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Video - Project Life: Trying something new (Lilith)



Thanks for sharing this Lilith. I have really struggled with the whole concept of PL for a long time. Some of me is so intrigued by it, but part of me just doesn't get why anyone would want to take a photo everyday - sometimes of the most ordinary and unexciting things. But I have eventually come to a place where I think, 'you know there is some small stories I want to remember, some little details that just aren't enough for a full layout.' I also have been taking more random photos with my camera, just one photo here and there. So I'm about to jump in and just get those random photos into a PL style album. It won't be weekly, it probably won't even be monthly - it will just be when there is enough for a pocket page. So I enjoyed seeing your first page, and the way you went about it. I especially enjoyed seeing your earlier album, and how you needed to take that step first. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who hasn't quite got it straight away. Some people look at lme like I've got horns, when I mention I just don't get it!

This is awesome! I soooo enjoyed watching your process. Mine is very similar but it takes me at least twice as long! I'm so indecisive! Thanks for taping this!

I really enjoyed this video and seeing how you struggle during the embellishment process just like I do! I also only use the cards from the BH PL kits so it was nice too finally see them being used on an entire spread. I now have some great ideas on what to do with my cards. TFS!

Wonderful job!

Great video Lilith! I am pretty fluid with my PL too. Usually about a week per 1-12x12 page protector (and so far I'm just using 1 style to keep it simple and printing easy) but sometimes it's more and sometimes a long weekend gets a side to itself. Or I add an insert... I just let it be and don't worry about rules.

Nice video - love how PL is worked on in bit and pieces and how you can adapt it any way you choose - weekly, monthly, randomly, etc. Thanks!

Video - Project Life: Trying something new (Lilith)
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Video - Project Life: Trying something new (Lilith)
by Lilith Eeckels
posted 10/12/13
Galleries: Project Life

Hello and welcome to this week's Project Life video.
I am jumping in for Amy who is spending time with her ever so gorgeous baby (Jack).
I have been doing a Project Life inspired album since April trying to find out what works for me. I have discovered that it wasn't the 12*12 size as such that was a problem but more the weekly aspect which made it impossible for me to keep up.
I decided to work with a HandBook format but by August it was already full so I thought I'd go for the 12*12 spreads.
This is still very new to me as changing the size also means introducing new design principals and planning the photo sizes differently but I know that with what I have learnt from the previous album it will work.

Here are few ideas if you are wondering if you want to start PL or if you want to change the format or your approach.
1. Don't feel pressured to follow a weekly pattern. Documenting one week on one 12*12 or two weeks over two 12*12 or on one 12*12 are all possibilities. Why not document you entire month on two 12*12 spreads?
2. I sort through my photos twice a month and print them out immediately. I work on my spreads twice a month as well.
So plan when you want to work on PL and stick to it.
3. Choose one or two page protector sizes to work with. You can always add another later on if you want to change the layout or incorporate memorabilia.
4. Start off simple. Use PL collection packs and your favourite embellishments and stamps. Once again when you have gotten the hang of things, it will be easier to add die cut elements or other products.
5. Feel inspired by Project Life designers but don't feel pressured to do the same thing. Look for designs or ideas that are in-keeping with your style and use them in your spreads.
6. Just have fun documenting your life whether it be weekly or monthly.

I have added a second spread with more photos up to September 21st. I didn't want to bore you with another 30 minutes of talking. Here are also some of the main points in the video :
Starting at 1:00 reasons for switching sizes.
At 4:15 : Putting the design together
At 7.00 why use the 3*4 white Project Life cardstock cards
7:40 Her choice of approach: weekly - free
8:40: TwoPeas Printables
10:00 Creating the September title
14:28 Rounding the corners of instagram photos: reason
17:00 Starts adding embellishments
27:25 Explanation of the different features on her spread

MY CHALLENGE: Try something new. I switched sizes but you could use a new design element or try a different sized page protector
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