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6  Comments - Glitter Girl Adventure 090: Cluster w/o Complexity

I love clusters and you are the queen of clustering! Very well explained and I love the result!

One of my all time GG videos! I think I will be watching this one multiple times. In fact, I was watching it on my tv via DirecTV and my 15 year old came in the room to watch with me. When it was over, she wanted to watch another! I think we have another GG fan!

I don't have the Kraft core kit but yes I too would expect it to have quite a bit of kraft product in it, so no you are not alone. Great page as always, thanks so much.

Thanks for explaining how you decided what to put in your emb. clusters - I can always use more help with that! And I love that you added that 3rd smaller cluster. Maria

Glitter Girl, you are not the only one expecting more "Kraft" in the Kraft core kit!! :) I do love more cream based papers, so ALL those cream based cards will work for me, but a bit more "Kraft" would have been nice too :)

I love Finnley and I love what you did with it! It's my fave Glitter Girl episode to date!

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