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Video - project life: including an interactive element



I will take a thrift store, garage sale, or flea market over the mall any day~

I love your videos! They are such fun and I love the products you use!

I was wondering do you use a special needle in your sewing machine? I 99% only use my machine for scrapbooking but have been having so many problems lately.

Love your process, so much detail, love love love!

I love how you tell us the little stories behind the pictures! Great video!

Page turned out fabulous! Love all the little elements that you added. Like seeing the new products too, I'll be getting some of that basic grey capture books

Video - project life: including an interactive element
About this project

Video - project life: including an interactive element
by lexibridges
posted 07/27/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Project Life

Hello there, Peas! I'm here today with another lesson in the weekly Project Life series where myself and a few other Garden Girls will share tips and tricks as we assemble our Project Life spreads. A new lesson in this series can be viewed in the videos section each Saturday.

This week I changed up the page protector design and went with design D. I had several vertical photos to add so this was perfect. I had a box of new Basic Grey Capture & Carte Postale arrive a day prior to filming and just had to use it. If you are like me and like playing with new product asap, you understand ;) I combined those lines with the midnight edition kit and a few other embellishments to pull this week together.

I had noticed my lack of adding in notes, recipes, emphera type items from past weeks, which is fine, but I tried to make a conscience effort this week to save something from the boys. I love that project life can be all those things or it can be mostly photos. This project truly can be whatever you want it to be! My oldest drew an angry bird drawing so it was perfect to add to a card from the midnight edition with a label and sewing.

The snippet books and waterfall packs from Basic Grey have cards with the perfect sizes for slipping into these page pockets. The blue “right now” snippet houses a little (handwritten!) journaling about how we are enjoying our laid back summer weeks. The “today” card was mostly covered with a photo and an embellishment boarder added to the top. I love the little sticky notes BG has come out with and that gold arrow–exclusive Two Peas–that I spray painted gold, for no other reason than I had white and, while I like white, I'm going through a gold phase :)

Another great item perfect for project life are the Basic Grey labels. I am a label hoarder, I mean, lover. You can find them in the waterfall packs or in a pack by themselves. Several different shapes and colors. Simple Stories also has a great pack of just labels. They are perfect for adding a bit of journaling like on the tattoo pic of the boys. The couldn't believe it when I told them they could put on as many as they wanted!

The top two middle cards are both from the midnight edition kit. The second card has an exclusive die cut from this month's releases added on top of the card, with my journaling typed onto the die cut and an exclusive printable shape added. (Those exclusive cut files and printables for July are gone in a few days, in case you haven't snagged them!)

The “happiness found” card is my challenge for you this week: Add an interactive element to your next project life spread. If you have a project life kit, a few of the 4x6 cards are pre-scored to be folded. That is what I used here. I added the chipboard place marker, typing and date stamp to the outside and when you take it out there are two photos of my littlest guy inside (with washi tape covering up some sewing). Adding an interactive element can be as simple as that! If you don't have a kit with pre-made cards like that, it's easy to make your own. Or add a pull out tag with some journaling on one side and a photo on the other. Maybe you might want to tuck in an envelope. There are several options. In any case, add your interactive element and load it into the gallery. At the end of the month a winner from all the challenge participants will be drawn and receive a $10 gift certificate announced on the Two Peas blog.

Thanks so much for watching. Enjoy your Saturday!
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