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Video - Seeing double: Love you & HI by Lilith Eeckels



Lilith these are great, love your process, and these are great. When I get a Cameo (it's on my wishlist!), I'm going to get that Chevron cut it's awesome. I must admit though, and I'm probably showing my age, I was a bit distracted by the partridges on the happy go lucky sticker sheet....the theme song from 'The Partridge Family' popped into my head and that was

@cardstamper: Thank you. The chevron cur is one from the silhouette store made by American Crafts (one of the dear lizzy cuts!).

Love the layout, the card and the video. Very nice job. Glad you enjoyed doing the Seeing Double and I do hope that you'll do it again.

Is the chevron die cut something you did on your Silhouette? That looks like a wonderful piece. Also, did you have to build it yourself or is it a pattern in a particular set? Thanks so much.

Love the colors

love everything you do, and esp showing how you fix a mistake, great! love your work and look forward to the next video

Love the LO

Video - Seeing double: Love you & HI by Lilith Eeckels
About this project

Video - Seeing double: Love you & HI by Lilith Eeckels
by Lilith Eeckels
posted 05/03/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Cardmaking

Hi there,
Today I am sharing a seeing double video with you. There was an opportunity to work on this series and I jumped on it. I really enjoyed the process of creating a layout and card using the same supplies and design principals and I will be doing this more often as it makes the creating cards so much easier.
I came up with a really colourful layout and card focusing on using banners and clusters.
The starting point of the layout was a journalling card from one of the patterned papers from the Happy Go Lucky collection from Echo Park Paper. It was one with lots of overlapping banners and I was immediately drawn to the design. I used the journalling card on my layout and added sticker banners and little embellishments. I love how bright and cheerful both projects are.
On the card I also focused on the two main design elements: banners and clustering.

I hope you have enjoyed this seeing double episode. My challenge this week is to use banners and clusters on your creations. Don't forget to upload your work to the gallery and to tick the corresponding challenge box and you might win a gift certificate to the TwoPeas Store.
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