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Video - 213 in 2013: Snap a picture (Lilith Eeckels)



Oh, this is so beautiful, great layout Lilith!

Love all the layers and little details - beautiful !

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the b&w photos with the bold colors.

This is gorgeous Lilith!!!

Love the colors you chose! Thanks for showing us the gelato coloring; you make it look so easy. And how did you keep from burning your fingers when you used your heat gun?! Brave girl! Maria

Lilith this is just beautiful, I've book marked it to come back too. Just so many things to love about this layout - and you already answered my questions about what cardstock you used for the diecuts! Smacking myself on the head now for not being brave enough to buy some Gelatos during the sale...... And those frames in the park what an amazing idea - might try and convince the arts council to do something like that around here somewhere.

Video - 213 in 2013: Snap a picture (Lilith Eeckels)
About this project

Video - 213 in 2013: Snap a picture (Lilith Eeckels)
by Lilith Eeckels
posted 07/15/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Welcome to the 3rd 213 in 2013 episode of the month of July. Long summer days filled with sunshine and fun or at least that is what we all wish. Summer has had a hard time showing itself so when I wanted to make this layout I decided to use pictures from last year that I hadn't scrapped yet. We visited an amazing wood with a nature and discovery path. Along the path there were several HUGE frames. I LOVED them and forced my boys to pose in them. It wasn't easy as they'd rather make funny faces but we had such fun and I managed to capture some fantastic moments.

I really wanted to focus on the frames hence the black&white photos. Then I chose a bright colour combination: orange, blue and pink. I wanted to add fun summer elements like fluffy clouds, signposts along paths, butterflies,and bright colours.
This brings me to the 4 prompts this week.
1. Make it light and fluffy
2. Use a salvaged item (a tag, ticket, ….)
3. Show the way
4. Make it vivid

My challenge is to use one of the 4 prompts from the video. Use more if you feel like it. Upload your layout to the gallery and at the end of the month one of the entries will win a $10 gift voucher to the store.
Challenge Submissions
Take a picture layout
posted by kristy8420
on 08/01/13 at 06:48 PM
5 anos
posted by Nelmar36
on 08/01/13 at 05:39 PM
As Mom Says Our Capital's Nation
posted by damitaprilurcool
on 07/31/13 at 09:54 PM
Wonderfully Special
posted by PeiFang|Alice|
on 07/31/13 at 09:37 AM
posted by sassiescrapper
on 07/30/13 at 10:45 PM
home stretch
posted by sassiescrapper
on 07/30/13 at 10:16 PM
Summer, page 4
posted by Judith_Mara
on 07/30/13 at 10:12 PM
Joe's Crab Shack
posted by sassiescrapper
on 07/30/13 at 10:02 PM
go go tiny airplane
posted by littletoki
on 07/30/13 at 03:04 PM

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