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Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 073: Photo Booth Brainstorm



Just saw this challenge and I'm very excited to give it a go. I have been collecting photo strips since I was in H.S and now I'm inspired to scrap them! Also- LOVE the use of the vintage frames and windmills, I have both and have yet to use them. :P

What lovely l/o's! I love how you used the floral cut-outs on each l/o and added little bits of color. Wow - photo booth pictures are so much better than I remember from years ago! What a fun idea to have a photo booth car.
And Glitter Girl, thank you so much for taking extra time to answer our questions - you're the kindest young lady. Maria

Im glad you explained the car park title, i was very intrigued as to what on earth could be going on in the car park at a wedding.
Thanks for the series as usual heaps of inspiration for us all.

Beautiful! Thanks for the series. Love how the first page came together. Love the idea of a playful tittle for more casual pictures too.

Beautiful! Thanks for the series. Love how the first page came together. Love the idea of a playful tittle for more casual pictures too.

Loved the whole series! Any chance we can have a peek at the album once it's completed? Maybe another 'Day of the Girl' sort of thing? ;) ;)

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 073: Photo Booth Brainstorm
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Garden Girl

Video - Glitter Girl Adventure 073: Photo Booth Brainstorm
by shimelle
posted 06/05/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This week Glitter Girl takes on the challenge of current trends at wedding receptions with some photo booth strips! Inspired by this discussion [] on the General Scrapping message board, her adventure takes her one layout from start to finish, with notes on an second layout to compare how photo booth strips can be scrapped in more formal or casual styles.

For more inspiration on scrapping strips of photo booth photos, follow Glitter Girl's photo booth board on Pinterest [].

This episode is the fourth and final part of a mini-series - Glitter Girl's guide to wedding scrapbooks. Below you'll find a Q&A list that may help you with a few more related topics. You can find the three earlier parts to this series in adventures 70, 71, and 72, all right here at Two Peas in a Bucket.

Come along for the adventure, won't you?

Your challenge this week is to create a page with a photobooth strip! You can mimic the look by printing your own strip of photos if you prefer, and the pictures do not have to be from a wedding. Be sure to tell us about your creative process in the box below your layout, and don't forget to check the box for this challenge in step four of the upload process.

Wedding Q&A - Glitter Girl answers a few quick wedding questions from the Pea community

If all the wedding layouts are destined for the same album -
do you need a title for each page?
No, and I tend to use very simple titles throughout the more formal pages of a wedding album. I'm not a big fan of puns and jokey titles with the serious photos, though they are sometimes just right for the more casual reception pictures. I do love the simplicity and symbolism of monograms for a wedding album, so I would suggest going through all your partial sheets of letter stickers and making a sheet of just their initials so you can work those in lieu of titles on some pages.

I am almost finished with an album for my daughter when she was a junior bridesmaid for her cousin's wedding. I am stuck on the first page. Sould I have a title page?What would you put on it?
I tend to make title pages with a photo that is lovely but doesn't need much writing - so perhaps a portrait of the wedding party, or just her, or of the location. And then a title can be as simple as ‘Last Name Wedding’ or ‘The Wedding of Name & Name’, or you can go with a love phrase - ‘True Love’, ‘A Beautiful Day’, etc.

I am starting to plan out my own wedding scrapbook. I got married decades ago, before we took pics of everything. I'd like to see/hear clever ideas to illustrate memories for which I have no photographs – like picking the gowns, the rehearsal dinner, etc.
Glitter Girl has an episode all about photo-free pages. That would be my advice - but just use the same supplies you would use throughout your other wedding pages.

Most of my wedding photos are either 8x10 or the proof size. How can I scrap my 8x10 pictures without taking away from the photo, but still add interest to the page, so it's not just a sheet of patterned paper and one photo?
There's an early Glitter Girl Adventure on scrapping super-sized photos, so I would refer you to that, and again, keep the design but exchange the supplies for things that work with your wedding. Titles, writing, and small layered embellishments will help your album come together and look lovely.

