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Video - 213 in 2013 - Let the Journey Begin



You always amaze me with your layouts.

Awesome layout! I so love the concept of Black & white/ color on a layout like your project this week. Thanks!

Love this!!! Makes me want to try gesso too:)

Another great video, Celine. I appreciate that you give the reasons behind what you do. It's a great way for the viewer (me!) to learn.

Amazing! Like everything you do

This one is so inspiring! Thank you for letting us watch your process.

Video - 213 in 2013 - Let the Journey Begin
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Garden Girl

Video - 213 in 2013 - Let the Journey Begin
by Celine Navarro
posted 05/13/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Welcome to another lesson in the series 213 in 2013!

I'm very proud to introduce you to my new 213 in 2013 video!!! This week, I've got 4 fun prompts for you to get you motivated to scrap. You are free to be inspired by all 4 or just pick the one you like best!

1. Use Tissue Paper for your background
2. Play with Printables
3. Alter Chipboards with Gesso
4. Neutral Vs Color on your layout

A little bit about each prompt:
1. I've always loved playing with Tissue paper, it is very easy to work with, a little bit fragile, but at least you can use it on whatever background you want. Here, I'm using Christy Tomlinson tissue paper for my background here and whitewashed it with gesso to get rid of the very b&w contrast on the tissue paper. Be sure to glue it with gluestick instead of double-sided tape.
2. Printables are so trendy right now and I'm so happy 2peas is releasing Printables on the website now! All you need is a printer and white paper! Simply print it high quality and you're good to cut it and use it! If you have a Silhouette, you can also use the Print & Cut option so that it's going to cut the designs itself :) I've used the 2peas May printable for this layout and used bits of it here and there on my layout. It brings fun and color to my layout.
3. I glued my chipboards on my b&w tissue paper and altered them with gesso to get rid of the color but not the designs. Simply add gesso (but don't mix it with water) and let it dry.
4. To actually bring the interest right on my picture, I decided to divide my layout in thirds : 1/3 for color, 2/3 for b&w. Putting my color elements at the bottom will catch the viewer's eyes and make him look at my photograph right away. This is what is important in our Scrapbooks, right? Our photos! :)

213 in 2013 is a series of weekly lessons where the Garden Girls and I will provide you with a list of 213 creative prompts by year's end. See the list of prompts so far this year here .

Now enjoy the video of this layout coming together?

I'm challenging you to choose at least 1 of these prompts in your layout submission..2 or 3 is even better! At the end of the month we'll draw a winner from all challenge participants for the month and reward them with a $10 2Peas Gift Certificate!
Challenge Submissions
213 challenge
posted by doesitmatter?
on 05/27/13 at 05:08 PM
schedule it daily
posted by peaculiar
on 05/24/13 at 09:22 PM
Tournament of the Minds
posted by
on 05/23/13 at 06:37 PM
**ADORABLE Pocket BOX Mini Album * SUPER EASY!!
posted by steffogal1
on 05/22/13 at 09:54 PM
posted by qqsmap
on 05/21/13 at 07:46 PM
Jerusalem of Moldavia {213}
posted by Noa&Me
on 05/20/13 at 08:55 PM
Banquinho de Rodinhas
posted by criscristina
on 05/18/13 at 09:51 AM
I love walking in this city with you
posted by lailalay
on 05/18/13 at 05:40 AM
Rock and Roll Real CLOCK
posted by [KimberlyRae]
on 05/15/13 at 02:53 PM

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