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Video - Capture Your Everyday Stories - Project Life



Great video. I love that you said just start gluing your photos to the paper and then embellish.

hi celine, I have a question, maybe you can answer in the next video: How do you choose if the photo is going to be 2x2, 3x4, 4x6…?? Thanks! Marie-Pierre (I love watching your videos! Very inspiring and I learn to think differently every time. It's great!!!) :) xo

I love your "week" card with that amy tan heart. I purchased all those early bits from the new line and love them! Am I the only weird one who doesn't mind a 30 minute video?? Hahah thanks for sharing your process!:)

Great spread! the embellishments coordinate perfectly.

Video - Capture Your Everyday Stories - Project Life
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Garden Girl

Video - Capture Your Everyday Stories - Project Life
by Celine Navarro
posted 01/27/14
Galleries: Project Life

Welcome to this new 2peas in a Bucket video series, called Capture Our Everyday Stories! I’m Céline Navarro, Garden Girls at 2 Peas in a !

Capture is a video series that will inspire you to create extraordinary projects around your everday life. Our everday might seem boring or uninteresting at times, but we need to tell all of our stories, whether they are extraordinary or simply ordinary. Whether you are a Project Lifer or enjoy making layouts, this video serie will guide you with tips and tricks on how to scrapbook your everyday life and make it beautiful.

This week, I would like to show you a brand new Project Life spread that I recently made – life can be busy and it’s not easy to catch up on our Project Life sometimes. Here are a few tricks to make a Project Life within 30mns. YES ! 30 minutes ! Of course, I increased the speed on the video so that you don’t have to watch for 30 minutes, but it took me exactly 28 minutes to create this spread. Let’s get started !

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