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9  Comments - Glitter Girl Adventure 069: Bold & Beautiful

marvelous layout..
outstanding task..
help me in making emblematic photos and albums

love the layout idea....have lots of photos similar to these. But HELP.....My dilemma is where do I put the page in my chronological scrapbooks?

I love this page for the mix of different sized photos! I really enjoyed reading your 'advice', I think we all were way too harsh on ourselves back then but I guess that's part of finding yourself! Thanks for another great adventure!

What a fabulous layout to incorporate all kinds of photos, colors and patterns. I used to feel that it was a "waste" to layer patterned paper that a lot of it was hidden but Shimelle (through either her Scrapbook Remix course, blog or 2 peas videos) reminded us that pops of color and pattern were an intergral part of a layout design in some cases. This layout is a perfect example of this. The paper is not "wasted" as the matting of photos and peeks of pattern and color enable everything to work together. Great work, as always, Shimelle.

You made my day coming to my rescue! After posting that I also went digging in the GG archives, and adventure 16, A versus B also has some great examples for using bold pp. Thx again! I love your videos!

you always make it look sooo easy! Thanks!

Great l/o! Your layering of paper and emb. always amazes me. And cutest photos ever! Maria

Love this! Will have to watch the video later so I've bookmarked it.

Love the subject and pics :)

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