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5  Comments - 213 in 2013 video by Celine Navarro - NOURISH

loved your fearless embellishment placement! Thanks for the inspiration.

Celine - I love the layout. Most importantly, I love the theme - its good to think about what nourishes us. What a great thing to scrapbook about! Future generations will know you better because of this layout!

Celine, great way to use those frames - I like the way you arranged them and let some of them "go off the page". Maria

I enjoyed very much to wach your video. I am strugling with my pages being perfect and the notion of imperfectness is one among many things I have to work with. So it was very important seeing the making of your page, how you were thinking the process. Thanks!

love watching your process i think i would stop here but, i love how you keep going! beautiful and yes i want to go play thank you

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