I'm interested in your take on less “traditional” wedding scrapbooks. I have a 50-ish friend who married for the second time in a lovely but very casual ceremony. I also have friends who are planning a same sex wedding/commitment ceremony, so typical themed products (bride/groom stuff) is out.
For a second wedding, I wouldn't really change my approach - if the wedding is casual, I would choose more casual embellishments to match. For same sex weddings, just steer clear of the bride and groom die-cuts, or if your style is cute and you love themed embellishments, embrace it and add two brides or two grooms as appropriate! But really, I think both of these cases are things not to overthink - scrapbook happy memories as you always would, and let the mood of the day help you with your choices of supplies and design. The mood board step in episode 70 would be really helpful for both of these examples.

How do you mix the formal wedding photos with the more casual before and after wedding photos?
Just include them in the same album on different pages. I tend to add more embellishment and things on angles to the casual photos, and keep things more lined up and airy for the formal shots, but there's really no wrong way to do this.

My daughter's wedding colors were black, ivory and gold. I'm finding most patterned pattern in the black family is paired with white, not ivory. What do I do?
Have a look at the Jillibean Soup Staples collection and stock up on some basics in black and cream, and also look at some October Afternoon papers. Supplement with black and cream cardstock and black and cream paint or mist, and you'll be able to curate a lovely collection of things that will work. For accent colours, you have the freedom of choosing different colours throughout the book so you can pick what you fancy and what looks best with the different photos.

I have been married for a long, long time. What supplies would you suggest for some 70's pics that wouldn't look dated? Also wedding color was mainly blue…and not the pretty blues of today!! So…what colors would you recommend for scrapping my photos?
For all those weeping at their wedding photos now, it may surprise you how you could make them look with some scanning and photoshoppery! Just an idea if you really wish your photos looked different - though I think you'll find your 70s pictures are actually quite fabulous to many today who love the film look. I suggest taking a look at the Color Scheme Designer website and playing with the colour wheel there until you come to a combination you like that still includes a blue that makes you happy.

If you have hundreds and hundreds of pics to scrap, and you really do want to include them all, should you even try for one album? Or have a few?
I don't worry about getting everything into one album. I currently have two albums for my own wedding, and it will probably become at least three. No problem with that as long as you're enjoying making those pages!

And if you have just one, should you use the same group of papers and embellishments throughout.
It's totally up to you - the beginning of episode 70 talks about this in great detail.

My wedding dress and bride maid dresses were handmade by a relative. I have samples of the fabric and would like to include in my wedding album. Any thoughts on how to work the fabric into the album and what adhesive I should use?
You can use your regular paper adhesive on fabric, and fabric glue will also work, but my favourite way is with stitches, which just seems so much softer and in keeping with the look. It only takes a few stitches to keep fabric in place on your layout.

I know you are not big into themed collections, but you do like to encourage shopping, so I would love to see some of Glitter Girl's picks for wedding themed scrapbook collections that would work well with other papers and embellishments.
Wedding collections in the scrapbook world tend to be black and white, so if you like them, grab them and mix and match with other collections in the colours you want to use! Easy as that.

I want to put this sb together for my son but this is from my first marriage and, not having very many happy memories from that marriage, I'm afraid I'm gonna have a hard time making it seen like a “joyous occasion”.
Personally, if it's a memory I don't enjoy, I wouldn't enjoy scrapbooking about it, so I probably wouldn't take on that sort of project. But if you are happy to do so, then I would spend some time writing about the day from the perspective of then balanced with a bit of today's reality. Focus on the good and don't feel the need to invent glorious overstatements - but don't be afraid to admit you were happy then and really looked forward to life together. If it's for your son, then I would include him in your words somewhere - for I'm sure even if your marriage did not go as planned, it sounds like you are very happy to have your son, so there were definitely good things. Otherwise you wouldn't be wanting to scrapbook for him!

How do you keep from getting tired of the same color palette? I've never completed my wedding album because I'm sick and tired of my wedding colors already!
This is why I don't work on just one album at a time. Working on other pages in other colours and with other photos prevents the burn out factor. I've been married not-quite-five years now and I'm still happy to make pages for my own wedding album.

Happy scrapping!

Challenge Submissions
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posted by palisara
on 07/01/13 at 01:43 AM
Our First Date
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on 06/28/13 at 08:21 PM
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Just for Kicks
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21 and Legal
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on 06/16/13 at 11:20 PM
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on 06/14/13 at 06:54 AM
capture the moment
posted by lilgik
on 06/10/13 at 03:44 PM

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