers & Getting Artsy

Love it all! So happy! Are you gonna go back and clean the pink off those letter stamps?

i love how you use color! this spread looks so happy and juicy!

Love this!

Loving the touch of calligraphy and the neon ink!

Love the watercolor techniques-Must try!

awesome video, i love how you use so many different techniques on your weekly spreads, LOVE the colours this week.

Thanks great video. It must take such a long time to put these together so thanks for doing these

This is great!! I really enjoy watching your process. But I especially loved that you used calligraphy for journaling. That will be my newest obsession now. ;)

your calligraphy writing looks great!

I love your use of color! And you have definitely inspired me to pick up a set of water colors next time I'm at the craft store. I'm wondering, did you use watercolor paper or just regular cardstock? If you mentioned it I didn't catch it. Thanks! :)

Love that you use lots of colour. Thanks for the water colour tips :)

I love the watercolor cards!

Thanks so much for another great all the ideas and how you make it look so easy. Love how it all turned out, that photo of the bike shadow is awesome!

Love the watercolors! Very fun pages!

Oh my goodness, cutting down 6x6 pads, you have just made this click for me! I have more of them than I know what to do with, it just took someone to point out the obvious idea!!! thanks Amy

Love these. I CANNOT wait to use your straw trick! How fun!

Love how fun and colorful your pages are!

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