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Video - Glitter Girl Adv 072: Colour Palette Predicament



As always, amazing video. Thanks GG!

This is a great lesson GG. I learn so much from your. This is one challenge I want to complete! Thanks.

Thank you so much for addressing this dilemma, Glitter Girl! It was wonderful seeing how you applied one of the Design Seeds palettes to a layout. Your step-by-step descriptions really helped me see how to proceed. Thank you, and thank you for including so many other cool techniques. I can't wait to try one of the Design Seeds palettes on my next layout.

Beautiful layout. And lots of helpful information on the color question. I will have to watch this again. Fun to see you layer the stamping too. Nancy Jo

These colors are so lovely together, esp. with the touch of gold. I had my doubts about those little misted rectangles, but they turned out to be the perfect thing to layer those hearts on. And how in the world did you manage not to knock over that container of water and mist?!!! Maria

Hi Shimelle, I just watched Glitter Girl adventure 72 which was great, and at 5:17 in the video there is a really lovely pink watercolour pattern paper with a zig zag on the strip which is on the top of the pile but under the kraft paper, I went back to the first video and I saw it there too but you didn't mention it and neither could I see it on the picture for any of the paper pads in the supplies list. I seem to be a bit obsessed with this kind a paper at the moment (plus all the ombre paper too) and pink, I'm really looking forward to seeing how you use this one.
I was just wondering what collection and manufacturer it's from?

Video - Glitter Girl Adv 072: Colour Palette Predicament
About this project

Garden Girl

Video - Glitter Girl Adv 072: Colour Palette Predicament
by shimelle
posted 05/29/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week Glitter Girl takes her inspiration from a colour palette, as encouraged by this discussion [] on the General Scrapping message board. Her adventure takes her through the creation of a new layout inspired by a Design Seeds colour palette, assembling the page without finding one piece of patterned paper that has all those colours represented on the same sheet.

This is the third episode in a mini-series of Glitter Girl's Guide to Wedding Scrapbooks. For the first part, don't miss this extended adventure []. Part two [] focuses on 5x7 photographs. All these pages are inspired by this mood board [], and you can find the Design Seeds colour palette there as well.

Come along for the adventure, won't you?

This week Glitter Girl challenges you to create a page on any theme, taking your inspiration from a colour palette! Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the notes below your layout, and don't forget to check the box for this challenge in step four of the upload process. This challenge ends at the end of June.

Happy scrapping!
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on 06/30/13 at 07:38 PM
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Under the Eiffel Tower
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on 06/25/13 at 02:07 PM

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